List of Career Options in Environmental Sector: It Is Time To Go Green in 2021

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Climate change and global warming are one of the few important areas of concern of this generation. This makes environmental sector very crucial in terms of job opportunities and investments. There is and definitely will be an increase in the number of environmental jobs in India in the near future. But the confused youth needs career counselling in green careers to know the power and scope of this sector. This sector is gradually becoming a domain to look forward to for promising job opportunities. Given the vitality of this sector number of job opportunities in environment sector is mushrooming in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. These metro and cosmopolitan cities have become the hub of investments in the green sector. The take up the centuries old practices and methods of manufacturing and production and create products that appeal to the modern eye and sensibilities. Some of the thriving ones are:

  1. Conservation Scientist and forester:  Conservation scientist and foresters manage the forest cover and also the overall conservation mechanism. The look after forests, parks, and other natural resources. They protect these form degradation and ensure conservation of animal habitat. If the individual I looking for job opportunities in environmental science, this is a profitable and a secure one. The person needs to have a degree in environmental science to get a job in this sector.
  2. Environmental Lawyer: This is a sub profession in the legal world. The jobs in environmental sector also include opportunities in the legal field. Lawyers, to pursue this domain need to get through a relevant exam. The job prospects of this field include fighting cases on behalf of individuals, communities and other social groups which are affected by the various environmental degradation practices that are being followed in the society. They also can file petitions, Public Interest Litigation applications in the courts to fight against laws, policies and other steps taken by governments and corporate offices or just a group of people that have negative impact on the environment.
  3. Environmental Engineer: An engineer who is into building green technologies and infrastructure is called an environmental engineer. This field has great amount of scope as the future of the country and the world is largely dependent on upcoming climate resilient technologies and inventions. This calls or huge investments in this sector from the private investors and public investors equally. This will definitely open up numerous job opportunities in the environmental sector. A degree in Environmental engineering from a designated university is a prerequisite.
  4. Energy Auditors: The auditors who work to ensure judicious use of energy by calculating and the wastage of it in any form. They maintain a record of energy usage, generation and wastage. They also help in identifying areas where energy leak is prominent and fixing of the same. The ensure conservation of energy by auditing the overall usage and performance of the entity responsible. The individual needs to be an auditor with a relevant certification in order to avail this job opportunity.
  5. Environmental Scientist: Environmental Scientists protect the environment with their knowledge on the various ways in which environment can be protected. They develop green infrastructure, environmental friendly practices ad climate resilient methods to go about with our everyday lives. Many of our everyday practices have affected our climate and resulted in environmental degradation on a large scale. Environmental scientists develop and invent methods in through which the carbon footprint is reduced and the degradation is reversed at least to a small extent. This profession requires degree in environmental science and research work in this field.
  6. Solar Voltaic Installers: Solar energy is considered to be the most promising alternative to the conventional energy sources like the fossil fuels. This is because of complete absence of emissions in this method of energy generation and also low carbon foot print. Hence solar voltaic installer is a very important and thriving job opportunity in the field of environment sector. The increasing number of consumers of this energy and the growth in installations in public as well as private sector industries and also domestic usage of solar power has increased the number of job opportunities in this sector. An individual needs to be a regular installer with a relevant certificate to be able to benefit out of the skyrocketing job opportunities in this field.
  7. Wind Turbine technician:  After solar energy, wind energy is the most important and preferred source of energy in the world. Given the landscape of the country wind turbine and the energy source has immense potential to create and offer environmental job opportunities in India. They ensure setting up wind turbines and efficient energy generation in this field. They also manage and look after the regular maintenance of the infrastructure. An individual needs to be regular technician with relevant training and certification in this field. Many companies have invested heavily in this sector making it a promising employment generation industry.
  8. Volunteering: This sector demands a lot of volunteers across the globe to empower, create awareness and manage of government policies in an efficient manner. Hence volunteering can be a great start to a career in environmental sector. He enables better understanding of green economy and policies from the ground level. This opportunity forms the very basis of an eventful and promising career in environmental sector. To avail this opportunity the individual needs to have interest and burning desire to bring about change in lifestyle choices of people in general. A degree is environmental science can be an added advantage.

Career, Scope and Benefits of Environmental sector:

  • The twenty first century has seen a profound increase in job opportunities in the field of environmental sector. This is because of the rising concerns regarding climate change, global warming and various other affects which have fatal repercussions to not just the humankind but also ever possible life form on the planet. Therefore there is a significant rise in career opportunities and educational institutions which are offering courses in the areas of environment protection and conservation.
  • Since this is a field that will have relevance in the future and till mankind remains on this planet building a career in this domain is a great idea.
  • The importance of this field makes the career very secure. The number of ways in which man has polluted the environment and the immediate need to roll them back and undo the damage talks about the prominence and vastness of the field.
  • Each and every sector or every mode of income generation has contributed to environmental degradation in some way or the other. All these practices need to be done away with and better alternatives should be introduces and invented. This is almost like creating a new way of life that is easy on the environment and sustainable.
  • Though engineering and other technical industries appear to be the most important fields for generating green alternatives, it is very much important to recognise the scope of other non technical fields in this respect.
  • Domains like research, business investments, auditing, writing, news and media, educational institutions contribute a lot towards creating awareness among public in general. This in turn helps them to make choices in their day to day lives that are environmental friendly and reduce the overall carbon foot print. It is widely believed that the efforts made by individuals at the ground level have deeper impact on reducing global warming than institutional measures taken at the higher level. This says volumes about the scope of the careers made in environmental sector.
  • Career counselling in this field is also a domain that is gaining ground in the sector gradually. They help in gaining in depth knowledge in making a career in environmental sector. The make the individual aware of the various opportunities in this sector and empower them to take an informed decision.
  • This field of career in environmental sector has various benefits that very few industries or sectors offer. The sheer longevity in its prospects is very assuring.
  • The investments in this sector will only be increasing in the years to come given the paradigm shift that the world has taken in this aspect. Many world leaders are stressing on the fact that larger investments from the developed world which is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases, is the only way to slow down environmental degradation.
  • However many developing countries have vouched to invest significantly in this sector to expedite the inventions of alternative life practices that have considerably less carbon foot print. The usage of alternative green fuels is one such domain that demands immediate action.
  • This action on a global scale looks promising and offers long time careers unlike many other sectors which have taken a beating owing to the fluctuations in market and various other factors.

Importance of careers in Green sector:

The importance of careers in this green and environmental sector is huge. They have significant impact on the overall improvement in the environment of the planet.

  • It expedited the process of switching to alternative forms of energy sources.
  • They set the ball rolling in terms of having a discussion on green economy and sustainable living.
  • They help in reducing carbon foot print of the society.
  • They make the planet slightly more sustainable than it was.
  • This sector is the need of the hour to be able to give a liveable planet to the future generation.
  • It makes for a promising career given its longevity and vitality.

List of Green Companies in India:

Companies that follow practices that do not pollute or choke the planet are called green companies. Running a company or manufacturing products of any kind can get really harsh on the planet owing to the emissions and excessive use of plastic. However many companies have taken the much needed shift in terms of following eco friendly practices in their process of manufacturing, packaging and delivery.  They use discarded cardboards, eco friendly practices, reviving local handmade manufacturing methods etc. They contribute to significant reduction in carbon footprint and emission of green house gases. The companies that follow these methods are:

  1. ArEco Green: manufacture bio degradable dinnerware.
  2. Dinearth: manufactures eco friendly packaging products from plant fibre.
  3. Greenport Fashion Export: Uses cotton, jute and other eco friendly fabric to design different types of bags and other everyday products.
  4. Just Green leaf: manufactures eco friendly bags from vegetable fibre.
  5. MKV Enterprise: manufactures eco friendly cutlery.
  6. Sri Lakshmi Polypack: manufactures bio degradable paper cups.
  7. Ecoindian: manufactures organic food products.
  8. Innovative EWE Solutions: Creates and promotes innovative tableware that uses palm leaves, and other organic sources.
  9. Senanye Bio- Products: Manufactures dinnerware with eco friendly products with solar power in South Karnataka.
  10.  Chandigarh Organics: Manufactures organic food products and alternatives.

This sector of all the other employment generating ones has far better prospects given the vitality and importance in the coming future. This aspect of environmental friendly system of manufacturing and industry will stay relevant forever. The industry will stay the centre of concern till mankind remains on this planet. Naturally the investments from private sector as well as governments across the world will only be increasing opening paths for new income generating opportunities. Given the mushrooming of educational institutions many of them will be opening up courses and streams of environmental versions of existing degrees and research projects.

Many companies in the fashion industry, food industry have taken the much needed initiative to shift to eco friendly practices by using eco friendly packaging, green manufacturing processes etc. Since the investment predictability of this industry stays unaffected by the changing market interventions and policies there is considerable hope of rise in green jobs in the industry. The concept of environmental jobs is gaining importance not just in India but across the world. Many global institutions call for environmental researchers, volunteers and other internship opportunities in the green sector. In the coming future green energy and environmental sector will become the most important employment generating sector.

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