Children’s Day: Birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru

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Politics and politicians, generally turn out to be the major symbols of the highs and lows of their age. But Nehru was different. His development and popularity were not at all an imitative dependence on his political ventures and fortunes. It was his strength of piercing into the core of an era that awoke the enthusiasm and the excitement of the Indian masses. What made him different from the other politicians was his vigilance towards the joys and sorrows of the general people, and this particular quality made him much loved among the young children. Nehru was also greatly fond of children and his bonding with the children is exemplary. Nehru always believed that the future of the country rested in the hands of the children and so it was very important to educate and nurture them in the right way. And because of such a relationship of ‘Chacha Nehru’ with country’s children, the country prior to Mr. Nehru’s death started to celebrate 14th November, the birthday of Nehru as Bal diwas or Children’s day.

Bal Diwas: Celebration

Children’s day or Bal Diwas is celebrated all throughout the country in all the educational institutions with all its pomp and ceremony. Besides paying homage to their first prime minister, various literary and cultural activities are conducted in educational institutions. Teachers also involve in light-hearted skits and plays. Fun filled games are conducted in classrooms and children are allowed to enjoy and express their talents to the fullest. Midst all these activities children are also reminded of the profound dream of Jawaharlal Nehru, of how children with their capabilities could pave the way for a better and brighter India.

Nehru’s work for Children

In Nehru’s prime ministership many important institutions of higher education were started like the IITs and the IIMs. The education structure at grass-root level was also revived and strengthened. Besides these work there are many small incidents which made his so loved and popular among the children. One such incident is of one of his visits to Allahabad. Nehru was having a meeting in his ancestral home Anand Bhawan. Three students of a local Municipal school excited to see their beloved chacha Nehru somehow got entry into the house and started to peer through the reed doorway. Nehru noticed them and started walking towards them, children were in utter shock and thought they will be scolded but Nehru’s response was quite contrary to their expectations and instead, he asked them about how they were and what were they doing there. One of the students said that it is rainy outside and we have to go to schools in such rains and so books and dress get wet. Panditji began to laugh and then went back to attend the meeting. A few days later, the municipal school in Allahabad was sent parcels from the PMO. Those parcels contained raincoats and canvas schoolbags for the students. Chacha Nehru, like always remembered to address the children’s problem.

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