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Each one of us serve and contribute to the nation in some way or the other, yet no one play a more significant role than the ones engaged in the defence sector. With a strength of over 14.4 lakh active personnel’s, the Defence Industry is strategically one of the most important sector in India. Instilled with a feeling of nationalism and patriotism, the personnel’s engaged in the industry work tirelessly day and night to ensure that we the citizens enjoy our freedom without any fear. That being said, the defence industry does not only fight the enemies to ensure peace but also conduct routine checks to eliminate unnecessary threats and also helps the citizens of the country in case of any natural calamity. 

Among all the jobs in government sector, defence jobs are considered to be prestigious one and are looked up with pride as these personnel’s are the unsung heroes who sacrifice their time, family and sometimes even their lives to keep our lives running and ensure safety and security of our nation.

Today, government jobs in defence sector are considered as most respected, noblest and the most sacred one among all career options and has inspired many young and bright youths in the country.A defence job doesn’t only gives you pride to hold onto, but also prestige in the society, lucrative payments and facilities not only for yourself but also for your family.

All this has not only made the defence sector popular in India, but has also ignited the spark among youths and has made it the most aspired career path.While almost every Indian sees the dream of joining the defence forces and has his/her eyes glued to defence recruitment, only few actually realize it.

Certainly, the competition is high but you know where the aspirant’s lag? Well… lack of knowledge is clearly the reason which puts a lot of aspirants behind in the race.

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So in this blog, we are going to cover :-

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • The Sectors In The Indian Defence Forces
  • Defence Jobs In Indian Air Force
  • Defence Jobs In Indian Army
  • Defence Jobs In Indian Navy
  • How To Join ?
  • Defence Recruitment 2020-2021

Eligibility Criteria

While the industry is filled up only by highly-skilled, competent, dedicated, hard-working, passionate and patriotic personnel’s, the defence sector demands very little from an aspirant at the initial level and thus provides a wide range of opportunity to all.

The eligibility criteria change from time to time and depend on the profile, rank and the field in which the aspirant wishes to serve.

  • However, an aspirant who wishes to serve the nation one day either by joining the Indian Army, Indian Air Force or the Indian Navy must have appeared and cleared +2 examinations.

This is the minimum eligibility criteria set by the industry, post which an aspirant becomes eligible for all the exams and entry schemes of the defence sector. After this, the aspirant is open and has to write exams, appear for the interviews, satisfy physical fitness criteria and undergo training to make his/her dream of serving the nation a reality.

The Sectors In The Indian Defence Forces

The defence sector of India comprises of three categories, namely the Indian Air Force ( IAF), the Indian Army and the Indian Navy. While all the three-unit has their own might, they have different roles or functions to perform and together form the Indian Defence Forces.

  • Indian Air Force (IAF)

Established on 8th of October,1932 under the British Empire, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is an advanced and innovative air arm of the Indian Armed Forces and is recognized for its greatness, dedication and loyalty for the nation. Equipped with advanced technology and competent personnel’s, the Indian Air Force plays a crucial role in safeguarding our skies against enemy invasion and also helps the nation in times of need such as natural calamities. Counted as 4th largest and 7th most powerful air force of the world, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is served by 1.8 lakh personnel, 500+ transport aircraft and helicopters, and 600+ combat aircraft. Today, the IAF has become an indispensable part of India’s defence services and aspires millions of young minds in the country.

  • Indian Army

The Indian Army is the largest and the oldest branch of the Indian armed forces which is primarily responsible for safeguarding the geographical boundaries of the country and for capturing enemy territories in events of the war. In addition to the primary responsibility, the Indian Army also aids in relief and rescue operations during natural calamities and counters insurgency. It trains the individuals to fight on land and consists of various divisions including the infantry, the artillery, the armoured corps etc. Besides these combat divisions, the support division in the army includes the supply corps, the engineers, the ordinance supply corps, military intelligence and medical staff etc. The Indian Army offers enormous career and growth opportunitiesand trains individuals who are keen on serving the nation by working in the Indian Army.

  • Indian Navy

The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Defence Force which is primarily responsible for safeguarding the nation’s maritime borders, and in conjunction with other Armed Forces of the union, act to deter or defeat any threats or aggression against the territory, people or maritime interests of India, both in war and peace. The Indian Navy also promotes bilateral relations between nations through joint exercises, goodwill visits and humanitarian missions, including disaster relief. The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Navy and the Indian Navy offers various opportunities for individuals who are keen to serve the nation and are also passionate about travelling the seas.

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Defence Jobs In The Indian Air Force

Being a part of the Indian Air Force (IAF) is all about being in the middle of supersonic jets and doing your bit (be it flying the aircraft, looking after the systems and making necessary improvements to improve its performance or looking after the human and financial resources) to ensure that the operations go on smoothly. The Indian Air Force trains individuals in different fields and environment and makes them capable enough to face the challenges that the fast paced life in the Air Force might have in store for them.

Considering the pride and the respect an individual earns, securing agovernment job in defenceand becoming a part of Indian Air Force is a dream seen by many and if you are one of them, you must be keen on knowing the job opportunities by which you can join the Indian Air Force (IAF) and make your dream come true.

Following are thetypes of jobs available in the Indian Air Force (IAF):-

  • Pilot

The individuals who are keen on flying and touching the skies can join the Indian Air Force (IAF) under the flying branch as  a Fighter Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, or Transport Pilot and be a part of various wartime and peace missions and make his/her dream of serving the nation come true.

  • Technician

Engineers can also join the Indian Air Force (IAF) and make their dream come true by making use of their technical knowledge and skills to serve the nation. As a technician working in the Indian Air Force (IAF), engineers are in charge of some of the finest pieces of equipment and are responsible to keep the equipment’s in great shape to keep the flying branch secure and running.

  • Officer

If not as a pilot or a technician, one can also join the Indian Air Force (IAF) as an officer under ground duty branch and play a crucial role in managing both materials and human resource in Administration, Accounts, Logistics, Education or Meteorology department/ field.

Defence Jobs In The Indian Army

Despite being on ground, the Indian Army indulges in both offensive as well as defensive operations. Along with safeguarding the geographical boundaries of the country and  capturing enemy territories in events of war, the Indian Army also serves the nation by helping people during national calamities.

Along with providing enormous career opportunities, the Indian Army also offers phenomenal opportunities for growth and thus is the most aspired government job in defence sector that aspirants look up to.

Following are the types of jobs available in the Indian Army :-

  • Soldier/Troop

Soldiers/ troops use wide variety of long range and short range field guns, rocket launchers and missiles to maneuver, capture and hold on to enemy positions. Not only do the soldiers and troops perform on the war front, but they also protect sensitive locations such as dams, airfields, oil rigs, power generating stations, ports etc. in civilian areas from attack.

  • Drivers

They are the ones who basically drive vehicles of the Indian Army such as tanks and move along with troops to capture enemy positions and hold on to them in events of war.

  • Builders/ Contractors/ Workers

They are the ones who quickly construct infrastructure for the combat troops such as roads, bridges, airfields, helipads etc. for the advancement of the troops and are also responsible for causing obstacles for enemy troops, clearing enemy minefields and defusing bombs and explosives. Generally, engineers are hired for such activities.

  • Communicators

They are responsible for the quick implementation and maintenance of communication links between the army headquarters and the forward positions during war time. Besides this, they are also responsible for electronic warfare.

  • Technician

They are the ones who are responsible for upkeep and maintenance of equipment’s of the Indian Army such as riffles, missiles etc. and ensure that the equipment’s are always in their peak condition. Generally, engineers from the field of mechanical, aeronautical, electrical, electronics, and communication engineering are hired for such activities.

  • Managing Officer

They are responsible for the movement of troops, vehicles, rations, petrol/diesel, arms and ammunition etc. of the Indian Army. The personnel’s use road, train as well as water transportation in the movement and are also responsible for safe storage of clothing and special equipment.

  • Intelligence Officer

The intelligence officer works in teams and is involved in the collection, analysis and interpretation of information about the enemy troops including their movements and plans. Officers are specialist in encoding and decoding messages, analysis of pictures taken by aircraft and satellite, data collection and analysis etc.

  • Ordinance Officer

The ordinance officer is responsible for procurement, storage and maintenance and issue of various types of military equipment including ammunition and spares.

  • Doctor, Nurse and Dentist

One can also serve the nation by joining the Indian Army as a doctor, nurse or dentist. They provide medical support and care to the personnel’s in the army in case of injuries and also look after their families. Some of the doctors and nurses, also look after horses, mules and dogs and ensure the well-being of these animals.

  • Trainer, Educator and Instructor

Trainers, educators and instructors also play a crucial role in the Indian Army as they continuously provide education to the armed forces personnel with respect to the latest development in weapon systems, new techniques of warfare, computerization, communication systems etc.

  • Postman

The personnel in this service is responsible for looking after the postal requirement of the Indian Army such as money orders, personal letters and general mail.

  • Disciplinarian

The personnel in this service is  responsible for maintaining discipline and order among the troops of the armed forces in camps while they are undergoing their training.

  • Lawyers

The Indian Army also inducts law graduates as they provide legal help to the army for handling various civil cases as well as they also suggest disciplinary action to be taken against armed forces personnel.

Defence Jobs In The Indian Navy

Being in the Indian Navy is all about staying far away from family and loved ones for months and serve the nation before anything. While a career in Indian Navy offers leadership opportunities, it demands commitment from one to look after the expansive blue waters, tirelessly.

Following are the types of jobs available in the Indian Navy :-

  • Sailor

Sailors are the sepoys of the Indian Navy. They maneuver the ship in vast seas and prepare charts which are helpful in deciding in the direction of the ship and also help in planning attacks.

  • Officer

Upon completion of his/her four year training period, one can easily join the Indian Navy as officer. As an officer in the Indian Navy, one is responsible for directing the engineering of improved submarine, ship or aviation fleet technology, processing signal intelligence, leading platoons in combat missions, directing ship crews or overseeing the care of injured patients as a director in the nurse corps and thus should have the ability to lead an handle stress.

  • Technician

One can also join the Indian Navy as a technician and play his/her role in ensuringthat all the electrical equipment’s such as radio communication, missile systems, radars etc. are equipped in the vessel and are performing at their peak level.

  • Doctors and Nurses

As a doctor or a nurse, working in the Indian Navy means taking care and being responsible forthe health of the servicemen in the vessel.

  • Trainer, Educator and Instructor

The personnel’s who join the Indian Navy as a trainer, educator or instructor are responsible for training the future officers and sailors for the naval defense of the nation.

  • Builder/ Repairer

The engineers who will to join the Indian Navy can do so by joining as a builder or repairer and playing a crucial role in designing, constructing, repairing and ensuring that the naval vessels are efficient enough to defend the country.

How To Join ?

Lured by the prestige, the social status, the lucrative pay and the facilitieswhile everyone wishes to secure a government job in defence and has his/her eyes glued to the defence recruitment, very few actually know how.Depending upon the categories in which they want to serve , there are different exams and schemes following which one can join the prestigious defence forces of the country.

Indian Air Force (IAF)

The various ways of joining the Indian Air Force (IAF) are as follows :-

  • NDA Exam

 This exam gives a golden opportunity to the students who have just cleared their class 10th exam and are willing to join the IAF. The exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year and the candidate who clears the exam is called for interview. If the student gets through the interview, he/she gets shortlisted, and has to undergo a training period for 3years after which he/she joins the IAF as a pilot.

  • UES Entry Scheme

This mode is highly preferred by graduates who have just finished their course of study and are willing to join the IAF. Similar to campus placement where companies visit the campus to hire graduates, the IAF also comes to the college/university to select the talented, meritorious and willing students and give them a chance to join the IAF.

  • AFCAT Exam

This exam is open to all and can be taken by anyone who is willing to join the IAF irrespective of whether he/she is a graduate or a post graduate. The students have to appear for the exam and if he/she clears the exam, they are called for rigorous training period after which they are commissioned as officers.

Indian Army

The various ways of joining the Indian Army are as follows :-

  • University Entry Scheme (UES)

    Just like companies visit the college campus for Campus Placement’s, similarly Indian Army organizes recruitment process in colleges and universities. Under this, all the three wings of the Indian Army recruits the students and if the student gets shortlisted he can directly appear for SSB selection process.

  • Technical Graduate Course (TGC)

TGC entry remains the most popular entry mode for students who have graduated as an engineer or an in the final year of study and have a desire to join the Indian Army. Every year Indian Army invites applications for technical Graduate courses at Indian Military Academy and if the students make through the selection process he is invited to join the military on a permanent commission and that too with the officer’s rank.

  • Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Tech Entry Scheme

Unlike the above mentioned entry modes, this mode allows candidates from both the genders to get into the Indian Army. This is the most popular way by which one can join the Indian Army’s technical wing and that too as a officer. However, under this entry scheme candidates are selected for short service commission i.e. for a period of maximum 10 years.

Indian Navy

The various ways of joining the Indian Navy are as follows :-

  • NDA Entry

The NDA exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year. The students who are willing to join the Indian Navy can appear for this exam just after their +2 clearing which they have to go for common training which is of 3 years. After the training is over, the candidate need to go for pre- commission training at an academy of his choice for one year after which he will be eligible to join the Indian Navy.

  • B.Tech Cadet Entry

This is one of the simplest way by which a student who has completed his +2 in Biology can join the Indian Navy. The interested students need to apply after which they will be shortlisted on the basis of their +2 marks. The shortlisted students will receive interview calls clearing which they will be trained for 4 years and awarded an engineering degree after which he will become eligible to join the Indian Navy.

  • CDSE Entry

The UPSC conducts this exam twice a year. The interested students needs to fill the form after which they need to appear for the written exam. If the student gets through the written exam, then he/she is called for interview and the final selection is made on the basis of written exam and seats available.

Apart from these exams, one can also get into the Indian Navy through UES Entry and Graduate Entry.

Defence Recruitment 2020-2021

Well, the year 2020 has made everything uncertain and have put them on halt and defence recruitment 2020-2021 stands no exception in this case. While most vacancies have been put on hold till the Coronavirus situation improves in the country, the Ministry Of Defence has posted up a vacancy for “Lower Division Clerk (LDC) under Sportsman Quota – Volleyball” that people looking for government jobs in defence sector can look up to.

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