10 Ways to Help you Choose a Career After Graduation

career option after graduation

Many students have their whole professional life planned itself while others may not even know the next step of their educational life. Nowadays, the biggest problem for such unknown students is what to choose as a career after graduation. This question may sometimes lead students to the most appropriate directions while others may get distracted by doing things that they don’t want to do in their career.

Therefore, it is important for the students to know exactly what they want to achieve and do after graduation otherwise their whole future life may become misery or regret. To stop this from happening, students should try and find actionable solutions to solve their career problems through various career guidance after graduation programs.

What after Graduation?

The students who have not planned their future have to think a lot about the scope after graduation and that too the ones that suit their interests and qualifications. They may sometimes have to struggle a lot for this and may have to find a lot of ways in which the same can be achieved.

Basically, many fields of study exist after graduation that can hold a position in the private or government sectors. But, to choose the best career option after graduation among the many options out there is surely a very disappointing and stressful task. However, with proper knowledge of where to apply and find information from, you can solve this problem too. The only thing is to find that way and work upon it properly and focused on the same.

Courses After Graduation

The following is a list of various courses that can be taken by the students after completing their graduation as a career and as a successful professional life-

  • Certification in Finance & Accounts:

This is a 3-4 years course that can be done aftergraduation by the students who are very good at accounts and finances. This course is especially for the students who have achieved their graduation degree in the Commerce field.

The various subjects included in this course are- auditing, financial accounting, business strategy, forensic accounting, and so on. The basics of all these subjects is accounting and therefore, students need to be well aware of the accounting basics of they want to go for this option as a course and career.

Many government jobs are also related to this course and the students who qualify these courses with flying colors can surely achieve one of those government jobs very easily.

  • M. Tech:

When you are searching for the best career after graduation options, M. Tech should definitely be on your list. Because of the amazingness of the same, it has attracted the attention of a lot of students and many of them are satisfied having it too.

The subjects included in this course are from the engineering viewpoint and that is why it can give great package benefits to the students who are determined to excel in the same. The subjects can be namely- mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, computer science, and engineering, etc.

This is a very stable and eligible course that can give you great career benefits in the future for sure.

  • PGD in Hotel Management:

The students who love to cook and want to pursue it as a career can definitely try going for a hotel management PGD course as an educational option. The subjects included in this course are- Human Resource Management, Food Production, Front Office Management, Beverage Operations, and many more.

There exists a wide scope of hotel management in today’s world as this is the age of restaurants and cafes and the awesomeness of the food in the same. So, the person who is really interested in this course can definitely try having a bright future with the same without any doubt about future opportunities in it.

  • Tally:

This is an accounting software course that teaches you to handle the accounts online and as a soft copy of the same. This course can be done by any person by visiting a proper computer class and this can be done in a time-span of around 6-7 months.

Tally has a wide scope in every field related to commerce and that is why the students who have passed out with a B. Com degree or want to pursue the same should definitely have this course done.

This course can give you great opportunities in the government sector as well and for this reason, this course should be your priority after 12th or graduation if you are related to the commerce field.

  • M. Com:

The students who have completed their B. Com can go for M. Com degree and get higher positions in the private as well as government sectors. The students who secure an M. Com degree have a huge scope of work and career in today’s rapidly growing economic and financial world and students should definitely take advantage of this situation for their better and bright future.

All the above courses can be considered as one of the best courses after graduation according to the interests and career focuses of the students respectively. The students can choose their loved fields according to their aspirations and aims and if they properly study and prepare for the same, then they would never get disappointed or regret their decision of choosing them in the first place.

Best Jobs, Scope, Salary, & Career Growth

The following list of career options is explained along with their specifications such as their scope in the world, the salary that people get after choosing them as a career, how people can grow their career in the respective fields, and so on. Having a close look at the same will greatly benefit the students and even the grown-up people for sure-

  • Principal Secretary:

Principal Secretary is a position that is held by the people in the State Government of India. Principal Secretary has a lot of great responsibilities to look upon and fulfill and this is surely a very strong and capable position.

The principal secretary works as an advising agent for even the Prime Minister and can handle the office works normally and at the time of emergency.

A Principal Secretary can get a promotional scope in very little time-span through the UPSC exams and can go on a much brighter and satisfying position too.

The basic salary of a Principal Secretary is around Rs. 1,82,000 per month and can increase according to the level of their position.

  • Assistant Commandants:

An Assistant Commandant is the one who can successfully lead a team of 150 people under them and can handle a lot of workings per day. The main job of the Commandant is to provide security to the Government establishments and keep a thorough check on that security from time-to-time.

An Assistant Commandant can get promoted to Deputy Commandant in a time-span of about 6-7 years. But, this time-span solely depends on the credibility and success rate of the respective Assistant Commandant.

The basic salary of an Assistant Commandant is around Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 1,00,000. This salary may rise very rapidly if a person achieves a position of DC in a short time-span than the usual one.

  • Different Engineering Posts:

As a government worker, a person can attain a lot of engineering posts and the salaries for all of these will surely be great in number right from the start. Some of such posts along with their salaries can be listed as-

  • Chemical Engineer:

The estimated salary of a Chemical Engineer is Rs. 5,15,700 per year that totals up to Rs. 42, 975 per month.

  • Agricultural Engineer:

The starting salary of an Agricultural Engineer is around Rs. 2,39,000 per year and this raises as the person reaches the mid & the superior level.

  • Aerospace Engineer:

Normal Aerospace Engineers earn around Rs. 1,07,000 per year while an IIT qualified Aerospace Engineer may earn about Rs. 15,00,000 per year.

  • Civil Engineer:

A civil engineer may get a starting package of Rs. 3,00,000 and this can also increase gradually.

All the above posts have a lot of scope in the future and solely depends on the capability of the person to do their work.

  • Tax Assistant:

A Tax Assistant is a person who performs all the basic and clerical work in a government office and has the responsibility to manage the paper and documentation work of the whole office.

The Tax Assistant basically manages the dispatching and preparation of reports such as Excise, Service Tax, etc. This basic work of the tax assistant needs a keen and deep vision into all the internal aspects of the government office that they work in and all this should be brilliantly handled by them for sure.

The salary of a Tax Assistant is around Rs. 36,000 per month and this is surely a great deal according to the position and work provided to them.

After considering all the above career or job options, it becomes clear to the people that they may have a lot of scope in the future after graduation only if they choose the right path for the same. Getting a successful career after graduation will no more remain a big deal for the students and they can come really bright from the same.

Government Job List

Below is a list of government jobs that can be applied by the candidates who have completed their graduation and are ready to take up the responsibilities necessary for the respective jobs or positions-

  • SBI PO:

SBI PO typically denotes State Bank of India Probationary Officer. This is a great position that gives a lot of opportunities to the people in the first place itself. If you are very good at aptitude and reasoning and are searching for the best career option after graduation, you should definitely go for this job.

This job holds a great position in the list of government jobs and many students are nowadays looking at it as the best career opportunity as well.

The estimated salary of SBI PO is Rs. 27,620 per month at the initial or training stage that lasts about 2 years from the date of joining.

  • IBPS Clerk:

The position of IBPS ( Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) Clerk is very proper and organized position. Many aspects need to be considered in particular if students choose this as their career option after graduation.

Students usually get to hear about this position in a lot of career guidance after graduation programs because it holds an unexceptionally important position in the world of government jobs.

The basic pay or salary of the IBPS Clerk is Rs. 11,765 per month and this salary gradually increases to become Rs. 22,000 in a very little time-span.

A lot of focus and determination is required to stand a position in the IBPS and if one gets this position, then they don’t have to worry about their career at all for their whole life.

  • Assistant Audit Officer:

This post comes under the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and holds a very valuable place in the list of government jobs. This job has a very high pay scale and the salary increase is also largely possible in the same.

The work of an Assistant Audit Officer is to assist the Senior Audit Officer in the various skillful and important audits and learn through it to get heavy and speedy promotions. The departmental audits of government offices need to be keenly observed by an Assistant Audit Officer so that no loop pole is left in the same.

The starting salary of an Assistant Audit Officer is from Rs. 47,600 to Rs. 1,51,100 per month.

  • NABARD Development Officer:

NABARD is top in the list of government jobs and is also actively mentioned in the career guidance after graduation sessions and seminars. The NABARD ( National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development) authorities release the examinations for an appropriate development officer for their institution and hold exams for the students to prove their calibre and potential. The students who have a good scope in Mathematics and Aptitude should definitely try to hold this position and get it by their determination and hard work.

The basic pay of a NABARD Development Officer is Rs. 14,650 per month and this slowly in a time-span of 2-4 years.

The above list specifies the most important government jobs with all their functions and necessities. The students who want to get a bright career can choose any of the best job after graduation from the ones mentioned above and work hard to achieve what they aspire for.

Wrap Up

By reading all the above information, students will not have to roam around searching for the perfect jobs or career after graduation as they will get good guidance on the same for sure. Students can also know the knowledge and aptitude required for these respective works and they can check whether they will enjoy doing this work or not.

Therefore, the above information is very appropriate for the people and they should definitely take to consider this if they want to have a successful career and education choice after graduation. These scopes and courses will arise enthusiasm in people and will also increase their level of interest to a great extent for sure. All the above courses and career options also have a recommendation in various career counselling for graduate student classes being held by many organizations.

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