10 Tips to Get your Dream Internship After Completing Your Graduation

internship after graduation

Internships after graduation are a powerful tool to improve the skill acquired in the graduation. Internships are great for pursuing students as well. They help in gaining in depth and practical knowledge of a particular domain. They add lot more value and weight to the resume. Internships need not always be in the field from which the student has graduated, it can also be done in a field that is completely new. It helps in learning new skills and expanding the horizons of the graduate.

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How to Get an Internship?

Given the modernisation and advancements in e-learning, man companies have opened up to online versions of internships. There are various ways in which the student can increase his chances of bagging his or her dream internship right after graduation.

  1. Stay active in student groups: Students from across the globe form groups online and offline. They are mostly based on area of interest, their geographical location, and also aspirations. Hence the student who is on the lookout for a dream internship is advised to stay active in a relevant group. Students from various backgrounds share important information and also provide access to certain internships that are otherwise not accessible.
  2. Know your specialization: Being confused is not a solution, so you must know what specialization you want to pursue your internship.
  3. Approach a career counsellor: Career counsellors help a great deal in making the students aware of various opportunities that are present in front of them. They also introduce him or her to different options and open up their mind to exploring new pathways. The assist and guide the student in designing an eventful professional life. They also provide contacts of iconic people from whom the student can derive confidence and inspiration. Their advice and assistance go a long way in creating a secure career path.
  4. Aggressive Networking is the key: Internships after graduation just like jobs demand lot of networking. Sending out copies of resumes to friends and family who are in the same field can make the process easier. Keeping in touch with seniors from college, people who have worked or interned with that particular company the student is looking to get into is extremely important. Many organisations recruit freshers as interns and also give them permanent employment given their work ethic matches with that of the institution. Hence most of the jobs get filled through this process which makes internships very crucial.
  5.  Internship Specific Resume: Resume writing is the most import part of internship hunting. Most of the students create one resume and use it for every job that he or she is applying for. This is not advised especially for a new graduate who is keenly interested in securing a career in a particular field. This demands a design of the resume that is exclusively done for that particular subject of internship.
  6. Taking up Paid resume writing services: There has been a rise in applications and websites that provide resume writing services for a price. These help in designing an authentic and attractive resume. Based the aims, requirement, and aspirations of the student these websites create a resume that is appealing to the eye and also very assuring to the employer. An efficient service provider in this aspect can make a huge difference in improving the prospects of internships and jobs of a graduate.
  7. Be open to travel abroad: Many global organisations look for interns who have freshly graduated. An internship with a reputed global institution especially in the field of humanities can change the trajectory of the career path immensely. Hence the students are advised to stay open to travelling abroad for internships. Companies in the country also have great inclination for students who have interned abroad. They believe such opportunities make the student very competitive and knowledgeable in that particular domain.
  8. Set goals: Well all the other steps are helpful only if you have a goal to achieve. Things become easy when you have goals to meet.
  9. Be ready to learn: Be willing to learn new things and new skills. Be open to work in teams, learn from others to survive in this competitive world.

10 Tips to Get the Dream Internship After Completing Your Graduation

  1. Always be open to explore ways to approach the desired internship.
  2. Stay a learner even after graduation. This is the most important trait that companies look for in their interns.
  3. Attentiveness is very impressive. Freshly graduated students are expected to be focused and attentive in their work and their overall career.
  4. Flexibility is very important. The employer finds flexibility in the work and timings of work very promising.
  5. Be interactive with people working in this field.
  6. Stay open to long term connection with the organisation.
  7. Develop and brush the required skill.
  8. Learn new one if the internship demands.
  9. Build a strong resume.
  10.  Concentrate on the learning and work that comes with the internship than the stipend that is being paid. Internships add great value to resume while applying for jobs in the future.

Many students opt for jobs right after graduation and do not take up internships. This can be due to the fact that very few companies offer stipend. However it does not take away the importance it adds to the future career opportunities. Internships can be of various kinds based on the work, platform etc. Irrespective of the kind, exploring different internships brings about change in overall attitude of the graduate making him or her more ready and confident for future endeavours.

Wrapping Up

Companies that plan to recruit employees look for people with work experience. Since fresh graduates do not have any kind of experience internships come in very handy. The can be considered to be training give in the particular field. This culture of internships has expanded widely across the globe. Now, every global organisation calls for interns who are willing to work in fields that are very challenging and competitive. These global institutions pay decent stipend keeping in mind the daily living standards of that particular city or country.

Hence the students advised to stay open to travel even to foreign countries for internships. Most of these countries and companies offer full time jobs after competition of the internship period. The importance and significance that internships after graduation have is reflected in many instances. Especially with the respect to the opportunities that students get after this period are very promising and helpful for better career graph.

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