Study in USA From India After Graduation

study in usa from india after graduation

Many students in India dream of pursuing a good and successful educational career abroad and achieve something extraordinary in their life. Some students may have a financial status to do the same but many students have it as a dream. Getting to study in the USA for Indian students after 12thor after graduation becomes easy with the Indian offered abroad scholarships.

There exists a separate section of scholarships to study in USA for Indian students that are underprivileged and don’t have the financial availability to study abroad. For such students, getting an opportunity to invest their skills and intelligence in the right place and get amazing returns from the same.

How Can Students Get Admissions to USA Universities?

A particular procedure of taking a foreign admission needs to be followed by the students to get admission in their desired foreign colleges. Students can also search about how to get admission in US universities from India? All this information will be available over online medium. By following a proper procedure of foreign University application in 2 different ways, i.e., either by a direct way or through a scholarship, the students can get admission in their desired foreign college and can join them according to the start of their academic year.

Once students successfully apply for admissions in US universities from both normal or scholarship medium, they need to search for options that suggest a good and relatable answer to the question of how to study in the USA from India? A lot of different and unique ways of studying in foreign colleges and successfully getting the degree for the same are present on the Internet and the student only needs to search all the options thoroughly to find the most appropriate and convenient one.

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Scholarships that will help Indian Students to Study in the USA after Graduation:-

The students who doubt how to get admission in US universities from India can check out the following list of scholarships offered by specific institutions or organizations for the betterment of the students and by keeping their educational calibre in the first place-

  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships:

This scholarship is for those extraordinary students who want to study in North America or Europe and get brilliance in their respective fields. This is an unexceptionally awesome scholarship that offers the students about 100,000 USD for the whole of their educational career abroad.

This scholarship is definitely for the exceptionally bright students and the ones who can fulfil the expectations of the category study in the USA for Indian students after 12thor after graduation.

A small problem or drawback persists in this scholarship and that is this scholarship is not applicable for the students related to the below fields-

  1. Business Studies,
  2. Public Health,
  3. Medicines,
  4. Computer Science,
  5. Engineering,
  6. Music and Film Animation, and
  7. Fashion Designing.
  • The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Programme:

This is a fellowship program offered by Fulbright to make sure that the backward section students from developing countries and residential cities get the chance to come up and join a foreign educational branch for their further studies.

This program is a non-degree graduate program that lasts up to 10 months and the fellowship that is offered to the students is around 10,000-15,000 USD. This fellowship is offered to the brighter and brilliantly skilled students who have educational fields such as Agricultural and Rural Development, Journalism, Human Resource Management, Law and Human Rights, etc.

An online examination is held for this fellowship and the students applying for the same need to be extremely perfect and excellent in their English language.

  • Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship:

Rotatory Foundation has been offering to help the students study in the USA from India after graduation for a lot of years now. The success rate of this organization is also amazing and remarkable.

The scholarship amount of this foundation ranges between USD 15,000 – 30,000 and is available only for a few sharp and intelligent students. Students should definitely be an all-rounder in their educational career if they want to have this scholarship and travel to foreign for further studies.

This foundation chooses the students who have more sustainable and measurable activities in their extracurricular career and makes them go through an annual entrance test to make them eligible for attaining this scholarship in the first place.

  • Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship:

This is a research fellowship that is offered to students related to the science field. The students who dream of going abroad and performing research in some respective fields are offered a chance to get this scholarship.

To apply for this fellowship, the students need to have at least 3 years of work experience and should be thorough professionals in their respective fields. Also, the person should have given at least a little contribution to their respective field and may have researched something unique and necessary in that aspect.

This fellowship includes a lot of facilities such as economic class round trip tickets, tuition and class fees for the whole term, J-1 visa support, and many more.

This fellowship is perfect for the people who want to make and spread their findings in a long way and gain success and a good career from the same.

  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students:

This fellowship gives great opportunities to the students to study in a foreign business school after the completion of their graduation. The students have only one question in their minds and that is how to study in USA from India? can definitely get an effective and long-lasting solution from this fellowship organization.

Students can also study in USA from India after graduation by attaining the fellowship of this organization. Every year, this organization provides abroad scholarships of about 15,000 USD to 5 efficient and educationally active students and after completing the further procedure, these students can complete their specified education from any university in the USA. This is surely very good news for the students who are economically backward but are far ahead mentally than any of the rich students around them.

  • The Indian Trust Fellowship:

This trust scholarship is the best answer to your question about how to apply for universities in USA from India! This fellowship offers about 10,000 USD to the students so that they can complete their specified educational qualification very conveniently and accurately.

Indian Trust Fellowship is one of the best platforms for bright students to study in USA from India after graduation.

The scholarships that this trust offers are limited only to 2 students annually and surely the ones who are very bright and sharp in their minds. The students who have a brilliant academic career and are also very excellent in their extracurricular activities can definitely apply for this scholarship and get great benefits from the same.

  • Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship:

This organization is considered one of the most popular and highest scholarship-offering organizations in the world. Now, students don’t have to worry about how to get admission in US universities from India? Akhtarali fellowship offers even and fair assistance to everyone who wants to have the best platform for their future education.

This fellowship is specifically available for the students of the MBA course and the ones who are very sharp in their educational and academic life. Such students get a chance to apply for an entrance exam for attaining this scholarship and only 2 million students get qualified to attain a scholarship of 25,000 USD for abroad education.

The tuition fees of the students are also included in this scholarship amount and this is surely a great help for the dreaming and aspiring students.

  • Tata Scholarships for Cornell University:

This scholarship is offered to those students who come from an underprivileged society but are very bright and sharp in their studies. The students who succeed in getting good marks in their educational career and have considerably good marks in their graduation too can apply for this scholarship and get a chance to study abroad.

This scholarship has offered abroad study opportunities to more than 25 million students till now and aspires to take this number to a much higher level in the future too.

Every year this scholarship is given to 20 bright and educationally successful students and these students are searched from all over India by making a keen observation about the caliber and capabilities of the students.

  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship:

Students taking the advantage of this scholarship can pursue their higher education in the US and make their professional life bright and successful. Theeducationallyenlightened students can definitely apply for this scholarship and try their luck by depending and trusting on their calibre.

This is a very difficult and high-profile Scholarship and is received by only 1 student in 1 year. With the help of this scholarship, a student can also study in USA after 12thand settle their educational life at the perfect age and standard.

The AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship is a perfect way to reach your dream of studying abroad and getting an international degree before or after graduation.

The above organizations and scholarship programs result in being very helpful for the students who want to pursue a bright career by taking foreign education and also the ones who want to make their family and friends proud about having them in their lives.

Advantages of taking a Foreign Education

Everyone knows that it is perfect and crazy to study abroad and settle for a beautiful career over there. Some may also talk about the opportunities to enable study in USA for Indian students after 12th, after graduation, and even after getting 2-3 years working experience in some respective field. But, what people don’t talk about are the actual importance and benefits of studying in foreign universities.

So, here is a list of some great advantages that students can receive by studying in a foreign university-

  • An open door to tremendous academic Opportunities:

Every country has a particular academic limit and if anyone wishes to exceed it, then they should visit other countries for the same. This also goes the same in the case of the educational sphere.

A particular country is bound in its own educational sphere and the student who wishes to adopt a new and innovative style or way of learning should definitely try and apply for foreign education and get their dreams and wishes enlarged to a great extent as well.

  • Gaining a Global perspective to deal with various things:

Students may sometimes limit themselves only to those things that happen around them and neglect the ones that take place worldwide. This may restrict their way of thinking and act upon particular things.

To change this, foreign education is definitely a confident and bright option. The things that a student learn from abroad education is not at all comparable to the things that are learned by him/her by being limited or restricted to their bookish world.

Therefore, roaming around the world and taking a foreign education will greatly benefit the students in enlarging their sphere of knowledge and capabilities.

  • Improving English and other language skills in students:

Many students are very bright and knowledgeable, but their language may result in being a barrier in their way towards success. To solve this problem, the academically active students should definitely try and pursue foreign education as an option to take their career to a new level and height.

The students who have a passion for attaining foreign education can greatly benefit from the various fellowships and scholarships only if they are fluent in English and the other languages that are required to be tested in them. This raises an urge in the students to learn English and fulfil their dream of having a successful career abroad.

The above advantages or benefits are the clear indication that every parent should definitely understand whether their child has the caliber for foreign education and cultivate the respective habits in them right from their birth. This will make them a better professional in the future for sure.

Wrapping Up

Getting the most appropriate opportunity to study abroad and that too in the USA is surely a great chance and experience for the students who are even unable to complete their studies because of their bad financial status. Such students can go abroad only based on their caliber and intelligence and make their parents and their community proud and privileged.

Studying in the USA even after graduation is not a bad idea and to prove this, a lot of organizations and fellowship offering people have come ahead. These organizations have made abroad education simple and easily achievable for the students who have great mental capacity and are brilliant even in their extracurricular activities.

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