Career Options After MCA


MCA or Masters in Computer Application is a three-year post-graduation degree which has a lot of practical implementation in today’s technology-driven world. A person who has done MCA has a plethora of career choices. They are taught all concepts related to computers and Information Technology. They are specialized in database management, web development, various programming languages like java, c++, Android, PHP etc. and software and hardware designing.

There are various IT companies such as Infosys, Accenture, HCL, HP, TCS etc. who are keen on hiring young technicians and brilliant coders. Apart from these private firms, they have a lot of scope for getting a job in the government sector firms such as GAIL, BHEL, NTPC etc. In the beginning, the pay can be 3-5 lakhs per annum but gradually with more experience one has a set career and even can assume a Head role such as a General Manager, a Team Head or Project Manager.

Career options

Following are the career options in MCA

  1. Software Designer/Developer- The basic job of a software designer is to develop, test and run new software. This involves high technicality and also this is a job where one needs to be creative and innovative in his ideas because not all software today is a success, only those are in demand which is unique in appeal and approach.
  2. Web designer- The job of a web designer is to develop and design websites. Many firms out there are in the field of domain and website selling. One who has a proper knowledge of HTML or PHP can develop websites and also manage them for the clients. This also requires a blend of technical and creative mind.
  3. Technical Writers- This is a fascinating job that does not require your coding skills but is dependent on your language skills of writing. With the overgrowing technology savvy world, the common lot needs to understand every new benchmark. One who knows how it works can explain it better in a much more comprehensible language for the audience keeping the abstraction of details. All top selling magazines and journals do have a tech section and so they hire such degree holders as their technical writers.
  4. Troubleshooter-They are a very integral part of any hardware or software manufacturing company, they test them for any fault or bug and if found any, suggest ways to remove them.
  5. Software consultant- Consultancy involves evaluation of a business and provision of IT and software solutions and other types of feedbacks to boost the sales, growth, and efficiency of that firm.
  6. Hardware developer– This is a job for those who are specialized in the designing of hard disks, CPU namely the motherboard, IC and other circuital boards. Developing new peripheral devices such as printers and scanners is also a part of this job.
  7. Startup- Working in a startup to kick-start your career is fantastic option, it is also fine to start a new venture if you have the confidence in your skills and knowledge. Either you can go on to start your own IT solutions company or a hardware related firm.

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