Diploma Courses One Can Opt After 10th


These days’ diploma courses are very popular among students, and especially after 10th. After completion of the 10th class, students get a long gap of about 3 months, it’s a nice time to start a diploma course hence, it gives you a good time to focus and get your basics right. Gone are the days when students would avoid the stress of taking diploma courses, the new career driven generation wants to be prepared and have a specialization in the particular field they want to pursue. The increase of new fields of study and variety specialized courses have uplifted the importance and status of diploma courses.

Certain unprivileged and students who are weak in study tend to opt for a career after 10th, In that case diploma courses uphold a great importance to build a strong support structure for those students. These courses may not be full time, they are also part time so the students may carry their personal school routine normally, these courses can also be pursued through distance learning, through various means of communications like Internet.

These courses are merely pursued out of one’s hobbies and passions like photography, music, computers, painting, etc. However, there are many diploma courses, that can be pursued after 10th but the most pursued ones are as follows:

Aeronautical engineering– Aeronautical Engineering or also known as Aviation Engineering is one of the most undergone course in engineering stream. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is also one of the most challenging fields of engineering with a wide scope for growth. The course deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defense systems. It specializes in the operation, designing, construction, testing, development, and maintenance of both commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft and their components as well as satellites and missiles.

Diploma course in Architecture- It is a field of engineering, unlike civil engineering, which basically deals with building structures and focuses on the aesthetic or artistic importance and comfort that add value and give uniqueness to the structure as a whole. A keen interest in designing and admiration for building beautiful structures mixed with a technically creative mind is what it takes to pursue your dream career in architectural engineering.

A diploma in Fashion Designing- In a world which revolves on creating individual identities, Apparel/Fashion Design, as an industry perhaps aces the list of career options. The particular programme looks at the main aspects of the industry and is mainly ‘hands-on’ and practical exposure, also developing skills like presentation, imagination, application, innovation, and communication. Multitasking is encouraged as it plays a very important role in this trade. The programme is more complex and challenging and is designed to help the students in keeping up with the ever-changing world of fashion.

Therefore, in the end I would like to say, if you have a hobby or a passion that you would like to pursue as a career in future then after 10th is the right time to start taking steps for it and work on getting some insights about the field through a diploma course.




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