How to Prepare GK Notes Using Newspaper

Newspaper for GK

One of the most common advice that competitive exam aspirants get is to read newspapers to improve GK. This advice is so common that even a school going student may have heard of it but none of the advisors have ever given a suggestion on how to prepare GK notes from newspapers.

A newspaper has approx 18 pages and a few newspapers have even more pages than this. Now if someone will start reading it thoroughly then his most of the time will be invested in newspaper reading only, then how will he can prepare GK notes using it.

One of the most asked questions asked by the competitive exam aspirants is ‘how to prepare GK notes from the newspaper?’ and today in this article we have answered this question.

Prepare GK notes using Newspaper

Newspaper is a the most useful source for current affairs. Also, reading the newspaper daily can keep you updated with all the happenings in the country and beyond. But to use the newspaper for preparing current affairs and GK that could be a question in your next exam, you will need a proper strategy.

This post will guide you how to prepare GK notes using Newspapers. So let’s start with ‘What to read in a Newspaper’ and after that, we will cover ‘how to make use of it for preparing GK’.

What to read in a Newspaper

On an average, a newspaper has approximately 16-18 pages. All the pages are filled up with important and not so important news in small font. Now the question arises, is it compulsory to read all the news? And the answer is No.

All the news mentioned in the newspaper doesn’t have a link with your competitive exam preparation.  If you will read the complete newspaper thoroughly then it will take a lot of time that you should not be investing on a single subject. So read on to know where you can find the important news for your exam preparation.

  • Front Page: front page of the newspaper usually has sensational and trending news. All the latest and important news get placed on the front page. This page is important for competitive exam aspirants.
  • Regional News: Other pages of newspapers containing regional news is of less value for government exam aspirants, as there is nothing very important for you on those pages.
  • Editorial Page: It’s one of the most important pages of the newspaper. On this page, you get the articles of editors and other qualified people on the national and international issues. Reading this page will help you to understand any issue deeply. From here you get to know about the opinions of educated people on important issues. The page is also very perfect to enhance your vocabulary.
  • Business & Economy: This page helps the banking aspirants and MBA aspirants a lot. All the GDP, bank Loan, Repo Rate related news get placed on this page of the newspaper. If you are an applicant and going to appear in other competitive exams then also this page is of help, but is of low importance for you.
  • Sports: In GK, sports-related questions are asked and sometimes they have related to not so famous sports too. So read this page carefully and do not ignore any news of championship winners.
  • International News: Another important page of newspapers is international news. Here you can get all the news related to other countries. On this page, you can avoid the news mentioned within small box or listed at the bottom of the page.

So now you know what is important for you in a newspaper, as reading the complete newspaper can eat all the time that you have allocated for GK preparation.

How to make notes from Newspaper

To take down the notes from newspapers, use a highlighter and apply it on the important news. Now let explore what news will fall in the category of important news for your competitive exam.

  • Political News: News related to election or election-result, making of a new law, bill or constitutional amendments are important for you. Highlight them in the newspaper and write down only important information related to them.  Do not ignore the news based on new appointees at high positions.
  • Business and Economics News: Note the budget-related information, launch of new schemes, name of new appointees in big companies, business merger, and acquisitions. You can avoid the small details like figure related to tax collection or inflation as it is not constant.
  • Sports: It’s important to note down the winner of major national and international championship and tournament.
  • Notebook:  Highlighting the important news will not help you. To ace in current affairs and GK, you will have to write down the important news in a separate notebook.  Revise the notes after reading it as revision is the only action which will help you to ace in current affairs and GK section of a competitive exam.

Summing it Up

As a professional athlete needs to practice daily to perform well in sports so a competitive exam aspirant needs to sharpen the edges of his knowledge of GK to score well in the exam. Here we mentioned the right way to read newspaper and making GK notes using it. You can check your knowledge of current affairs by trying to solve our weekly current affairs quiz.

If you want to get answers to your questions related to government jobs and competitive exams, then write to us in the comment box below. 

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