Career in Hotel Management, Future Scope, Salary & Opportunities in 2021

Hotel Management

For the people who are on the verge of deciding to choose the path of the career, maybe already exploring all the possible options. Here is one more bright opportunity for those people. A career in hotel management is very exciting. We all have some time visited one of the best hotels in our town as per our standards. What we see around is mind-blowing. The well-trained waiters, the ambiance of the dining hall, and overall design make us wonder how all this is maintained?

We feel like we are VIP’s due to the warm welcome and politeness of the staff. However, there is a lot of hard work and a disciplined system behind this that works to make it all successful. For the people who want to become a part of it needs to have some research and understand what you need to do.

Hotel Industry

The hotel industry carries a lot of branches as it is not just about providing people food and accommodation to guests. Designers, furnishers, chefs, management experts, and others put their efforts behind this and the outcome is what we see. The jobs in hotel management are two-faced of which we see only the pleasant side. The other one always remains hidden and it can be sad, happy, anxious, depressed, or anything which we cannot see. Welcome to the hotel industry.

A career in hotel industry has to be planned properly based on your interest and specialty. If you are good in accounts you can become accounts manager, if you are good in conversation you can become hotel manager, and so on. You can choose one of the various certificate courses while you are doing your graduation. Some courses can be done after the 12th also. It depends on what you desire to be in the hotel industry. If you want to confirm the admission for hotel management, you need to pass the exam which consists of English, Reasoning, General Science, and General Knowledge related multiple-choice questions.

A career in hotel management is exciting but also tedious. The duty hours can be 12 hours compulsory at many places but the perks may be great. Also, you may get many peripheral facilities like laundry and food may be free. Apart from that, however, one needs to be very presentable all the time which is again a much difficult task to do as everyone has personal life with issues.

What is hotel management and how it helps a person to grow?

All the aspects of the hotel industry come under hotel management so in a way, it is about the management of anything related to hotels including catering, marketing, hotel administration, accounts, and even housekeeping. The hotel management concept dates as back as the 17th century when it started in America as the guest were willing to pay more for better services than just accommodation. As the business started growing, the concept of hotels for food for locals, also grew substantially and the restaurants came into the picture.

A career in hotel management after graduation plus a good experience may allow you to work as a hotel manager. The aspirants of hotel management career have to be good in communication, sense of humor, and pleasing personality. The body language should be positive and confident and not dull and lazy type. To understand the opportunities on offer in hotel management we need to know the basic sectors of hotel management.

Food and Beverage Service (F&B) – This involves the food and drinks service provided to the guests or customers in an articulated manner. The ways are many and the current ones must be picked up.

Front Office – Art of meeting and greeting guests, arranging their accommodation, is helping guests in need from their check-in to check out of the hotel.

Housekeeping – The rooms where guests are located must be in a very pleasant manner and guests must feel comfortable with the great environment of the room and hotel overall. The housekeeping section takes care of this.

Go-Forward of the Hotel Industry?

If we think about the future of the hotel management industry, the period of pandemic has pulled all businesses backward by 2-3 years. Everything was at a standstill with all the countries borders sealed, people forced to lock in their houses, and every street vacant. What is on offer next then? How the world is going to cope up with this huge loss in the economy? Many questions are there which will be answered only in the future. Going forward, with the collapse of the economy rate, it is going to be a tough challenge to manage the businesses with many people already laid off during the lockdown period itself.

With the restart of life post-pandemic, it is expected that the world will move slow and cautious preferring life over money. Hotel management career aspirants will face a lot of challenges as most of the hotels have opted to lay off almost 50 percent of the staff considering this slow start in business. The number of flights is less, the trains are not running with full strengths, and many hurdles are impacting the hotel business very badly. Only those who can’t avoid traveling are on the move and the rest others are watching.

However, a lot of efforts are made to assure the guest of the safe environment with all precautionary measures applied in each of the hotel rooms. The digital world is going to set up the momentum leading to cashless and touch-free transactions. This is going to result in a need for a new team which can carry out all this on behalf of the hotels or for the hotels.   

Career Scenario Post-Pandemic

The structure of the hotel management industry might change its shape, giving rise to some new requirements against scrapping of some old ones. For example, the hotel management may need a sanitation specialist on their board apart from the housekeeping team. Therefore jobs after hotel management may take some turn. There may be a replacement of housekeeping manager with sanitation specialist as the latter can also gain the skills of previous along with his specialty. People won’t mind doing it because of the shortage of jobs.

Talking about the future of hotel management in 2021 and beyond, there are a lot of trends developing right now and the list is getting additions too. Let us see what those trends are and what is need to do –

  1. Sustainability, futures for the hotels – As per the indications, the millennials are likely to support the brands that give more importance to the social and environmental issues. The demand that the hotels go green is on a high. The brands who understand this change in need are more likely to sustain in their business and successfully if they can communicate their new adaption.
  2. Thinking globally is the key – The current generation will be longing to explore new destinations which will give a boost to the upcoming business of the hotel industry. This will also make way to partially provide the unemployed youth, the new jobs. The diversification of the hotel sector is underlined and it will be seen in the coming 5 years or so.
  3. Old worries are the inspirations now – With Century 21, making Airbnb an official partner in the real estate and selling of houses, will give a whole new direction to this industry. Airbnb and similar were considered a threat to hoteliers, however, they made way for the improvement in the services of the hotels in a manner to compete with them. This has given a new field of home shares to hoteliers too as they venture into this field smelling the profitable business opportunity.
  4. Peak of the demand is yet to come – The relative period of slowdown in 2020 will be mild and is predicted to end in 2022, therefore the hotel industry needs to gear up for the peak of demand beyond that. There would be exponential growth in the next three years from 2022. Hotels need to take this slog period as the opportunity to renovate and reinvest if possible, considering the positive future hospitality trends.

Hotel management industries are used to all these adverse conditions arising periodically, however, the current phase was much longer and wrecking. If the money is not rolling, one knows how it is difficult to manage the show. The rates will go higher for all the things compelling in the increase in rates of guest rooms. This can affect adversely if the hike is not planned properly. A customer wants to know what the hike is against and the hotel management must be able to convince him.

In the future, a career in hotel management will largely depend on the skills of the presenter. Here we will discuss some scope in the hotel management career and what one needs to do to get the entry.

Career scope after hotel management courses

The hotel management and the hospitality industry offer great career opportunities in India and the international market as well. India, being one of the most desired destinations in the world saw very rapid growth over the last few years. International, as well as domestic travelers, are increasing day-by-day. This is very encouraging for the hotel owners and the aspirants. 

Understand the purpose of a career in hotel management

A career in hotel management is lucrative but one must understand the purpose of pursuing it as a career. Hotel management is more about practical knowledge or training to become successful. Know why to pursue a hotel management career –

  • The theoretical knowledge will help you give a strong base but you need to implement it practically and that is more important.
  • You can be successful if you learn to the fullest from all the practical trainings you will be offered during the courses.
  • Try to get a degree in hotel management.
  • The opportunities for higher studies like Masters or PhD open up after completing the hotel management course.
  • The course polishes you for communication skill development and personality development.

Opportunities for job after hotel management courses

The hotel industry offers a good job opportunity once you complete the degree or certificate course in hotel management. Apart from India the countries like UAE, New Zealand, USA where the hotel industries are grown well, may open the door for you. A good candidate with great academic background and personality can grab the opportunities at hand. The territories where you can get a job are several –

  • Resorts/Hotels/Spa – Great sectors for getting the experience with a diverse range of operations. Hotels prefer fresher as trainees than any other fields.
  • Bars/Restaurants/Clubs – Most of these recruit properly trained graduates s their staff and managers. The salaries are lower if the employer hotel is not of top-class or known chains.
  • In-Flight/Airline Kitchens – In terms of pay scale, this is a good sector and it will also provide you other than airline kitchen services opportunity. Most of the hospitality graduates, diploma or certificate holders are recruited by the airlines.
  • Cruise Liners – The best for the fresher to choose with handsome salary and tour to different destinations on offer. Though it is a 24*7 service to the people who are on vacation or having parties, it allows you to have a glimpse of a lavish lifestyle. Youngblood recruits can serve and enjoy this job together at once.
  • Fast Food Chains – With widely developing chains of fast-food restaurants, this is a golden opportunity for the aspirants for a career in hotel management. With their wings spread now across even in the small towns and villages, they hunt for good local manpower who can serve best with the tinge of local taste.
  • Catering in the Indian Navy and Army Services – There are opportunities in the defense field of India in the naval and land sector related to hospitality and catering services. The army needs diploma or certificate holders in hotel management and catering whereas the navy posts are open to candidates with 10th standard completion.

List of top companies offering career in hotel management

The recruiter’s list of known players in hotel management is astonishing and they offer lucrative salaries and perks for great candidature. Apart from the below top-rated names, there are several hoteliers who can identify the talent and offer a good opportunity. One can use medium-scale hotels to gain the much-needed experience to later go on for the bigger job in major players.

  • Oberoi Group of Hotels
  • Taj Group of Hotels
  • ITC Group of Hotels
  • Tulip Star Group of Hotels
  • ITDC Group of Hotels
  • Best Western Group of Hotels
  • Ambassador Group of Hotels
  • Casino Group of Hotels
  • Le Meridien Group of Hotels
  • Mansingh Group of Hotels
  • Fortune Park Group of Hotels
  • K Raheja Group of Hotels
  • Jaypee Group of Hotels
  • Welcome Heritage Group of Hotels
  • Sinclair Group of Hotels
  • Peerless Group of Hotels
  • Holiday Inn Group f Hotels
  • Sarovar Park Group of Hotels

These top players will not only provide you a good salary but also lead you to become a noble person with a great personality. The experience is the biggest teacher like they say, will let you become successful as well as lift your average standards in general.

Salary structures

If you are fully eligible for the job and hotel management career, you will be entitled to get the salary as per the below structure based on the category you fit in. The salary ranges from entry to senior level and average salary and the numbers are tentative.

  1. Chef – Rs 2 to 6 lakh with an average salary of Rs 3 lakh per annum
  2. Sous Chef – Rs 3.5 to 10 lakh with an average salary of Rs 4.5 lakh per annum
  3. Executive/Head Chef – Rs 5 to 20 lakh with an average salary of Rs 9 lakh per annum
  4. General Manager – Rs 7.25 to 14.75 lakh with an average salary of Rs 12.2 lakh
  5. Front Office Manager – Rs 2.45 to 4.9 lakh with an average salary of Rs 3 lakh
  6. Food and Beverage Manager – Rs 3.6 to 6.75 lakh with an average salary of Rs 5.55 lakh
  7. Rooms Division Manager – Rs 7.5 to 16 lakh with an average salary of Rs 10.5 lakh
  8. Catering Manager – Rs 3.5 to 8 lakh with an average salary of Rs 4.95 lakh
  9. Event Manager – Rs 3.1 to 6.6 lakh with an average salary of Rs 5 lakh
  10. Bartender – Rs 1.75 to 4.8 lakh with an average salary of Rs 3 lakh
  11. Tourist Guide – Rs 2.5 to 4.5 lakh with an average salary of Rs 3 lakh
  12. Airline Ticketing Agent – Rs 2.25 to 4.5 lakh with an average salary of Rs 3 lakh
  13. Travel Agent – Rs 1.85 to 3.97 lakh with an average salary of Rs 2.8 lakh

Based on the above earlier salaries, one can be assured that though the period is tough, it is going to boom once again with the travel and tourism sector already starting the operations with the changing new norms of social distancing and wearing masks.

Wrapping Up

Despite the pandemic, the aspirant can let themselves boost up for the new assignments as along with the tourism, they are going to get thumbs up in the recent period. Come 5th year from now and you will see how the growth has become rapid and diversified to the unexplored corners of the world. All people are and will be travelers by origin and it is never going to stop albeit with some hurdles on its way.

Whether you are in India or outside the trend will be always upward and encouraging. After all, life is to live, and living without joy has no meaning. Therefore do not hesitate to dream and do not stop trying to fulfill the dreams.    

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