CA (Chartered Accountant) vs CS (Company Secretary): Which One is Better?


B.Com is one of the most trending courses after 10+2 and if you have chosen it then it is a smart move for your career. Commerce is considered as a professional and job oriented subject as it brings a plethora of opportunities.

CA (Chartered Accountant) vs CS (Company Secretary) are the two advanced courses that a commerce student can choose. Many students get confused about making the right choice between the two of them. So to clear their confusion and to help them in making the right decision, we have compiled this post.

From this post, the B.Com pass-outs can understand the difference between CA and CS, their scope and offered salaries after the completion of each course.


CA and CS both courses are ideal for B.Com pass outs. Both of the courses are certification courses and named after the international designation associated with them.  As both courses belong to commerce stream so it is obvious that students can get confused about what to chose and which one will suit them most.  

Both courses are different and offer different future opportunities to students. To choose the best course for you, you should know the differences between both certificate courses. So let’s know about the differences between CA and CS and compare them.

CA Vs CA: Differences

What is CA?

CA is the abbreviation of Charted Accountant. It is an international accounting credential that you earn by clearing the CA exam conducting by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). CAs are the expert accountants and they are responsible for the financial management of any company.

The important job responsibilities for a CA is as follows; financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance, business recovery, and insolvency.  CA course is one of the most esteemed and prestigious courses for commerce students in India.

What is CS?

CS is the abbreviation of Company Secretary. Earlier it was believed that CS is an easier exam in comparison of CA but now the whole scenario has changed. In the third module of CS, only 3 out of 100 candidates can get success. So CS is as difficult as CA.

CS has to act as the primary source of communication between the company and its shareholders. They are also responsible for just a little accounting work like reinvestments, payroll, insurance, etc. The main responsibility for a CS is to handle secretarial matters.

1.CA Vs CS: Job Responsibilities

CS is a qualitative course where the aspirant has to understand the corporate law whereas a CA needs more quantitative ability.  A CS is equally involved in management and accounting works but a CA is responsible only for accounting work. A CA needs good analytical skills and he should be good with numbers. CA can defend his client and act as a lawyer but a CS doesn’t have this authority.

 Overall if we compare CA and CS then we will find that a CA is more responsible for the accounts whereas a CS is more responsible about the implementation of policies and communication with the company and investors. The roles of CA and CS both are important for a company but a CA is more valuable asset for the company

2.CA Vs CS: Scope

As we mentioned above that CA is a prestigious course for Commerce students so this course has huge scope too for the aspirants.  Being a CA you have an option to join a corporate firm or to start your own CA firm. For a CS the only option is to join some corporate giant.  Government sector and public sector firms recruit qualified CA and CS on time to time.

Both CA and CS are international certification course but CS is more global than CA. Usually, people think that CAs keep roaming in MS excel and their work is limited up to the finance of any company but the reality is quite the opposite of it. CA of any company can be a part of the decision-making team, although it depends on the policies of the company and experience of CA. Company Secretary works like a legal adviser for legal matters for the company. 

3. CA Vs CS: Salary

CA and CS both have their own working domains but companies prefer CA for the accounting job than the CS. CA has much border scope and it needs more expertise so its pay scale is higher than CS.  An average salary for a CA is approx Rs 7.36 lakhs PA and for a CS it is approx 4.8 Lakhs PA.


A company needs both CA and CS. As a CA you need to prepare books and takes care of the financial health of the company and as a CS you will have to ensure that all compliance should be under companies act. So if you are good in accounts then go for CS and if you have good qualitative skills then pick CS.

Both courses need equal dedication so chose wisely. In case you need some more expert advice then feel free to write to us in the comment box below.

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