Top Career Options After 12th Science: What to do after 12th Science in 2021

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Class 12th is a milestone for students’ life. It is the time when they are to come out from their cocoon and get ready to fly high. After 12th the students are to pursue in the career of their choice. It is the time when students are in confusion to choose the best suitable course for them so career counselling after 12th is most recommended. The courses availability is vast after 12th science so the students need to know about all of them without making any decisions.

Science is one of the most popular subject options in the students after 10th. For science students the number of possible occupations to pursue is high. So for class 12th the preference of most of the students in science. In 12th the students start to think about their college life and freedom they are going to get. In the excitement to join the college, the students may lose their focus on career and take the wrong decision. So before deciding anything go for the career counselling after 12th.

The general assumption of the students that career options after 12th science are limited and students can choose a career either technical or medical. The fact is for science students the career options are available in art and humanities also but the students from other streams don’t have this option.

The multiplicity of available career options after 12th science make the decision making process complex for students. So here we have compiled all the career options after 12th science to guide them to chose the best career option.

Why Science?

Science offers numerous career options to its students. Many connect science with the marks scored in class 10th. Still, a few educators suggest science only to those students who scored good marks in class 10th but anyone who can think logically and love the calculation or interested to learn physics, chemistry or biology can pick science stream after 10th.

All the three streams; Arts, Commerce and Science has knowledge to offer to the students but science comes with an advantage that it won’t bound the students within its limit. For science students, it is easy to understand literature but it will be tough for art students to understand Maths, Physics or any science stream. This is why career counselling is important for the students when they are to take some crucial decisions like choosing the stream after 10th and deciding the courses after 12th.

Science stream attracts those who are curious to know more. The demand for science students has never gone down since ancient time. to make roads, plan new cities the country needs civil engineers. To make more efficient machines, mechanical engineers are required and to make new and effective drugs, the world needs pharma specialist. To understand the technology and to bring a new revolution in the present technological field the professional must be having a good grip on Maths and physics.

The educators need to encourage science students to consider their subject more than an academic topic. The students’ motto should not be only to fetch more marks in science subjects but to understand.

For students, it is important to know why they have chosen a science subject after 10th. Courses after 12th science will be more complex so if you can’t connect with your core subjects then drop them. There is no shame in correcting your mistakes. Those who think science students are more intelligent than others and because of this, they chose this stream, must re-consider their decision after 12th. If you are happy with science stream and preparing for the 12th board exam then read on the article to know about the career opportunities after 12th.

What to do after 12th Science?

After 10th class the students have to choose one stream out of three; humanities, commerce and science. Those who are interested to take science, need to make one more choice out of Maths and Biology. The career opportunities after 12th may vary according to your subject choice. The availability of plenty, of course, options after 12thcan confuse the students to choose the best one. Career counselling after 12th is helpful for the students to decide what suits them best. If students will explore more about the available career opportunities after 12, it will also help them. Let’s check out the best course for the science students after 12th.

What Scope Future and Career in Science?

Science students can be a scientist, lieutenant, pilot, engineer, doctor, teacher, professor, government employee and what not. All the careers in which the students havetheir interest, have scope for them. The scope and future in science depend on the students’ interests and their devotion to the study. A good engineer can earn in lakhs in the starting years of his career. Same with a doctor or pilot. If a science student chose a different career option and he put all his efforts to have his career in it, he can get good earning from it as well. Though it is a fact that career options for science students are higher than other streams’ students. After completing 12th with science the students are open to non-science subjects also. Let’s check out the best professions available for science students after 12th.

· Engineering Courses

The first choice of Maths students after 12th is to enrol in engineering courses. The number of examinees in JEE and other engineering entrance exams has increased in the Iast few years. If you want to be an engineer then it would be best for you to decide the engineering college to get admission and start your preparation for the engineering entrance test in 12th class only. To be an engineer you will have to give a good amount of time to studies. In the engineering field, the competition is high and only the best can survive in it.

Students can choose to pursue any one of the branches of engineering like Mechanical engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Aviation, industrial engineering and many more. As technology has become an integral part of our lives so engineering can also be done in data science, AI and other branches of technology. Students can choose anyone from the 55 branches of engineering to complete their B. Tech or BE.

To get admission in UG engineering programme students will have to clear any one of the following; JEE, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, MHTCET, VITEEE and SRMJEEE. Based on candidates’ merit they get admission in engineering college. The engineering college where the students get admission after 12th plays an important role in their selection for the job. The salary package of the engineers starts with 5 LPA and it can be as high as 12LPA or more, depends on the hiring company.

· Medicine Courses

Another most popular career option after 12th is medicine courses. The students with Biology as one of their core subjects can choose medicine as a career option after 12th. The medical field welcomes only intelligent and bright science students so you will have to be one to get the entry in medical college. When we mention medical courses then we are not talking about the MBBS only.

To get admission in medical courses the students will have to first prove themselves in the entrance examination. The entrance examination can be NEET or any university level examination. To get admission in MBBS and BDS the Bio students will have to clear NEET examination. The entrance exam for medical courses, NEET is conducted by NTA and students from all the states and UTs participate in this entrance exam. The number of applicants is high NEET so the students will have to put more efforts in preparation for the medical entrance exam. Another medicine course is B. Pharma. As India is emerging as a potential manufacturing hub for pharmaceuticals so demands of qualified candidates are high in this sector.

· B. Pharm

After 12th science bio, students can get admission in B. Pharm course. In recent years more students get admission in this course. A few years back it was the course for those who could not clear the medical entrance exam but now students get admission in this course because scope and salary both are good after B. Pharm. The duration of this UG course is 2 years.

Students can get admission in this course through entrance exam conducted by the universities. A few universities also offer admission to the students on merit basis. The demand for B. Pharm professionals is high in Pharmaceutical companies. After completing this degree course the students can also get a job in hospitals as a chemist.

· Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

After 12th science with Bio students can also choose BDS as a career option. After completing the degree course the students become a dental surgeon. The duration of BDS is 5 years. For the first 4 years the students have to study the subjects of BDS and for the rest one year they are to take an internship. The biggest entrance test to get admission in BDS is NEET. Many universities also conduct their entrance exam to offer admission to the students in this course.

· General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)

The three and half year diploma course opens doors for bio students after 12th to pursue their career in clinical nursing. Admission process for this course can be entrance or merit based. the demand for GNM certified candidates are high not only in India but abroad also. Students can get admission in this course by appearing in AIIMS Nursing entrance exam. it is one of the most prestigious exams for admission in GNM. BHU, IGNOU, PGIMER are other institutes that offer admission in this course base of the applicants’ marks in the entrance exam conducted by them.

· Bachelor Degree Courses  

As Engineering and medical both courses attracts the students but considering their difficulty level, not all science students can pick them as a career option after 12th. All the students don’t want to be engineers or doctors. Some have a dream to be a teacher or lecturer. These students can pick the option to get admission in degree courses. It is a fact that most of the students get admission in Bachelor in Science after 12th Science. The Maths students can get admission in B. Sc Maths, Physics or Chemistry.  There are many more subjects available that a science student can choose to complete his graduation in it.

For PCB students the gradations courses are like B. Sc Bio, B. Sc Biotechnology, B. Sc Nursing, and many others. Admission in these courses is offered by the universities either on merit basis or through entrance examination. The bio students can also go for General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM). Students will have to take the entrance test conducted by various universities to get admission in GNM. The course duration for bachelor degree courses is three years. Many universities follow the semester examination formula or a few others conduct the examination once in a year. After completion of graduation, the students can get a job in teaching or they can get admission in a master’s degree. Many other career options are also available for the science students after completing their degree course.

· B. Arch

If you want to be an architecture then you will have to get admission in B. Arch. To get admission is the less popular course you will have to take the JEE main exam or NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture). On clearing the entrance exam you will get admission in 5 years UG course. Based on the candidates’ marks in the entrance exam, they get admission in architecture course.

· B.A. LLB

The science students who are interested to be a lawyer can get admission in BA LLB. It is a 5 years course. During the 5 years, students get to study many subjects like political science, Indian and world history, and a few other. BA LLB students can choose anyone law to have their focus on it. To get admission in BA LLB the student will have to score minimum 50% aggregate marks in 12th.  The course not only offers the knowledge of different subjects but also train the students to be a confident lawyer. All the universities also provide courtroom training to their law students. The demand for lawyers is always high in India and now they can also join a company as a legal adviser.


Bachelor in business administration is the curse that teaches the small detail to the students about the business. The UG course is a professional one and its duration is 3 years. Students can get admission in BBA on merit basis. A very few college offer admission based on admission seeker’s marks in the entrance exam. Student can choose a specialization option to complete this degree program. The main specialization for BBA is HR, Marketing, Banking, IT, Supply Chain and many others. After BBA the students can get jobs in corporate and p[rivate companies and it is not mandatory to complete the master’s in business administration to start working and earning.


Bachelor in computer applications is a professional course. The students who are interested to know more about the computer and how it works, they can get admission in BCA. It is a degree course and its duration is 3 years. In BCA examination is conducted on every semester. Universities offer admission in BCA on merit basis or through entrance examination. BCA teaches the basics about the programming languages. The demand forexperts in computer applications is always present in the market but to get a good job in IT, you will have to get enrolled in MCA. The career options will be high for the MCA pass outs.

· BA

Don’t be surprised by seeing this option in the list of courses after 12th science. Literature has an attraction that can attract anyone to it. Those science students who want to study literature or any other subject like history or any other can get admission in BA (Hindi, English or any other). There is a common assumption that career opportunities are less after BA, which is not true. If you are not interested to study science anymore then you can get admission in humanities.

· Other Courses

As we stated above, science is the stream that offers maximum career opportunities after 12th. Apart from all the mentioned courses, there are a few non-traditional courses also available in which the science student can get admission after 12th. One of the course after 12th is BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Communication). The duration of the course is three years and to get admission in this course candidates must have the zeal to become a journalist. BFA is another course in which you can get admission if you are interested in animation. If BFA is not your type of course then you can enrol in diploma in animation. The animation industry showers love to a creative mind so if you have this quality in you then you must get admission in animation course.

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