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Class 10th certainly is memorable in everyone’s life. Looking back at time, I realize how the best phase of childhood has passed by. With zero worries, doubts and anxieties, we enjoy and play innocently with our friends, totally unaware of the huge responsibilities that awaits.

Class 10thremains the most valuable year of our school life where we not only enjoy the most before separating from our school and our beloved friends, but also feel the heat of boards exams. On top of it, the lingering unanswered question of what to do after 10th haunts us followed with uninvited stress and anxiety.

After 10th,you need to decide and opt the course which you want to study further. The decision that you make at this point is very crucial as it not only shapes your life but also is the first step towards your dream career. However, with numerous courses after 10th available for students, finding the right course to pursue which suits, excites and inspires you is like looking for a needle in haystack and this is why career guidance after 10this important.

To help you save yourself from drowning into the pool of stress, anxiety and confusion, all of which caused due to prolonged fussing over what next after 10th, here in this blog we are going to provide you the list of best courses after 10ththat you can surely consider before making the right choice.

Key highlights of the blog are :-

  • What To Choose After 10th?
  • Courses List After 10th
  • Science Stream
  • Commerce Stream
  • Arts Stream
  • Engineering Diploma Courses
  • ITI Courses
  • Certification Courses
  • Professional Courses
  • How To Make The Right Career Choice?
  • The Bottom Line

What To Choose After Class 10th?

While class 10th certainly is the best period of school life, it is also true that during this time, students remain engrossed in enjoying themselves and preparing for the board’s exams that they really don’t have any time left to ponder upon the long list of after 10th courses that they need to choose from after 10th. On top of it, lack of open discussion, support and guidance from teachers and parents on what to do after 10th, it is natural for the students to feel doubtful while choosing from the wide range of courses after 10thleading them into an endless loop of anxiety, stress and confusion.

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List of Courses After 10th

Right from opting and studying the traditional courses and grabbing a decent job 5-6 years down the line, to pursuing your passion and turning it into your profession, numerous opportunities are open to students after class 10th.  However, lack of proper guidance can turn this boon into bane and can drown them into their own pool of doubt, confusion and anxiety.

To help you in this regard and save you from pondering over what to do after 10th, here is our list of best courses after 10th class that you can pursue.

  • Science Stream

Science Stream is one of the popular streams that most students opt for after class 10th. Students pursuing this stream generally become engineers, doctors, pilots, nurses, chemists, pilots and much more. Also, this stream offers them a prestigious opportunity to join the coveted Indian Air Force and Indian Navy after class 12th, thereby making it a top pick for students.

The stream is divided into two groups.

  • Group I includes Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as core subjects and any two out of English, Information Technology/Computer Science or Physical Education as supplementary subjects.

Students aspiring to become engineers mostly join this group.

  • Group II includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology as Core Subjects and any two out of English, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology and Physical Education as supplementary subjects.

Students aspiring to become doctors, nurses in general and healthcare professionals, in particular, join this group.

The plethora of opportunities that the stream provides to its students hook the interest of all the students and over time has made it one of the most popular courses that students pursue after class 10th.

  • Commerce Stream

For students who lack interest in science and want to earn their name and fame in the corporate sector, the Commerce Stream is the perfect course one should opt after 10th.

The stream covers the subjects such as Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, English, Computer Science or Information Technology and lays the foundation at the beginning which helps the students to develop their understanding on each of these domains. Later, with time, the course digs in deep of these domains and students keen in their respective field build up their knowledge to begin their career in their respective domains.

Within a frame of two years, the course covers the initials as well as the technicalities of each of the domains to give a glimpse to the students of the life that awaits. Along with joining the corporate houses, this course also houses multiple opportunities for its students right from a banker to an entrepreneur and thus is considered one of the best courses after 10th.

  • Arts Stream

Arts Stream is the best stream after class 10th that most students who are tired of the traditional courses (Science and Commerce) opt for. The main advantage of pursuing this course, is it gives ample time for the students to think and pursue their passion instead of following the rat race.

The course covers subjects such as History, English, Geography, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Sanskrit, Sociology and Philosophy which raises awareness and enlights the students. Along with giving time to think and pursue their passion, the course inculcates the students and makes them aware to handle social issues thereby leading them to become teachers, civil servants, lawyers, anchors, professors and also politician. Owing to these vast opportunities that this stream offers, it is one of the best course that students pursue after 10th.

  • Engineering Diploma Courses

Rising popularity of engineering courses in graduation and the success of its graduates, have inspired young minds in the country to such an extent that all they want is to become an engineer just after 10th. While some students take their time and undertake science stream and then prepare for engineering entrance exams to get into prestigious engineering colleges, most of them undertake the three year long engineering diploma courses just after 10th to realize their goal.

Owing to the intense and cut throat competition that students face after completing their 12th while competing, the demand for engineering diploma courses have witnessed a constant rise making it one of the best courses after 10th to pursue. The course is pursued by students who are completely sure of pursuing engineering and it acts as a gateway and after completion helps the students to take direct admission in 2nd year of B.E/B.TECH.

The main plus point of this course is it helps the students to avoid the unnecessary competition and gives them a chance to become an engineer and prepare for competitive exams or pursue their M.TECH and PH.D. Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer and Information Technology are some of the popular branches of diploma engineering that most students opt for.

  • ITI Courses

For students who do not want to study more and get a job within 1-2 years after class 10th , Industrial Training Institute offers job oriented courses for the students. The course is generally 1-2 years long and  helps the students by equipping them with necessary skills needed to work in the industry, thereby helping them to find employment.

Owing to the vast opportunities that lies in all trades and in both government and private sector, it is one of the best courses after 10th to pursue, especially for students who lack resources for learning and cannot afford to study for long. Some of the prominent ITI training programmes are ITI Electrician course, ITI Plumber course, ITI Welder course, ITI Turner course, ITI Mechanic course and ITI Machinist course which fetches a good career to the students.

  • Certification Courses

With rapid changes in technology, freelancing has found a prominent place in this dynamic world. Today, degrees are less important. What’s important is that you have the required skill, acquired training and a certificate to confirm your experience in the industry. This is why certification courses are one of the top courses to pursue after 10th.

Despite being different from traditional courses, certification courses fetches a lot of opportunities for individuals as a students and also help in proper utilization of their free time. Some of the certification courses that students after 10th class should go for are Certificate in web designing, Certificate in ethical hacking, Certificate in Graphic design, Certificate in App development etc.

  • Professional Courses

Undoubtedly, the value of professional courses cannot be lessened even in this fast moving world. Not only do they, increase the job prospects and offer a better pay but they also help in earning a name and fame in the industry as well as in the society and thus is amongst the best courses after 10th to pursue.

Generally, the students take gap from school to pursue these courses. However, if you can manage your time and are a good student you can pursue these professional courses along with school. Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS) are some of the professional courses which are greatly in demand in the job market.

How To Make The Right Career Choice?

With multiple courses that students after completing their 10thhave in front of them, feeling anxious and confused is customary. However, to save themselves from drowning into their own pool of confusion, anxiety and doubt and to help them make an informed choice, parents and teachers must confront them and have an open discussion with them. This not only boosts their morale but also helps them to make the informed choice. However, this is too good to be true and thus to help students in this regard, career counseling after 10this crucial.

With distinct and different courses to choose from, finding the right career and choosing it is a mammoth task and is easier said than done. However, for simplifying the process, we can break it into three parts. They are:-

  • Identifying the list of courses after 10th

Identifying the list of courses that exists after 10th class, is the first and foremost step that one can take. You simply cannot find after 10thcourses list  simply by googling. However, for this you don’t need to panic and can make use of your leisure time to search different webpages and access the content material. Additionally, talking to a senior, parent or teacher would also help you to raise your knowledge and awareness in this regard.

  • Choosing The Right Course

After you have identified all the courses that exists after 10thclass, you can take your time and choose the right course that excites, interests and suits you. This is the most crucial step and hence you should not hurry while making it. Knowing yourself, the domain that aspires you, the working culture and analyzing the difficulty level and opportunity that each of them offers would help you to make an informed choice.

The Bottom Line

Wrapping it up, all I would say is today the opportunities are endless. Today, this dynamic world has so many openings. With new technologies coming up and new industries being set up, new courses are opening up for students with each passing day. All you need to do is keep the basics right. Give yourself time, conduct proper research to raise your awareness, polish up your analytical and decision-making skills to make analysis and do a little hard work to realize and reach your goal and make your dream come true.

Well, with this we have come to an end. I hope, this blog have helped you to conquer your anxiety and have also helped you take a small yet significant step towards making an informed choice.


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