Commerce After 10th? Is it a Good Choice?

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Class 10th is a turning point in the students’ life. The Indian education system wants the students to choose a stream for further education after 10th. Students have to choose one from three courses after 10th; Humanities, Science and Commerce stream. In recent years it has been observed that more students are showing interest in picking commerce subjects. Commerce stream opens the door to many opportunities to the students after 12th. In career counselling after 12th commerce, students get more career options. Finance is the base of the world economy, so the demand for finance experts is always in the market.

Commerce stream subjects give knowledge and sense to students to handle finance-related work. The commerce stream is considered a job oriented one student can choose it after 10th without any doubt. In present time commerce is the best stream for the students, but still, students don’t acknowledge it as science. Science stream demands longer study time and most importantly, interest in science subjects. The difficulty level in the study of science increases after 12th. On the other hand, commerce stream offers a vast arena of career options. So it is has become an obvious choice of courses after 10th.

If you are confused about the scope of commerce, then you will not have to worry much. The stream opens a plethora of opportunities for its students. Confusion is common in students after 10th. Here we will help them out and discuss why they should choose commerce after 10th.

Why choose commerce after 10th?

Students feel that choosing a stream after 12th is pressure, but if they look at a broader perspective, they will find it an opportunity to grow in the field that suits them better. Science, humanities, and commerce have their career benefits, and students are free to pick anyone based on their interest.

Commerce stream has become a preferred stream for the students after 10th. The subjects in this stream prepare the students for job and business. It gives clarity on how the finance rotates in the market and business runs. After 12th in commerce, the students get plenty of career options. The study of commerce in school time creates a base for B. Com, CA or CS. After completing any of the mentioned studies, the students get good-paying jobs. The subject also prepares a student to run his business.

The general perception for commerce is that the students with average marks in class 10th pick this stream. But like all other streams, the students must have some aptitude and skill sets to understand commerce stream subjects. In the absence of the required skills, the study of the subject will be more difficult for the students. It’s hard to survive in the commerce stream if you could not do lengthy calculations. So it is advisable to first discuss with a career counsellor and understand your aptitude then chose a stream.

If you love to start your business or have a good understanding of profit & loss and banking affairs, you can have your career in commerce-related fields. The main aim of education in India has become to offer a finically stable career. SO the students must want to know about the career opportunities and scope in commerce. The article will help the students to gauge the scope and opportunities in commerce after 10th. So let’s start with the most basic information about the stream;

What is Commerce?

Students study arts, literature, science and maths till 10th and after clearing this stage, they get to know about commerce, a completely new subject. Most of the students want to see the course’s difficulty level, and few pick it as escape way from Maths or Science Stream. A few students want to enter in commerce field because of peer pressure. And rest know the scope of commerce and consider it best for them.

The students from the last category are ideal for our education system, and they will surely end up with a high paying job and successful career. The students must understand the stream and career opportunities related to it before picking it for further education. Let’s understand what commerce is and scope of career in this subject;

Commerce is a stream of education that define the business and marketing to the students. The subject is for 10th pass out students to understand the complexity of business and other activities related to it. It elaborates how the goods and services reach from manufacturers to the final user. The flow of cash in the market, different taxes and exchange of commodities are the topics on which commerce’s syllabus is based.  

The main three commerce stream subjects in 11th and 12th are Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics. Once you understand the three issues, commerce will be effortless for you, and you will not find any problem in implementing your knowledge at the workplace. The aptitude to pick commerce stream after 10th is to have an interest in these three subjects. If you find economy and accountancy boring, it will be difficult for you to survive in this stream. Still marks play an essential role in the Indian education system, so take your time before coming to any conclusion.  

Why commerce after 10th?

Every student must ask this question to them before making their mind on picking any stream in 11th. When you ask why you want to choose this particular subject, then you evaluate your skills. If you are thinking to get an entry in commerce stream after 10th then first check why you want to do so. If your best friend is picking commerce for further studies or your elder sibling is doing well in this subject, don’t pick it. You must have your reasons and dreams to which commerce can support. Here we will tell you a few reasons to select commerce after 10th, and if you connect with any of the reason given here then it is your stream;

  1. If you want to have a professional career and want to grab a job as soon as possible, commerce is for you. Commerce stream offers job oriented subjects and makes you capable of accepting a trainee accountant job after 12th. Some courses like tally can make you eligible to get an entry-level position after 12th.
  2. If you want to know what GDP is and how the country’s economy works, you must pick commerce. The subject teaches about the economy in detail. You understand how it runs and what the factors that affect a country’s economy.
  3. If your dream is to have a business, commerce will tell you the marketing and business facts. In 11th and 12th you will understand the basics of these.
  4. Marketing is a well-paying job sector and if you want to enter in it then pick commerce after 10th. Though in 11th and 12th, you will not be taught anything much related to business marketing it available content will create a base for you.
  5. MBA is one of the most preferred master degrees, and commerce students do it to get a better job or more clarity to business management. If you too find MBA id your cup of tea, then pick commerce without any hesitation.  
  6. If you are curious to know if a company is in profit or loss and find business calculation interesting, then go ahead with commerce after 12th.

List of Subject for Commerce

Commerce stream is all about the trade, business and exchange of commodities and services. Students that pick commerce will have to study Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, and Statistics. Apart from the mentioned subjects, the students will also have to study common subjects like Information Practices or English, Mathematics and any one optional subject (PT). Here have a quick look at the subjects of commerce in 11th and 12th.

· Accountancy

In accountancy, the students learn how to record the trade transitions in business. Allocating and outlining every transition is taught in this subject. A correct record of business transitions will help the management to understand financial outcomes. Accuracy is the key to have a good grasp on this subject.

· Business Studies

Business Studies or BS is an essential subject for commerce students introduced to them in the 11th standard. The academic subject teaches how a business cycle works, including organizing, planning, executing the plan, supply and customer satisfaction. The subject has finance, accounts and marketing as its essential aspects. The business studies create a skill to make an informed decision in day to day business.

· Economics

Economics is all about the production, distribution and consumption of goods. Here the students learn about the shortage of goods and their utilization. Economics helps the people to know how the government, organization and an individual make financial decision to achieve their desire and goals.

· Informatics Practices

Considering the interfere of technology and computers in every field, the education boards have given the option of informatics practices. In this subject, the students learn about software related researches. The students understand software and hardware concepts and other technology-related topics in this stream.

· Mathematics

You cannot think of commerce without mathematics. The basic knowledge of mathematics principles helps commerce students in financial calculations. The subject helps in accounting, financial reporting, inventory management, marketing and other aspects of the finance department.   

· Statistics for Economics

Statistics is the study of numbers and statistics for the economy. It helps the students to understand different economic theories. The subject teaches the necessary calculation and functional relationship in variables. The students use the knowledge of this subject when they are to make a comparison in facts.

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

As we stated above, commerce is a job-oriented stream that prepares students for the job and office environment much earlier than other streams. After 12th commerce, students have many options to continue their further studies in professional courses. The students can also get a job after 12th, but it is not advisable as the more education you will get a more stable career you will have. Here are the professional courses in which you can pursue after 12th commerce;

· Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

B.Com is an obvious choice after 12th for the commerce students. The duration of the course is three years during the time students understand commerce more deeply. creates the base for and various jobs available after this degree course. Commerce graduates are in demand in both the public and private sectors. After graduation, students can enrol multiple other professional certificate courses after B. Com, MBA is another best option for commerce graduates to complete their further studies and get a better job.

· Chartered Accountant (CA)

One of the most reputed and high paying career for commerce students is a Chartered Accountant. Commerce students can enrol in CA after 12th. CA is a three-level program that includes; CPT (Common Proficiency Test), IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course) and FC (Final Course). On completion of the course, the student becomes a member of ICAI. A professional charted accountant plays a vital role in the finance department of any private or government organization.

· Company Secretary Program (CS)

CS is another career option for the commerce students that they can pick after 12th. The CS profile is also essential in the finance department of all different types of companies. According to the rules, every company must have a CS, so career opportunities are good. ICSE (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) is the responsible authority to conduct the CS exam. CS exam has the following three levels; Foundation Course, Intermediate/Executive Course and Final/Professional Course. After CS, the student will have to complete 15 months of training as an associate company secretary.

· Cost Management Accountant (CMA)

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) has a Cost Management Accountant course for commerce students to understand the cost accountant’s responsibility. CMAs are more in demand in private sectors, whereas they are also required in different government offices. The CMA course has three stages; CMA Foundation, CMA Intermediate and CMA Final. CMA is well accepted on international platforms also, so you have the option to work overseas as well.

Types of Courses After 10th 

After 10th students will have to choose a stream or course in which they can have their career. Generally, students have the following options after 10th;

  • Further Studies (11th and 12th)
  • Diploma in Engineering 
  • ITI 
  • Vocational & Certificate courses

 FAQs on Commerce

The most asked questions that students seek answers for are listed here.

Q.1 Why should I give preference to commerce over science stream?

Ans. You should choose a course based on your interest. If you don’t like science but still prefer it for a better career, commerce also offers a fair and financially stable career.

Q.2 What are the career options for commerce students after 12th apart of B. Com?

Ans. CA, CS, BBA, CMS are the other career choices that you can choose after 12th.

Q.3 Are CA and CS both the only repute course for commerce students after 12th?

Ans. No, they not the just two career options for the commerce students. Commerce students can pick entrepreneurship as a career option. The finance department is vital for all the organizations, and all position in this are reputed ones.

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