Highest Paid Jobs in India for Freshers 2021: A Complete Guide

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The pandemic has taken a toll on every possible sector which led to reduced job creation in the economy. Apart from affecting the national economy, it led to a lot of financial distress among the middle and lower-middle-class of society. The situation of people below the poverty line is deplorable. Hence there is an increase in the number of students looking for high paying jobs than jobs that give satisfaction right after graduation.

Professions in the fields of Medicine, Data Analytics, some government services, software are some of the highest paying compared to jobs in other sectors. The process and strategy adopted for job search in 2021 need to be very different and concentrated. So, here is the list of the top 9 highest paying jobs in India for graduates of 2021.

Software Developers

Software developers are the most highly paid professionals owing to the skill they possess and the creative mind they have. They are also not adequately recognised though their contribution is immense to ease out our daily lives. Every website we use every new feature of the phones we have and also various other aspects of the digital life we live can be attributed to the work and effort of software developers. Though the country has huge number of software professionals, there are very less number of software developers per say.

They can work under a company or as a freelancer. Although companies pay heavily to software developers they can earn considerably more as a freelancer. Many companies from all across the world call out for freelance Software Developers and they are paid very generously.

Machine Learning Expert

Machine Learning Expert or Engineer is a professional who has adequate knowledge on Software developing along with Mathematical background with respect to coding. They are mostly involved in designing machine learning systems and developing deep learning systems. They also machine learning tests and experiments. They are also involved in developing advanced technologies and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Since these domains are very new to the world there are very few experts in it which makes it an extremely profitable in terms of salary. These professionals are also valued very much. These professions require a specific degree and there available only in selective educational Institutions.


This profession has been the one the most highly paid ones since pre-independence times. Graduates from reputed law colleges especially get heavy pack cheques in their early professional lives as lawyers or even as interns. Though it is a very stressful and a profession that demands a lot of time and hard work most of the lawyers get paid generously.  

After few years of years of practice in district or high courts they can choose to become judges of those courts by appearing for relevant exams. Magistrates or Judges of high courts get paid generously and also are given huge respect in the society. They also have special privileges that are absent for general public. These are some of the many perks that are present in jobs in government sector.

Merchant Navy Professionals

Merchant Navy professionals have a very tough job atmosphere and very unusual work surroundings. These working conditions in merchant navy justify the very high salaries they get paid. It is probably the only profession which pays its employee in lakhs in the initial stages of his career. Merchant Navy professionals are largely associated with trade of goods from one place to another; specifically with sea trade. Since most of the trade across the world happens through sea, naval sector has huge responsibility of conducting it smoothly.

 To become a Merchant navy professional one needs to finish his 12th grade with adequate marks in English and also having physics as a prerequisite. This profession demands one year of pre sail training and also on board training with certain examinations. The person applying for Merchant Navy should not be less than 25 years of age. All these unique qualities and the risk involved in this profession warrant such high salaries.

Data Scientist

Since the world has gradually turned into a data generating entity in the past few decades, analysing and studying this generated data has become a rewarding profession. Data Scientists are mostly associated with analysing the data from a particular domain and derive seemingly accurate conclusions. These conclusions help in understanding the situation and market related factors. The results of such study help in coming up with better problem solving mechanisms and techniques. The insights driven help in better business management and reap grater profits.

India is the second highest country to employee individuals in this field. Given the country’s rich human resource in the field of software and data managements companies are not hesitant to pay high salaries to these professionals.


Doctors are one of the most highly paid professionals not just in India but across the globe. The present COVID situation has made it all the more rewarding. Since studying medicine itself is a long drawn educational procedure doctors get high salaries in their initial days of practice itself. Doctors employed in the public sector also get paid very high almost on par with the doctors in private sector.

The profession is a crucial aspect of our everyday lives. A city without a health care centre or a hospital is considered underdeveloped. With the increasing number of health care services across the nation the profession has become very rewarding. It is one of the most secure and satisfying jobs one can get into.


Pilot is a trained individual who manages and operates the internal systems of an aircraft. They carry passengers and goods from one place to another. They undergo vigorous training and orientation to ensure safe flights. They are highly paid for the risk factor that comes along in the profession. There are different kinds of Pilots like passenger pilot, commercial pilot, goods pilot etc. Depending upon the choice made by the individual, the industry, and the aviation company the salary of the pilot is fixed. However most of the aviation companies that hire pilots pay heavy salaries. Compared to the other jobs that are present in the company the number of pilots that are hired a less. This makes it a very competitive profession and hence a highly paid one.

Civil Services

This is the most respected profession in the country. They are called the steel frame of the nation. They are the epicentre of administration of the country and overall development of the nation. Graduates who choose to take up this profession need to clear Civil Services examination. This examination is considered one of the toughest exams in the world. This profession comes with a lot of responsibility and duties to fulfil. With all the perks it has civil servants get paid on par with the private sector. The get regular pay hikes depending upon on years of service.

Charted Accountant

A Chartered Accountant is professional who maintains account of all the economic transactions of a company or an organisation. They also do the accounting for financial transaction for an individual as well. For one to become a charted accountant he or she needs to get through series of examinations at a time. Many aspirants take years to finish off the exam. This indicates the toughness of the exam which warrants high salaries. They pay scale for a charted accountant also depends on field of work, experience and skill he r she possesses. The starting pay for a charted accountant is around 5 to 6 lakhs per annum going till 30 lakhs depending upon experience and skill.

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How to get the highest-paid job in 2021:

  1. Training: Some of the above-mentioned jobs require training other than regular graduation. This makes it comfortable for a graduate who wants to switch stream after graduation and also get placed in a high paying job. The right kind of training is a powerful tool and sometimes it is valued more than a conventional degree from a university. It comes in very handy along with the skill he or she possesses.
  2. Career Counselling: Taking up career counselling helps in many ways. Career counsellors are trained individuals who make the graduate aware of the various opportunities that are present in front of him. They have knack for finding out talents every individual has. It is a prolonged process of discussions and deliberation after which the counsellor suggests the options one can pursue. They specifically help in finding contacts in the relevant field and engage in enriching conversations and exchange of ideas.
  3. Be a Learner for Life:  The most important quality the employer looks for in his or her employee is that the ability to learn and adapt to new systems and practices. A graduate is advised to not to shy away from learning new skills and competencies depending upon the changing needs of the world. Learning does not stop with graduation and it needs to be a lifestyle choice for a satisfying professional life.  The faster the graduate adapts to the ever changing nature of the world the better and eventful career he or she will have.
  4. Networking is the key: Of all the important tips one can get for getting placed in a rewarding profession, the most important one is networking. Networking is basically aggressively amplifying and pitching your burning desire to get into a particular stream with people who are already in it. This gives better chances of being employed in that stream. It ensures comfortable access and informed decision making.
  5. Increase your employability quotient: Employability is the ability of an individual to be placed in a desired job and be maintained in it for a significant period of time. Hence to be employed in high paying jobs in 2021 one is advised to increase his or her employability quotient. The ways in which it can be done is learning new skills, brushing up on the basics, staying open to change, being a learner even after finishing traditional education.
  6. Ready to work under pressure: High paying jobs come with their own share of pressure and heavy work load. The graduate needs to be ready to work and also be comfortable in it. Jobs that pay heavy salaries expect substantial amount of hard work or even more. The jobs which are considered profitable are rarely easy. One needs to hustle through it for a heavy pay cheque.

Will Career Counselling Help? If yes, how?

 Career Counselling is a great activity to take up for a newly graduated student for most of them are unaware of the market and business in the real world.  Since counsellors are trained individuals who are well versed with knowledge regarding career opportunities in various fields they give clear idea as to which is a better bet of all the available ones. Hence, Yes! Career counselling is a great way to go about with. Some of the ways in which it contributes to a better professional life are:

  1. Clears off doubts and confusion around a profession and was to get into it.
  2. Enlightens and opens up horizons
  3. Provides with crucial information about a particular job and the market around it.
  4. Makes the student aware of other similar job profiles.
  5. Ensures informed decision making.
  6. Builds confidence to take up a demanding and tough profession.
  7. Improves ability to interact and have meaningful conversations in professional space.
  8. Gives contacts to increase networking

All the above mentioned career options cater to individuals from different backgrounds. A better planning and execution of ideas result in a secure professional life. This also underlines the fact that money and pay scale is a great motivator and needs to be taken seriously along with other motivating and inspiring factors.

This year has been very tough for major section of the population and the economic and financial situation of families across the spectrum has taken a beating. In such situations financially securing jobs can get very competitive. The financial situation is likely to remain like this in the coming future hence the jobs opportunities are a better bet.

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