B.COM Vs B.COM (HONS.): The Names You know, The Differences You Don’t !

B.Com vs B.Com hons.
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Moving from school to college still is one of the biggest shift in the life of the students. While they leave behind their favorite school, city and their family moving to their college for their higher studies the chaos, confusion and anxiety that follow can be clearly seen on the long grim faces. While the pain and sorrow of leaving everything behind is real, the dilemma of making a career choice is still the toughest.

Considering this dilemma, that every student who wishes to take up commerce as a career option faces at least once in his/her life, in this blog we are going to talk about B.Com and B.com (Hons.)and will provide you with enough points which will certainly help you analyze the differences between the two and will convince you about what course you should opt for and why. As we proceed further in this blog, we are going to cover:-

With new courses with similar nomenclature being offered every year and the wide range of career options waiting ahead, the students have a tough time deciding which course to pursue and why?

Career Options in The Field of Commerce

Talking specifically about the career options in the field of Commerce, B.Com and B.Com (Hons.) are the most popular career options after class 12th. While both the programmes may look alike considering their nomenclature, the course curriculum and the scope that each of them offers is quite different. Although the field of study for both the courses remain almost the same, they are different considering the approach of learning, values in the market and the opportunities that they offer.

Unsure about why the cut-offs for one remain slightly low over the other, why most of the colleges offer only B.Com (Hons.) course and what each of these courses has to offer, a student generally gets confused between the two and has a tough time deciding which one to go for and why!

So let’s start building our foundation blocks, by taking a look at:-

B.com and B.com (Hons.) – What Are They?

While both of these courses introduce you to the field of commerce and teach subjects that together make up the commerce stream, they are quite different from one another.

What is B.Com?

B.com (popularly known as Bachelor of Commerce) just gives a glimpse of the subjects and do not teach the topics in detail. It provides a general idea to the students about all the fields and opportunities available in the domain of commerce and do not allow them to specialize in a particular field. It is mostly preferred by those students who are willing to start their career in the field of commerce or have not undertaken mathematics in their +2.

What is B.Com (Hons.)?

B.Com( Hons.) (popularly known as Bachelor of Commerce ( Honor’s) ) provides in depth knowledge about each and every topic. It deals with all the subjects in greater detail and also allows students to specialize in the area of their interest. It is mostly preferred by those students who have undertaken mathematics in their +2 and have achieved a decent score in the subject.


Now that you have an idea about what both of these courses has to offer, let’s take a look at:-

B.com Vs B.com (Hons.): The Differences You Don’t Know!

While both of them are a 3 year programme offered to the students who are interested in the field of commerce at the undergraduate level, they are quite different. Take a look at the comparison table below to understand the differences between the two which will help you to decide which course you should go for and why.

Basis B.Com B.Com (Hons.)
Meaning The course curriculum gives an overview of all the subjects to be studied in this field. The course curriculum gives in depth knowledge about each and every subject to be studied in this field.  
Specialization The course curriculum does not allow students to specialize in a specific subject of their interest. The course curriculum allows the students to specialize in the subject or field of their interest. For e.g.-  A students can chose to specialize in Accountancy or economics in the final year of the studies.  
Cut-offs The cut-offs for the B.Com course is slightly low as compared to the B.com (Hons.) Course.   The cut-offs for the B.Com (Hons.) Course is comparatively higher.
Offerings Most of the reputed colleges do not offer B.Com courses. Almost every college offers B.Com (Hons.) Course.  
Scope and Market Value The scope for B.Com Course is very narrow as the course is not valued much in the business industry until the students go for a PG course such as MBA, M.Com etc. The scope for the B.Com (Hons.) Course if comparatively broad. Being a specialization course, it is highly valued by the experts in the industry.  
Jobs And Salaries Although the job opportunities are available to the students who have pursued B.Com course, the salary that they are offered is not very attractive. Traditionally, they are expected to receive approx. 14,000-20,000 for a month after successfully completing the course. The salary packages offered to the graduates who have pursued B.Com (Hons.) Is quite attractive. Traditionally, they are expected to earn 25,000-40,000 a month due to high market demand.

With this difference being clearly discussed, it would help you make a wise choice.


Summarizing it up, all I would like to say is one should take a close look at each of them before making their final call. The career that you are going to pursue today will probably decide where you are going to head in the future and thus you should clearly know your reason why. Do your research, keep it simple and focus on what cannot lie, The Facts!

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