Why Career Counselling an Urgent Need for Students & Work Professionals Today

importance of career guidance

We have reached the time when to survive in any industry, the students will have to enrol in the course that makes them a fit for it. Now not only the schools but parents also recommend career counselling for students. The students also understand the importance of career counselling but still, they don’t know much about the professional career counselling services.

Those who have taken career counselling from a professional can understand and experience the benefits of career counselling. The present and post COVID-19 time will be full of insecurity and uncertainty for the employees and the business. Due to less or no business, the companies are forced to send their employees on unpaid leaves and ask them to put their papers down. Only those who are good in their work and update themselves can survive this period.

For companies also it is time to revise and upgrade their hiring system. It is expected that the coming time will be crucial for job seekers and employers. So we must admit that career counselling for students is essential to get the most suitable job. You will be agreeing to this fact that we perform our best if we like the work we do.  So someone interested in engineering but force to compose the music will create some pathetic music. Our education system is not modernised enough to help the students know and study what they like.  So emerged career counselling. Let us understand more about it and why it is a must for students.

Why Career Counselling an Urgent Need Today

Everyone has a right to peruse in their dreams. It is a must for a student to understand what he wants to be in future and what profession will be most suitable to him. For example, to offer a marketing job to introvert will be a waste of time for both the employee and the employer. The career counselling helps this introvert to understand what he wants to be.

No matter how progressive our society will become, it is expected to the kids to fulfil the parent’s dream. The irony is most of the parents want to see their kids settle in a good job rather than a suitable job. As result, the kid ends up in the wrong profession and could not survive in a recession caused by a pandemic or other issues. COVID 19 brought a pause in our lives and to use it in a better way to stop running after a prosperous career and start thinking of what you like.

Today’s situation tells us that in cut-throat competition nothing is safe, neither business nor job. Only those who keep upgrading them as per the market’s need can survive in this time. If you love your job then only you will take some extra efforts to upgrade yourself hence your career will be safe. Even if your present company is not working well you can get a new job but id you are not in love with your job then you will not be able to perform in any company, as a result, your job will always be on stake. So yes, career counselling is the need of the hour and you must take it to get a job that suits you.

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What is Career Counselling?

The meaning of career counselling is to take help from a professional in choosing the right career. The career counselling involves many questions and long discussion where a counsellor tries to understand the personality of the students. A professional career counsellor digs out the real person from an influenced students.

The young shoulders of students carry the burden to choose the right subjects and then to pursue the right career. For a student who just passed class 1o0th isn’t it too much to decide the subjects for further classes. The parents know that the subjects the student is picking now will create a base for his future. They must encourage their kid to go for career counselling before choosing the right subjects.

In career counselling, the counsellor discusses the student’s area of interest with him and suggest him about the right profession. Here the students also get to know about the skill they need to learn to get into their ideal profession.  A career counsellor never asks a student to enrol in any course, he just suggests the course and career where the student can perform better.

Why Do I Need Career Counselling?

Why me, it is one of the most asked question and relevant too. We always feel that we are intelligent and capable enough to take our decisions. But the fact is knowingly or unknowingly we all are influenced by others or the situation. For example, at the dawn of computers, everyone wants to be a developer but only those who love coding get success. People at that time were influenced by the situations and they chose a wrong career. Most of the professionals do the same job, you must have heard about the writer who starts writing after completion of MBA and leaving the job of a banker. So not you but all the students should take the career counselling. It will give you a clear view when you are to make big decisions about your career.

Who Needs Career Counselling & When?

As we mentioned above that career counselling helps to choose the best career for individuals. Though career counselling is essential for all but the job seekers and students both must take the professional help in choosing the right career. The parents that want their kid to enrol in a course of their choice must sit along with their child to understand what career counselling is and how it will help to shape up the professional life of their kids.

There is no age bar to take the career counselling but the best time to get it is after 10thstandard. Most of the education boards in India offer the subject to students after 10th. Out of three streams, the students need to choose one based on their area of interest and earned marks in class 10th. It is recommended to the 10th pass outs to take the help of professional career counsellor here to enrol in the right course after 10th.

If we talk about the age-wise suitability for career counselling then 13 to 14 years is the right age for a student to go for it. This is the most fragile age for a student’s mind. At this time a student is going through too many changes and the peer pressure is also on its peak. If a student gets influenced at this time then it will be difficult to make hi, understand what is good for him. 13 or 14 years is the right age to tell students to have a career not for financial stability but for you own good and peace.

Most of the parents want their kids to be stable finically and from here they push them to rum in a rat race. A kid with a clear view of a career in mind can earn money without losing his peace of mind. If they will have a clear view in 10th standard about the future career they will face less confusion in choosing a course for further classes.

The Benefit of Career Counselling

Career counselling for students helps them to know about their interests. A career counsellor also suggests a job seeker about the mist suitable job for him as per his personality traits and qualifications. Let us know about the benefits of career counselling in detail from here;

· Setting Career Goals

In career counselling, the student or the job seeker get to know about the suitable jobs according to their interests and personality. It helps them to set a goal for their future profession. At present various kind of professions are available. In general, the criteria to choose one of them is remuneration and job security. Any jobseeker hardly thinks if he will love his job or not. The career counselling helps to highlight this important factor to a student and a job seeker. Once you know what kind of profession will give you the satisfaction you can focus to enhance your knowledge and skills. Career counselling helps you to set your goals and when you know about the destination the journey becomes easier.

· To Understand interest

Career counselling takes out real you.  The career assessments, a professional career counsellor gives you has various types of question. When you keep answering them, you get to know about your strengths, skills and interest. The assessments tell you about the areas where you can perform well so it becomes easy for you to set a suitable career for the future.

· To Understand the available career options

The biggest benefit of career counselling is it clear all kind of confusions in choosing a career. For a job seeker, many kinds of job are available in the market based on his qualification. For a UG student, various jobs are available like teaching, trainee, Data entry operator and many more. After career counselling, he will get to know about his interest and choose a suitable post according to it. the career counselling narrow down the career options hence it becomes easy to prepare for getting a job.

· To Know the Corporate World

Most of us get to know about the corporate world after joining a company but career counselling gives a glimpse of how the business world runs. A professional career counsellor discusses in-depth how works flow and what are the skills you must have to adjust in it. When you chose the career options for you based on your skills, the counsellor describes how you will fit in the role and about the area where you will need to work to improve them. Overall career counselling also prepares you for a suitable job and career.

· To Know about your Personality

In career counselling session you will get to know what actually motivates you to work and in most of the cases, it is not money. The general perception about a career is money earning activity which is a half-truth. Career is a time that you spend in working. The career counselling rubs the influences you have and take down the burden of having a good career. Here you answer with honesty and get to know about your real personality.  A career counsellor not only helps you to decide the best subjects and career choice to you but it also lets you know the kind of person you are.

How to Choose Right Career Counselling?

Now you must understand the importance of career counselling for a student and job seeker. You also know about the benefits of career counselling and how it helps in setting a goal but it also works if the career counsellor is right.

Career counselling is comparatively new in India and still, most of the students don’t get its benefits due to negligence. So looking for the right career counsellor is not easy. To help you out in finding a right and professional career counsellor, we have compiled a few tips here, let’s check them out;

Get the References

Most of the schools offer career counselling services and many parents also take the help of career counsellors now to shape up the career of their kids so you can ask for the references without any hesitation. You can ask a few common questions to the reference to evaluate the counsellor according to your need. If the reference is ready to take the service of same career counsellor again then it must be a good one. Also, enquire about the way of taking and professionalism of the counsellor before booking an appointment.


Keep in mind that an expensive session is not always the best one So don’t pick a counsellor based on the fee he charges. You can go for a career counsellor that ask per visit fee. it will help you to know if the counsellor is suitable for you or not. The per visit charge also doesn’t bound you to take the service of the same counsellor again.

Wrapping Up

Making the right career choices is crucial for a happy future. Open Naukri is offering career guidance and counselling to help you make the right choices. Ask your questions to us.

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