Privacy Policy

Opennaukri knows the importance of ensuring the privacy of our users, and we strive to provide a platform that will be secure as well as safe for all users. This Privacy Policy is to help you understand why we collect the information that we do for you, what we do with the information that we collect and how we manage the information that we do for you. Your registration on this site simply shows that you have accepted the fact that we can collect, manage and make use of the information that you provide us with for the purpose that will be mentioned herein. It is best that you take time out to read and understand this privacy policy very carefully because it covers your rights and liabilities under the law.

The scope of this Privacy Policy
This privacy policy applies only to (the “Site” or “Web Site”), which is managed and owned by Webuters Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is Opennaukri’s policy to comply with the law that is concerned with data protection. This law helps regulate the processing of information that is related to you and it grants you various rights in respect of your personal data. The links from other sites to this site cannot be controlled by us and it will be best for you to review their privacy policy before making use of any of the sites. There is also no control over the mode of collecting data by those who might access your information on this site like employers and any other ad network and third parties that work together with us to enable us serve you better.

Why we collect the Information that we collect

We collect different kinds of information like personal, behavioral, demographic from you and the reason why we collect this information that we collect from you is to enable us serve you better because when we know the kind of visitors that we receive on our site, it will help us improve on the services that we render to you like the need for us to analyze the use of your resources, for trouble shooting of problems, for the prevention of fraud.

How do we collect the information that we do from you

We collect different types of information from you and some of this information like your personal information which includes your name, address, age, email address, telephone number, billing information and contact information, behavioral information such as how you make use of our site, we also get the software and hardware information like your IP address, geographical location, domain name, type of operating system, the time that you access the internet, and the referred website addresses, your applications on your mobile and demographic information like your postal code, ethnic group or race, career history, occupation, favorites and interests directly from you and we also collect indirect information about you from the third party services that you use to access our site if we consider such information as being necessary. Sensitive information like your financial details are not requested for by us. We also gather information about you from the installation of the app that you have decided to share with us like the Facebook. We also collect information from the use of cookies which has a great way of improving a website.

What we do with the information that we collect from you

The personal information that we collect from you are used to take note of the kind of people that make use of our site so that we will be able to improve our service to the level that you will be satisfied. Your password is kept at the server of the Opennaukri website in order to enable you access your account personally without someone else being able to access the account as well. Your behavioral information that are obtained from you will help us know the location of the person that is making use of our site as this will enable us know how far reaching our website is. The demographic information that we collect from you is used to further know you and also to know how to reach you.

How we make use of the information that you provide us with

The following reasons are the why of the information that we gather

  • To help us provide you with better services;
  • To help us know how best to operate and improve our website;
  • To help foster a positive experience for you as one of the users of the site and;
  • To help us deliver effectively on the services and products that we provide for employers and jobseekers.

User’s Consent to Opennaukri to make use of the Information supplied by the user

Your having registered with us simply implies that you have given us the consent to help you manage your information, or for helping out when you are given choices to allow you to create an account in the following ways;

  • To help you create a profile that will be based on the information that you have provided to us; the information that we import from some other websites or applications, or through the information that you provided us with by third parties such information include but are not limited to advertisers or contacts;
  • To contact you concerning Opennaukri Site its updates, information and communications relating to service, including important security updates;
  • To provide you with any additional information or promotions through newsletters and career advice;
  • To get you informed about our other products and services that are available from Opennaukri or its affiliates.
  • To give you the platform of giving us a feedback on what you feel about Opennaukri;
  • To provide you with information which is based on your interest in jobs to employers;
  • To help provide services and products to employers customers to help complete and validate the recruitment process;
  • To help make public your contacts;
  • To give you the privilege of sharing your jobs and your profile information with people that are in your connections;
  • To give the search engines free access to your public information;
  • To prevent as well as investigate activities that may be illegal;
  • To help us generate all the internal reports about the way our site is made use of you.

We make public your resume to employers that posted vacancies that is related to your area of interest on the Web Site if you respond to these vacancies.
Your information is shared with third parties who help us deliver our own services and products to you.
We also disclose information to third parties based on your consent for such information to be disclosed.

We make public any information if we are required to do so legally, or even at our discretion which will be subject to a request from an entity of the government or if we reasonably believe that such an action is necessary and important:

  • (a) for the conformation to legal requirements or compliance with the legal process;
  • (b) for the protection of our property or rights with any of the companies affiliated with us;
  • (c) for the prevention of crime or the protection of national security;
  • (d) for the protection of the personal safety of the users or even the public.

Things to Note about Your Resume
you can have your resume in the database of the company.

Your resume is stored in the database of India whenever you post a resume to the sites of employers.

Your resume can be stored in our database, but you have an absolute right to make the resume settings private.

If your resume is in the private setting, it will not be seen even if searched for by would be employers. Your resume can still be used to apply for jobs online and if you do apply to a job online, we will have your resume transferred to the relevant employer, who may likely retain a copy of the resume.

If your resume is set as public, but you desire that your contact details be made confidential, this will make your resume searchable by would be employers. You might also consider removing your contact details from the copy that you uploaded. If you have an uncommon skill, you can still be seen with or without your contact details.

If your resume is allowed to be searchable without making it confidential, then lots of would be employers, who will be able to access it.