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In today’s competitive time, career counselling has become essential. Career counselling in Delhi has become a common practice, and students have started to take professional career counsellors’ services. The best career counsellor in Delhi will not tell you about the course you should pursue, but they will guide you to know your interest without any influence. You can find the best career counsellor in Delhi based on the feedback of your friends who have appeared in the counselling session.

Though career counselling in Delhi is readily available to the students and professionals, students from small cities still struggle to get the right career guidance. The education counsellors in Delhi suggest that students take the career counselling session at the age of 12-13 or after 10th standard. But in small cities, the students don’t even know much about career counselling and its help.

Here we have compiled the information about paid and free career counselling and how it can help the students in their studies and professional life. Open Naukri is an emerging name in the field of career counselling in Delhi, but it aims to offer its services to all the country students. As a professional career counsellor, Open Naukri urge the students to take career counselling to understand better the subjects they like and the profession they should choose in the future. Career counselling is not limited only to the students, but it also helps the professionals who feel stuck with a wrong job. So, let’s know about this career saviour and understand how it works;

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling or career guidance designed for professionals to select, leave or change the career but the counsellor feel if students get counselling during their school days. They may not need to change their career in future. So the education counselling started. You may think that career counselling is a modern practice and not all the students need it, but the fact is, career counselling exists from a long time in traditional form. When you discuss your career goals or subjects you need to choose after 10th with elders in the family, it is career counselling.

Many confused students used to write to the career counsellors in different newspapers to get some guidance. It was the only available career counselling at that time. As writing to a newspaper is one-way communication at one time, so it was not much convincing. Discussing the career goals and right subjects with parent or elders in the family can also not desired result as most of the time parents are influenced with the marks of other kids, and they may want you to go for the subjects they like. To make the right decision about a suitable stream after 10th and right career courses after 12th, a professional counsellor is the only one that can offer the right direction.

Career is one of the most crucial aspects of one’s life, as all his livelihood and earning depends on it. If you are successful at the professional front, you can easily handle your personal life, but if your work is not going well, you can feel it in your personal life. So, choosing the best career is a must for all, but most feel uncomfortable with our career. A right career counselling can help us build a satisfying career, and now students, parents, and teachers also understand it. This is the reason that you will find some best career counsellors in Delhi.

Career counselling is a process that helps a student or professional to understand himself. It helps to make an informed decision about courses, job and career change. Career counselling also addresses the issues related to time management, lack of concentration or trust issues at work, college and family. A qualified career counsellor lands his ear to the other party to understand his values, interests and most important problems and confusion.

Career counselling is a life long process, and it starts when a kid is young enough to develop his interests. A child gets influenced by family values while developing his personality. In career counselling, he gets to know about his real side. A career counsellor takes you to the world of work. During counselling, you will understand what attracts you and if you have your career in it, then what are the challenges you will have to face.

Most importantly, career counselling guides you about the eligibilities you must possess to achieve your dream. Suppose you are taking career guidance after completing your graduation or 12th and are happy with the subjects you have learned. In that case, the counsellor will suggest you the career options available for you and the courses you can pursue to get more knowledge degree or diploma.

Importance of Career Counselling

To know about the importance of career counselling first, you will have to understand what career is? Career is not only your profession or job you are doing, but it is your education, training and experience. To have a successful career, one should love his job, and this combination is not easy to find. In 2014, in America, a study was conducted about the employees’ happiness level, and the result was shocking. According to the survey, only 52.3% of employees were happy with their jobs. The unhappy employees could not perform better, and it develops work stress.

In a career counselling session, the counsellor helps the person know about his strengths and weaknesses, skills, ability, and interests. Different kinds of assessment sheets, IQ and aptitude tests help the counsellor understand the values and mindset of another person. The information that a counsellor get helps him to know about the potential earning sources for the candidates. A counsellor helps individuals to determine the possible career in different field based on their personality traits.

A career counsellor helps to understand an individual about his hobbies that can be a career in future. To students, a counsellor suggests the best subjects to study further based on their interest and values. The job seekers will get to know about the required skills and education for their desired career. The career counsellor’s work becomes crucial because the counsellors need to discuss more on the required skills than the education qualification. One should choose a career that suits his skills rather than capability.

The professionals who are in their desired job but cannot concentrate on work or deliver the expected result can consult with a career counsellor to get some help. A professional career counsellor introduces the real you to an individual and suggests with a right career path based on your skills or desire.

Career Counselling in Delhi

Delhi is a hub for the students and professionals both for study and to make a career. Here you will find a few of the best universities in the country. JNU, Delhi IIT, DU, IPM are the name of a few universities where students want to get a world-class education. So it is a potential place to get career counselling.

In Delhi, students come from small towns with dreams to achieve a lot. When they have high expectations with them, then performance may get slightly misbalanced. A career counsellor is the one that helps at this time. The students who come to Delhi for the preparation of various competitive exam must take the help of career counsellor if they are uncertain about education or career. Apart from students, many professionals also come to Delhi to get their desired job. Here they face the cut-throat competition, and in the rat race of finding a better job, they need someone to guide then. A career counsellor helps at this time to the job seekers. So, career counselling is easy to find on Delhi, but you will have to do more research for the best career counselling in Delhi.

Best Educational Counsellor In Delhi  

As we stated above that Delhi is the city that offers the best education to students and jibs to qualified job seekers, so several educational counsellors are sufficient here. Now you can get the services of education counsellor online as well as offline. Before connecting with an academic counsellor in Delhi, first, check if your friend has taken his services or not. A counsellor’s feedback will always help you find out if he is worth for a visit or not.

Career Counselling with Open Naukri

A lot has been said about India’s education system that traditional education will not deliver the right working professionals. Here at Open Naukri, we believe that if an individual will pursue in the career he desired for and compatible with, then the country’s workforce will be able to produce a better result. To guide the students in choosing the most suitable subjects to help qualified job seekers find the best job, we decide to offer career counselling services. 

Our professional counsellors have ample knowledge, and they can suggest you about the career opportunities related to your personality trait. When you feel confused about the career options after 10th or 12th, you must take help from career counsellors at Open Naukri. If you feel stuck in your job and professional growth has stopped at some point, you should consult to the career counsellor at Open Naukri to understand the root cause of the problem and its solution.

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