7 Best Career Options after B.Sc: What to do After B.Sc?

What To Do After B.Sc

If you are in the final year of graduation in science, then you must be thinking about the courses after B. Sc. In case of confusion, students can pick the option of career counselling for science graduates. In career counselling, the students get to know about the area that attracts them. Based on their counselling’s conclusion, the students can decide on a perfect course after B.Sc.

Science is an internationally accepted subject, and its students can have their career in any country irrespective of their origin. Students chose science as their core subject after 10th, and to develop a better understanding of science, students enroll in B.Sc. Though the science students have various career opportunities after 12th, most of the chose to get admission in B. Sc. B.Sc degree in any subject opens a plethora of options for science students. This makes the students more confuse to decided a better career opportunity after B.Sc.

B.Sc is a degree course offered by most of the universities in India. The course duration of B.Sc is three years, and the universities follow semester-wise or yearly exam pattern. Science students chose the subject to complete their bachelor’s degree in science. After completing this degree course in science, the students have to again decide about the career opportunities after B.Sc. After graduation, the science students have two options: jobs after B.Sc or peruse in further studies after getting the degree in science. Both options work well for students as science is the subject that needs deep understanding so you can peruse in further studies as well. The master’s degree after B.Sc will be an essential weapon in your arsenal, and it will also help you get your dream job.

Here we have some lucrative career options that graduate students can choose from after B.Sc. In B. Sc, the students get various options in terms of subjects and topics to pursue their studies. To decide about further career opportunities, students can go for professional career counseling after B. Sc. They will know about the most suitable jobs during career counselling after graduation in science and study option after B.Sc. Science students have the option to shift to a non-science field even after graduation in science. In this article, we will discuss the career options for science graduates. So, let’s start to explore career opportunities for science students after B. Sc.

What to do After B.Sc?

Most of the science students prefer to get admission in B.Sc after completion of their 10+2. B.Sc is an easy and most obvious career option for science students after 12th, but what after B.Sc is the question that makes the students confuse. B.Sc offers the bachelor’s degree in science, so students feel its better to stick to their core subjects. The students who don’t feel to study science more always can switch to any other subject for further studies. The fear of losing the knowledge of science is meaningless as whatever you read in the past help you in the future.

The students who are uncertain about their future after B.Sc can choose to study further or get a job. Here we will discuss both of the career options after B.Sc. Let’s start with the courses after B.Sc then we will move on jobs after B.Sc;

Courses after B.Sc

A master’s degree always helps the students to get a fair job offer. If we look at the bigger picture, the master’s degree offers more knowledge and develops other qualities in students. Students with a master’s degree always get preference on one with the bachelor’s degree. After B.Sc, you can continue your studies and get admission to the master’s degree and other diploma courses. Here have a look at the best courses to get admission after B.Sc;

1. Master in Computer Application (MCA)

The study of science makes the student logical, and this quality will help them in MCA. Master on computer application is a degree course offered by various universities. Students can get admission in this degree course through an entrance test or merit. The course duration is two years, and many colleges conduct the campus selection to help the students get a job after MCA.

BCA is the bachelor’s degree course for MCA, but you can get admission in it after B.Sc as well. MCA has become one of the most sought after course for those who love coding. The degree course needs your efforts and hard work. Once you become an expert in coding in any particular language or testing, a plethora of opportunities will open for you.

India has become an IT hub. Cities like Noida, Gugrugram, Banglore, Pune, and many others offer jobs and handsome salaries to the MCA pass outs. If you have completed your masters’ degree in computer application from a reputed university with flying colours, then chances of getting a good job will be high for you. So it is recommended that you choose a better college or university and focus on your studies as competition is high in IT and getting a job is not easy here. But once you get settled in a job, you can earn well.

2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The option to get enroll in MBA is also available for the science students after B.Sc. MBA is one of the most popular master’s degrees course. Though you have to put your efforts in this course to understand business administration’s concept, its difficulty level is less than MCA.

Students can choose any one of the specializations offered by the university to complete the MBA in it. A science student can also choose marketing as a core subject if he is interested in it. The job providing companies look at the job seekers’ calibre rather than his bachelor degree. B.Sc students can get a job in a hospital, labs, and science colleges after completing their masters in business administration and MBA pass-outs and getting the job based on their core subject in MBA.

MBA is a degree course, and its duration is two years. Most of the universities follow the semester education system in MBA. The best way to get admission in the course offered by a top business school is to take the CAT exam. The MBA pass-outs from the top universities get more preference in job offers. Moreover, the top universities also conduct the campus selection to cut-down the struggle of MBA pass-outs in starting their career. After MBA, creating a start-up or new business venture is also available for MBA students.

3. Master In Science (M.Sc)

One of the most obvious career option for science students after a B.Sc is M.Sc. A Master’s degree in science helps the science students to know the concept of their subject better. When a student reaches the master level, the study’s difficulty level increases, so if you are interested in continuing to study your topic, you should pick this option after B.Sc.

A few students get admission in M.Sc without thinking much about their career and future, but you must have a clear picture of your future when you take such a crucial decision. After M.Sc in science, the student can get a job as a teacher or subject expert. The option to continue further studies is also open for science students after earning a master’s degree in the subject.

M.Sc is a degree course, its duration is two years, and most universities offer this course to UG students. The admission in M.Sc is provided by the university mainly on a merit-based. You can opt for this option if you are interested in and keen to study science.

4. Bachelor in Education (B. Ed)

If you want to be a teacher, then you can get admission in B. Ed. To be a teacher is the minimum qualification that one must-have. Chose is course option after B.Sc if you can be a teacher and teach science to others. Good teachers are always in demand in government and public schools. To get a job in a government school, you will have to qualify TET as well, but for this first, you will have to pass B.Ed.

In B. Ed, the students learn about the techniques to teach the students. To get admission in this course, the students will have to clear the entrance exam conducted by different universities. Based on their rank in the exam, students gain access to B.Ed Colleges. The duration of the course is two years. To be a teacher now, it is a must to clear the teacher’s eligibility test, but B.Ed pass-outs also get the opportunities to be a teacher or staff member in private schools.

5. Machine Learning

Machine learning can be the next destination for science students after B.Sc. The demand for machine learning has increased in recent years, and based on experience; the salary gets high for this post. All the industries have applications that run on machine language, so having an ML experts team has become a must for almost all organizations. The companies that don’t have an ML team outsource their services, so chances to get an excellent and well-earning job is high after learning Machine Language.

You can get enroll in machine language learning courses. Many centers offer the certification course to the students in all the big cities. Now the option of participating in online machine language classes also open for the interested students.

The duration of machine language learning courses can be six months to one year based on the course syllabus. You can start with an introductory machine learning course and then get admission in advanced and deep learning specialization. It would be best if you had an open mind to learn the machine language. To start the ML learning, you use a free and open-source programming language such as Python. Considering the demand for ML experts, the future will be bright for those who have a good command of Machine language.

6. Data Science

After completing your B.Sc (IT) or in any other specialization, you can opt for Data Science courses. In recent years the youngsters have shown their interest in Data Science course. The demand for data scientists and the high salary offered to a data science expert make more people opt for this course after B.Sc. the best thing about this course is that you can enrol in it despite having no coding background. It makes the course available to all hence the popularity of the course has increased. At present, it is an emerging career option.

Many institutes offer certification courses in data science. Though students also get admission in this course after MCA or M.Sc (IT), it will help you after B.Sc. In data science course, the students get to know about the programming language, Machine language, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, Statistics & Optimisation, MySQL, Natural Language Processing, and many other topics; the course opens the door to many opportunities in IT.

7. Other Courses

After graduation with science, the students can get admission in a few other courses like hotel management, certification courses in tourism, certification courses in management, certification courses in nursing (for B.Sc Bio students), and many others. the certification courses after B.Sc helps to get a job. After completing the management certification course, the students can get a job in various fields. The duration of these courses can be 3 to 12 months depends on the syllabus of the course.

It would be better if the student picks a course that attracts him more and has a minimum of 6 months. In other course options for B.Sc students, a diploma course in veterinary nursing is also available. The course duration is two years, and after its completion, the student can get a government or private job.

Jobs after B.Sc

The science students who want to start their career after graduation also have many options. Depends on their core subjects in graduation, they can pick a job. Here have a look at the jobs available for the B.sc students after completion of their graduation;

· Teaching Jobs

The B.Sc pass-outs can start their career as a teacher by teaching their core subject. Now, most of the private schools also prefer a teacher with a B.Ed degree. As the science subject experts are not readily available, so many schools hire science graduates as faculty.

· Manager in Plantation

If you have done B, Sc in Agriculture, it will be easy for you to get a job as Asst Manager in a plantation centre. In tea plantations, Horticulture, Jute plantation, and many other plantations, a B.Sc degree holder can get a job.

· Lab Assistant

After B.Sc Chemistry or B.Sc MLT, you can give a start to your career from any lab as a lab assistant or lab technician. The starting salary for a lab technician can be 10-15 K, and the pay will increase with candidates’ experience.

· Banking

The graduate students can also prepare for the banking examination after B.Sc. For the PO post ion the banks, the minimum educational requirement is graduation. So you become eligible to get a PO job in the bank after completing your B.Sc.

· Army

The B.Sc (maths) pass out can also try for CDS. It is a common exam, and after clearing it, the aspirants will get training to be a part of the Indian armed forces. SSB conducts the CDS exam twice a year, and the exam is conducted offline. Only unmarried male candidates can participate in this examination. If you want to join the world’s best-armed forces, then CDS can be the perfect gateway for you.

· Government & Private Jobs

Graduation opens the door to many government and private jobs. After B.Sc, the students can take the SSC examination. Many other exams are conducted by different bodies to fulfil the state and central government’s vacancies. For most of the vacancies, graduation is the minimum required qualification. The B.Sc pass-outs can also get a job of their choice in the private sector.

Best Courses to Pursue After B.Sc

To conclude the article, if we talk about the best courses after B.Sc, we will only choose the masters courses. If a student can invest in the next two years of his education, he must go for master’s degree courses. A student can select the course based on his interest. MSc in any subject opens the door for P.hd, research work, and teaching job. An MBA graduate can earn in lakhs; MCA graduates

have a plethora of opportunities in India and other countries. B.Sc in professional courses offers various positions, and when the student complete the master’s, the job opportunities increase for them.

So take your time and decide wisely to get admission in any course after B.Sc. The article has covered most of the courses in which a B.Sc pass out can get admission. If a science student is not interested in continuing his studies, then he can choose anyone from the job options available for the B.Sc pass outs. To get an edge over others, we would suggest the B.Sc graduates take career counselling and then go ahead with a suitable job or course.

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