Careers After B.Com


If you are in high school at present and confused whether to choose commerce or not, or you are an intermediate student, who wants to pursue a career in commerce, or you have just completed your graduation but have no idea whatsoever, about which field is better for you. At this point you might be thinking, what to do? So, we have put up a list of career options you can pursue after B.Com.

Chartered accountancy or company secretary-
It is one of the most popular career option to choose nowadays among commerce students. With chartered accountancy you can have a career in public limited company, banking (either government or private), finance company, auditing firms, etc.

After graduating from B.Com, banking is considered to be one of the most common career option. If you want to improve your career option in banking, an MBA degree can help. A banker should have good interactive and communication skill, good in sales and marketing knowledge, etc.

Government jobs-
The best thing about government job is job security, and this is the main the reason why government jobs are the popular choice in India. Government jobs provide great pay, rigid working hours, and benefits like, travelling and medical expense, loans, and lots of holidays, etc.

Human resource development management-
After completing a graduation from B.Com, one can also pursue masters in human resource management. The different career option in HR are – labour relations specialist, training and development management, HR specialist, etc.

Legal advisor-
You can get a career in law by pursuing bachelor’s law degree (LLB), after graduating B.Com with at least 50% percent. LLB helps you to get a career in the legal field and also helps you to gain experience in the profession and skills required to become a lawyer.

Tax consultant-
While studying B.Com you also gain knowledge about taxation. So after B.Com you can even work at a firm as a tax consultant, then gain experience and work independently or even start your own firm.

An auditor is a position above an accountant, under auditing you have to check financial statements and accounting ledgers of firms/companies. As an auditor you can have several clients instead of one, and you can either work in an auditing firm or start your own firm.

Finance consultant
While studying for B.Com you learn a lot about business environment and different economic states of a business, or a country. As a financial consultant you can advise and guide firms what is better to do for future planning, and help firms to face an issue, find a solution to financial problems.

After graduating you can either pursue M.Com or B.Ed., or choose a career in teaching. You can work as a lecturer in college or universities.

After B.Com you can either collaborate with a group of people who are starting a small-scale business or even individually. While studying for B.Com you have a better knowledge of how to grow and expand your business rapidly and easily.

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