How to Use Pinterest for Marketing? 3 Actionable Steps You Can Start Following Now

how to use pinterest for business

Social media marketing has become a buzzword for business world, to reach larger audience, it is the most used tool. You might be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for social media marketing but you greatly ignore Pinterest which is no less than the other three.

With the increasing demand of social media, career in social media has become one of the most sought after. Here today, we will see how you can use Pinterest for marketing. Let’s get started..

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search engine which provides pictorial references to the keyword entered by the user. It is also used as a social platform to market and advertise products and ideas. Pinterest is a great way to engage with influencers and brands with respect to their content.  It is one of the most popular social media forums used to get information and inspiration to go about with an idea.

People who use Pinterest are called as “Pins” and the inspiration one draws from the platform is called as “Pinspiration” popularly. In a recent survey Pinterest was noted as the fourth most used social media application in the United States. Hence it is more than just a social media platform. It is a online pace where pictures and brands thrive provided they put up high resolution pictures and quality content. It is also considered one of the most promising marketing strategies to push and advertise products on.

Pinterest is a platform where users come in to search for relevant information, ideas and pictorial inspiration. It is also used as a tool to improve productivity. Pinterest is a one stop solution for anybody is confused and have no idea how to go about with things like home decor, productivity, creative art works, work outs, writing etc. Since there are umpteen numbers of activities on pinterest it is very important to have a strategic plan and method to follow with respect to marketing the product.

Some of the steps a company or an individual needs to follow in order to reach his or her marketing goals and objectives are listed down below.

  1. Have boards with catchy keywords in your title: Keywords are the most important part of any digital marketing strategy or platform. Pinterest has one of the best searching capabilities than any other search engine. The visual search results of pinterest are extremely convenient and hence attract a lot of traction and users. So the keywords used in title of the pins should be very generic and should have commonly used words instead of jargons.
  2. Write an Interesting Description for the pin: Products to reach larger audience the description needs to be clear and should be about the ideas and vision of the post or the company. Keywords are to be used in the description. One should remember that users can tweet pins and the description appears in the tweet as text. Hence it is an important aspect in helping the post to reach larger set of audience.
  3. Vertical Images are advisable: The pictures posted on pinterest need to be long and vertical for better visual experience and clarity. Vertically large image have greater chances of being noticed thereby improving the traction for the post and subsequently for the product or the idea. Most of the influencers and companies post pictures that are up to 735 pixels by 1102 pixels. This increases engagement as people pin good quality posts.
  4. Add important links of blog or website: The description of the pin should be elaborate and also needs to contain relevant links to blogs and website. It can also be the link to products on the post. This helps further engagement since the bog post of the website has detailed information of the idea or product discussed in the picture.
  5. Embedding pins on the blog: Embedding pins on the blog helps in efficient engagement as it enables users to repin the post on the platform. One can also create embedded code on the site.
  6. Sharing pins and boards on other important social media platforms: The Company or an individual who is looking to advertise or market his or her product on pinterest can also share their posts and boards on other social media platforms better reach and traction. It helps in reaching out to far larger audience.
  7. Use “Pinterest for Business”:  It is a tool available on pinterest which aids in analytics and gives information regarding the reach and performance of the pins and boards posted on the platform. It gives great insight into performance and better marketing tools which can be applied to improve overall execution of the marketing strategy.
  8. Collaborations: Collaborations are great way to reach out to new set of audience. Collaborative posts and content increases the number of user pinning the posts with eventually increases traction and engagement. They introduce your content to potential consumers and audience.

Why Should You Use Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest being a virtual search engine which gives information in pictographic format makes it very convenient for the users to browse through. The regular search engine provides us with blogs and mostly written content which can get cumbersome to manoeuvre through. Pinterest cancels the process of going through tedious long drafts and provides information in a concise pictographic format.

Some of the other reasons why pinterest is a great way to push and advertise the product are listed down below.

  • It is one of the most popular social media platforms used across the world. Approximately 28% of the population of the United States use pinterest as a search engine.
  • It is repository of ideas, insights, leads and many other interesting things that broaden the horizon and improves creative thinking of an individual. All these qualities of pinterest attract a huger user base. To tap this section of potential consumer base using pinterest for business is extremely profitable.
  • It has a greater global footprint compared to other search engines given the pictographic results it provides. It is easier to search for service providers and companies that cater to targeted consumer base on pinterest.
  • Pinterest is widely popular among women consumers. Visual search helps a great deal before going for shopping. It helps with new ideas and leads. It increases economic transactions.
  • This platform increases the brand exposure as the search engine enables to reach out to wider consumer base based on the keywords entered.
  • Larger number of audience is using pinterest than ever before.

Important Terms to know before using Pinterest

Getting a hang of the glossary of a particular social media platform is extremely important to set the ball rolling in terms of manoeuvring through it.

  1. Pinners: People who use Pinterest are called pinners.
  2. Pin: It is a primary post in a picture or a video format to which a link to the source like a website can be attached.
  3. Re-pin: Some pages on pinterest use or link a pin that is not essentially created by them. This is called a Re-pin. This is usually done to create specific boards.
  4. Pininspiration: The inspiration drawn from Pinterest is called Pininspiration.
  5. Pincodes: These are specific QR codes that are available on Pinterest.

With everything going global including monetary transaction, trade, brand collaborations a digital platform that transcends all the geographical barriers and helps in reaching wider consumer base is extremely important to make the global presence felt. In this aspect pinterest is an ideal social media platform and a marketing tool for companies which are aiming to reach goals and objectives in terms of sales.

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