Top 5 Newspapers For Government Exams Preparation


The first thing that we notice in our daily lives might be the common scene is our elders reading the newspaper early in the morning. Well, we might take this as a memory but we cannot ignore the great benefit that suits behind this habit. Newspapers are packed full of knowledge to make us aware of every possibility happening around us. It proves to be a great asset for us if we prepare for government exams.

Below given is a list of top 5 newspapers that are very beneficial for us.

Top 5 Newspapers

The Hindu

The Hindu is one of the most prominent newspapers in India. The Hindu started way back in 1878 and it runs daily through many of the parts of India. The Hindu has the largest number of circulation in the parts of Southern India. Since time immemorial the Hindu has been ranked one of the best newspapers which has an immense record of good articles, updated news, critical interpretations and many else. Students going for Hindu are often impressed by the language of the newspaper. It is the second most circulated English newspaper in India.

The Indian Express

The Indian Express is one of the most recommended newspapers when it comes to the UPSC Civil Examination. Among the students who are preparing for the government jobs the India Express stands out to give the latest news and the highlights in the newspapers offer a quick information about the happenings around the world.

The Economic Times

One of the most preferred pink dailies among business class and those wishing to get into the executive class. Yes, the time’s group daily has been the best source of business news, economic news, market news and much more. However, What one does not know is Economic Times is a great source of employment news and related material. All you need is to use its online search engine to get to the information one required to. ET timely publishes features related to topics that are relevant for government exams.

Business Standard

Opinion and analysis – there is no better newspaper in India when it comes to expert news on Economic Policies, business decisions, RBI policy, Stock Market, Public Policy, Current Affairs and International Relations. India’s one of the most experienced experts are columnists of Business Standard, which bring immense knowledge directly from the system itself, which usually one can never get to know. Govt exams require an amazing amount of knowledge and BS has been the tremendous force multiplier for aspirants.

The Times of India

The times of India is an Indian English communicated daily newspaper which is owned by the Times group. It was founded in 1838 and is the oldest newspaper in India which is still in circulation. Times of India brings the latest news and top breaking headlines on politics and current affairs etc. this newspaper has gained a lot of popularity because of its content writing parts, articles and many other. It is a very good choice for students preparing for exams to go through this newspaper. One more pro of this newspaper are that it is the fourth largest selling newspaper in India along with one of the most widely selling newspapers in the world.


Above given is a list of knowledge set of ideas and almost every concept that turns out to be very helpful to us. So as it goes it is very necessary to go through daily newspapers as they provide us much information and turn out to be a great source in the path of knowledge.

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