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Are you planning to make your career in the IT sector? Let me tell you there are a plethora of opportunities when it comes to the niche. The study options in technology are numerous and the potential for all of them are wide enough. This article will explore the 10 best technologies to study for a better career in IT. The scope of these careers are discussed as well to provide you with a decent idea about what each career has to offer.

10 Best Information Technologies to Study for Better Career

Data Science 

Data scientists’ source, analyze, interpret both structured and unstructured data to provide insights and extract information. They use various methods, processes and tools to compile data in bulk quantities. 

Scope of the field 

Businesses require data scientists to help them in making informed decisions that will drive consumer engagement, boost revenue, and enhance corporate performance. Various fields require data science for functioning optimally like healthcare, finance, pharmaceuticals etc. Organizations are gradually developing and they are realizing the efficiency that a data scientist can bring to their company. 

This gives a rise to the need for data scientists all over the globe. Thus, the scope for someone with a career in data science is immense. As per a survey conducted by Markets and Markets, the data science market size will reach a whopping USD 322.9 billion by 2026 from USD 95.3 billion in 2021.  


Robotic Process Automation or RPA is the application of technology that aims to automate routine tasks otherwise performed by humans. With RPA technology, employees can work on other prioritized sources that demand human intervention. 

Scope of the field 

A career in Robotic Process Automation has ample opportunities for a technology enthusiast. It is one of the fastest emerging technologies. Similar to data science career, RPA adoption can be seen in the pharmaceutical, retail, technology, finance, healthcare industries. You must be aquainted with one or two of the RPA tools like Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Blue Prism etc to make your mark in the field. As per a survey conducted by UI path, 96% of RPA professionals across different countries offer a positive review of their job roles and the prospect of growth that RPA holds. Several job titles include working as an RPA architect, RPA developer or an RPA analyst.  


Cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent as hackers have devised their own techniques to breach security. By invading computer and network systems, hackers try to steal sensitive data and misuse it in multiple ways. This is where cybersecurity professionals come to the rescue. 

Scope of the field 

The risk associated with valuable data and assets online is quite high. Individuals and organizations often fall prey to cybercrimes. According to research conducted by IBM in 2020, the cost of a data breach in organizations is about $3.86 million. Such situations bring the need for cybersecurity experts who have strategies to find all the loopholes and secure the entire system.  

Highest-paying careers in cyber security include Network Security Engineer, Ethical hackers, Information Security Manager, Chief Information Security Officer CISO etc. Cyber-crimes were reported to have escalated to 81% for global organizations during the pandemic as things went online (Business Wire).  As per the Data Security Council of India (DSCI), there are 64,000 job openings for cybersecurity experts in India in 2022. The same report also states that 10 lakh candidates will be employed by the end of 2025.  This makes us conclude that it is a career in informational technology that is not just good but also promising. 


A blockchain is a database or a ledger holding financial records that are immutable and shared among the nodes of a computer network. This technology is a decentralized one which means the decision-making process or the control is not vested with an individual or an organization but rather a shared network. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use blockchain technology to store transaction records and keep data secure. 

Scope of the field 

The most noticeable feature of a blockchain technology is that it is highly secure that avoids tampering of any kind. That is why startups, industries, government and tech firms invest in this technology. The career ranges from blockchain developer, blockchain engineer, blockchain solution architect to blockchain project manager and blockchain UX Designer. 

Blockchain, also called Distributed Ledger Technology, has immense scope in the industries of finance, cyber security, cloud storage, digital advertising etc. As per a prediction by Statista the Global blockchain market size should reach USD 39 billion by 2025. Having said that, we can conclude that the demand for blockchain experts will remain high today and tomorrow. 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is a set of services provided by cloud computing agencies to its users through internet. Cloud computing replaces the need for physical servers as remote servers store and access data.  

Scope of the field 

Cloud computing has many advantages across businesses and industries in modern day world. There is a heavy reliance on cloud computing services to address unique problems like limited storage space, extravagance in set up, complex components etc. Moreover, the pandemic situation has virtualized the world. As a result, the requirement of computing professionals has scaled up. It has immense potential as a future career in technology. The skills required for this job role are knowing programming languages, familiarity with databases, basic knowledge of security and privacy etc. A study by Forrester Research expects an increment in cloud computing services to go up by 35% in 2022. 

Augmented and Virtual Realities 

Virtual and augmented realities are IT tools that merges the real and the virtual world. Their abbreviated versions are VR and AR. AR is altered reality where digital elements are added to a live environment. The most popular example of AR is the mobile game POKEMON GO which was a hype few years back. VR is about providing you a realistic experience through a simulated environment.  

Scope of the field 

There are ample job opportunities for these IT fields as per statistics by Market Research Future. As per the report, AR and VR opportunities in the education market are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.2% from 2022 to 2027. The demand for AR and VR jobs exceeds the supply which is why you can aim to make your career in this field. Usually, the two realities are associated with entertainment. However, they play a major role even in marketing, manufacturing, healthcare, education and advertising. 

Artificial Intelligence 

The most basic difference between an AI and human is that the AI is a machine. Artificial Intelligence emulates human behavior and actions. Although, AI is not super advanced like a human but we get to witness Sophia, the robot or an AI, in its best format. A robot is an AI who is usually fed with information, who then rationalizes and responds based on that. 

Scope of the field 

Artificial Intelligence is useful across several industries like finance, agriculture, healthcare, trading etc. In India, the scope of AI career is immense. There are designers and developers who get to work closely with AI technology. Apart from those, there are statisticians, experimental scientists, researchers etc who can take good opportunity from these AI careers. Precisely speaking you can work as a machine learning engineer, business intelligent developer, big data architect, software engineer etc. The number of AI startups in India has also increased which is a good news for IT aspirants. 


DevOps is a set of tools that synchronizes and integrates the processes taking place between software development and operations. It is an approach that builds greater collaboration between teams. DevOps also facilities technology automation, team empowerment etc.  

Scope of the field 

DevOps even serve  as the foundation of a robust IT infrastructure and business goals. The future scope of DevOps is quite huge. Its services are used widely all over the globe. The career in DevOps generally include working in security field, automation, container Technology, seamless security integration etc. As new technology and tools are pouring in, the methodologies used by DevOps are changing. The average salary of a DevOps job is quite high. There is raping job growth and a great deal of upward mobility that makes it a promising career. 

UI/UX Design 

UI refers to the elements that a consumer use while interacting with a product. It basically is about the aesthetically-pleasing aspects like sliders, buttons, icons of the interactive surface. UX can be compared to the foundation or framework of a house while UI is the paint or the furniture that makes the house appealing. UX design is the analytical part that a user experiences right from start to finish. 

Scope of the field 

UI or UX design is constantly evolving with time. You can get hired as a UX writer, interaction designer, content designer etc. The more the number of websites, the more the need for a UI or UX designer within the industry. LinkedIn published a report that states that the UI or UX design occupies the top position in being the most sought-after skills by recruiters. The expertise of UI or UX designer is quite diverse that requires an in-depth knowledge of the processes. It functions across various industries like Finance, healthcare, art pharmaceuticals etc.  

Mobile Development 

Mobile app development is about creating software through certain procedures that will run on mobile devices and be helpful in making the most out of a product’s unique features. The basic operations of mobile app development is carried out through the two most popular mobile platforms i.e., iOS and Android. 

Scope of the field 

Not just for personal use, many businesses utilize mobile development services for functioning optimally. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, mobile development occupies a central position in the modern-day world. Therefore, we can say the demand for mobile app developers is quite high. With the emergence of new operating systems, mobile app development is in a mutable state. It is a prolific and progressing industry, whose revenues have hit $600 billion in 2020. 

The Final Thought

Hopefully, this article has helped you in providing information about the technologies you must study for a better career. 

All of these career in information technology are good to go once you acquire the basic skills required for them. The salary packages for each of these careers in IT is immense. There are several perks associated with these careers that makes it an ideal choice for many.

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