8 Best Career Options After BCA: What To Do After BCA?

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What to do after BCA is one of the most haunting questions for the BCA graduates. A BCA student has to plan his career as soon as he reaches to 5th semester. The sixth and the last semester of BCA is for an internship. After arriving in the 6th semester, the student has to execute his plan after BCA. Career counseling for graduate students is the best tool to choose the best career option after BCA.

BCA is a professional course, and when students get admission in it, they think of having a job immediately after graduation. But the fact is after BCA, students have to face the same complicated question, ‘Now What.’ BCA is one of the most popular graduation course for students, but its not enough to get a good and high paying job. The students have two career options after BCA; the first is to get a job after BCA, and the second is to go for further studies.

The IT industry gives preference to the graduates and postgraduates both with knowledge and confidence. If we talk about vacancies for BCA pass-outs, software companies are always keen to hire qualified professionals, but competition is high in IT Industry. The BCA pass outs get the tough competition from MCA pass outs.

If you are in the final year of BCA and looking for the high paying jobs after BCA, here we are to help you. The career counseling services of Open Naukri look at all the available possibilities for the BCA pass out. Here we will explore the career options available after BCA. Let us check them out;

What To Do After BCA?  

If you are in the final semester of BCA, you are not the only one who is in a dilemma about what to choose after graduation. Students get admission in BCA to join the IT industry. Indian IT sector is full of possibilities, and more IT companies are hitting the market now. So BCA can be a good option for students after the 12th. After BCA, all the students get confused about what to do because not all of them know about options available after BCA. Here is the list of some brilliant options

1.      MCA (Masters In Computer Applications)

MCA is one of the most obvious choices after BCA. BCA syllabus has basic and advanced studies related to computers, languages, and databases. The syllabus of MCA is more advanced and in-depth. MCA is the best career option after BCA for students interested in programming or database management. 

Most IT companies take the MCA pass outs on board on various posts. The preference is given to the candidates with a master’s degree over a bachelor’s one. Be sure that you loved all the subjects in BCA before getting admission to MCA. The competition is high here, and only those students can survive who have a clear understanding of programming languages.

You will have to take the national or state level entrance exam to get admission to MCA. NIMCET, IPU CET both are the national level entrance exam to get admission in MCA. States like Utter Pradesh, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and much other conduct the state level entrance exam to offer admission in this course. Many private MCA colleges also provide direct entry to the students. A reputed MCA college and a good percentile will help the candidates to get a better job. If you think that after MCA you will get a job waiting for you, it’s not true. You will have to struggle to get a job, and if you are interested in any specific field related to IT, you can enroll in that course, too, like hacking or networking. It will help you to get a job in your field.

2.      Get an Admission in MBA (Masters In Business Administration)

MBA has become one of the most common choices for the students who want to go for masters after BCA. MBA will help you to get service coordinating and management related jobs. If, after career counseling, you find sales and marketing is the best option for you, then you must go for MBA after BCA. The scope in IT sales is excellent, and you can find a job in a reputed It services provider company. After MBA in India, the average salary is 7 lakh per annum, so it’s a lucrative sector for professionals. The knowledge you gain in BCA will give you a technical base, and MBA will open the doors to many opportunities. After BCA, MBA in HR will help in technical recruitment, Sales and Marketing helps in IT sales, MBA in Finance will help you get a job in the accounts department of an IT company. So you can pick MBA for a master’s degree without any doubt in mind.

To get admission in MBA, you can take the CAT or MAT exam. Both are the national level entrance exam conducted to offer admission graduates in MBA. Apart from these exams, the states and different universities also organise the entrance exam to fill the MBA seats. The selection of college and the marks you have scored play an essential role in the placement. The best way to get a job after an MBA is college placement, so check the college’s placement record before getting admission in it. 

3.      Network Engineer

In BCA, the students get to know about networking and how it works. After BCA, if you want to be a network engineer, you can enroll in Cisco certified courses. CCNP and CCNA courses both are Cisco accredited courses. CCNP is for Cisco Certifies Network Professional, and CCNA is for Cisco Certified Network Administrator. Like this, Cisco offers different certification programs based on aspirant’s knowledge and experience. The certification programs are divided as Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect level. Students can start from the entry-level certification courses and can move further based on the knowledge they gain.

Cisco organise the exam for different certificates. The students can enroll in the study program offered by a Cisco certifies education center. To understand the network terminology, proper guidance is a must. When you pick an institute to enroll in the coaching for Cisco certified programs, check the routers and switches they have with them. Cisco is all about networking, so you must have exposed to routers and switches to get practical knowledge of the topic.

After the certification from Cisco, you get a job as a network engineer. You can also start your career as a trainee network engineer. All the companies, BPO, and banks need network engineers to maintain the connectivity. The demands for network engineers are always available, and it will not get sort shortly. Though it is not mandatory to have a UG degree in computers to do Cisco certification courses, you will get its advantages if you will do it after BCA.

4.      Become a Data Scientist

Data scientists a close field to BCA, so you pick it as a career option after BCA. The knowledge you have gained in BCA will help you to understand Data Science better. The term Data Science is used for various work-related to Data like Data Interpretation, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, and a few others. The Indian IT sector has a massive demand for a Data scientist, so you can enroll in its course without worrying about the available vacancies. It is expected that in 2021 the demand for Data scientists will increase. Companies, Banks, MNCs all need Data Scientists on board, so it is one of the best course after BCA. 

To be a Data Scientist, you must know a programming language, extracting the data, transform it and then upload it. You must have a good grip on statics to learn and understand Data Science. To be a Data Scientist, you can enroll in the Masters and PG course in Data Science. Many Indian and international universities offer this course to eligible UG pass out students. To enroll in the course to learn Data Science, you don’t need to be a pro in programming. It is also not a must to have coding experience to be a data scientist. Accenture, TCS, Amazon, HSBE are among the prestigious names that hire data scientists. The big data wave shows that the demand for Data scientists will only increase in the future is it is not going to slow down. 

Once you get the master’s certification in Data Science, you can get a job in companies like KPMG, Myntra, Flipkart, and other online shopping giants. Banks, MNCs, and many other sectors also need data scientists. In America, Data scientists with deep learning get the highest salary in IT Sector. In India, a data Scientist starts his career with a 4-5 Lakhs Per annum salary. After gaining experience, the data scientist can get a 40% to 50% salary hike. The average salary for a data scientist in India is more than 7 Lakhs Per Annum. 

5.      Become a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing has become a popular career choice after graduation. If you are looking for a job after BCA, then Digital marketing is your cup of tea. Now all kind of businesses and services have to be present on the digital platform. Showing the name of a company on the first few pages of a search engine can boost it. Digital marketers are required for the marketing of any business, product, or service on the internet.  

The field of digital marketing offers you lots of job opportunities after BCA. To get an entry into this lucrative profession, you will have to learn the business growing skills online. As soon as you know how to promote a business online, you can start earning digital marketing.

Considering the cut-throat competition, all the companies have to make a website and mark a strong presence online. Creating a website is one of the first steps that a company or a start-up has to take. Without promotion, the website or the company may get lost in the crowd of several other businesses. A digital marketer tells about the work of the company on different platforms in various ways.

In India, Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries. The digital marketing industry’s growth rate is 33.5% per year, and it will not slow down soon. Now more companies are to hit the digital platform, so the digital advertising industry will only grow. So it can the answer to the asked question, what to do after BCA.

You can be a part of the digital marketing sector as an SEO analyst & Expert, Content Creator and Developer, Editor, Social Media Manager, UI-UX designer, and Digital Media Manager. Your work will be related to promoting a business online.

You must be curious to know the work you will have to do in Digital marketing and what certificates you must have. You must understand the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to join this sector after BCA. You can get some online information about both mentioned terms. Content marketing and marketing analytics are the other domains about which you should know before entering this sector. If you know how to promote a business, your journey will be more comfortable working in a digital marketing field. Digital marketers use a few tools like MailChimp, WordPress, Google Analytics, etc. So you must know about them. 

To join Digital marketing after BCA, you can enroll in digital marketing courses. After BCA, you are eligible to enroll in the procedures related to digital marketing. In the digital marketing course, you will learn about it and use it to promote business. It is essential to have practical knowledge related to this work. During your course, you will know how a digital marketer performs his duties and what his priorities are.  

Now, let’s discuss the salary and opportunities in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is not a new career, but now all the companies are using it to promote their business and work online. It is expected that social media platforms will be more prominent in the future, so the demand for digital marketers will increase in the future. The scary in digital marketing depends on the role and the performance of every individual professional. Most digital marketing companies offer 20-25 KPM salaries to non-experienced graduates.  

6.      Learn Product Management

Product management is a new and unique career option after BCA for students. Product managers are responsible for bringing the product together from its inception to end. The product manager involves in all the stages of product development and promotes the product after this. The product manager has to make some tough decisions in no time, so one is challenging. You can be a product manager after BCA if you are creative and have problem-solving skills. It is not easy to visualize a product and see it happening.  

I talk about the available opportunities then product managers are required in all kind of companies, and it has become an essential post in the software development and other companies. To compete with other companies and deliver the best product to the customers, they need a product manager.

To compete and earn a good profit, the companies need to release a different kind of products in the short interval, so more than one product manager must handle the complete work. In most cases, the product manager also works as a SPOC (single point of contact) to the development team and customer. The product manager not only helps to develop the new product but also is helpful in the process of deploying them. As the competition will rise, more companies will have PD on board.

From the career perspective, the Product Manager’s post is lucrative and has lots of possibilities. You can surely pick this job after BCA. If we look at the salary part, then the average salary of a product manager in India is around 16 lakh per annum. According to the experience and skills, the salary of a PD can be in crores. The demand for experienced Product managers is high, so corporates are ready to pay a high compensation.

A product manager is responsible for the complete life cycle of the product. The product can be hardware or software and tangible or non-tangible. You can be a product manager in a software company after BCA. You must be good in software development, testing, and deployment. It is also a must to know about the imagination of software or app. It is expected from a product manager to have useful market research data. It will help the software or app to gain popularity in less time. Product marketing and promotion strategy will also count as the scope of work of a product manager.

To give a kick start to your career after BCA and want to be a product manager, you can enroll in the product management curse. Though on this post your interpersonal skills help you a lot certification course gives you knowledge. You can take up the product management certification program online and grab some experience. It will open a door for you to be a part of the product management team. The real knowledge you will get at work and from your seniors. With experience, you will be able to handle more responsibility and get more salary. The salary of a product manager starts from 16-17 Lakhs per annum. The wage gets increased according to the skills and previous experience of the manager.

7.      Enter the Blockchain Industry

Blockchain is a relatively new and rising industry in which you can get a job after BCA. The sector is somehow unique, to the demands of professionals is high here. The blockchain industry offers good salary and growth to the freshers. It can be an ideal platform for the students after BCA. Blockchain developer is an emerging job in 2020, and a LinkedIn report approves it.

In India, the demand for IT professionals in the Blockchain industry increases, and it will not slow down soon. Companies like IBM and others release Blockchain experts’ vacancies on the entry, professional and manager posts. The blockchain experts are required for smooth digital transactions in IT companies. In the future, India would need a more efficient and stable infrastructure, so the demand for blockchain experts will increase only.

To join this industry, you will have to develop your Java, Ethereum, Core Back-end Development, Composer, Smart Contracts, and Solidity skills. As a BCA graduate, you can enroll in a course related to blockchain. Various institutes offer these courses online and offline in both modes. You can also get in PG diploma course in blockchain delivered at IIIT Bangalore. 

The salary of a Blockchain developer in India is approx. 5 Lakh per annum for initial years. Based on experience, it can be as high as 45 lakh per annum. For a professional, the post of blockchain developer opens the door for an overseas job.

8.      Become a Cyber Security Expert

Still not sure what to do after BCA? Then become a cybersecurity expert. The post of cybersecurity expert is well known, and as a BCA graduate, you must know about the roles and responsibilities of a cybersecurity expert. Now all kind of services from bank to food available online. Modt of the apps we have on our phone has some personal information. To prevent it from hackers, the cybersecurity expert is required. If you find hacking, cryptography interesting, then a cybersecurity expert is your kind of job.

The demand for cybersecurity experts is high in all kind of organizations, government and non-government. Companies like Amazon, KPMG, and Banks offer a high salary for cybersecurity experts. This is one of the best career options after BCA if you want to do something freelancer. The tools like Kafka, Tableau, Spark, HBase, and others will help you enter big companies as a cybersecurity expert. To get an entry into this job after BCA, you can enroll in cybersecurity certification and POG diploma courses. 

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