What to do after B.Com? Here’s A List Of Best Careers for You


B.Com completed, now what is next? Masters degree in Commerce (M.Com) like many others, this could be an option for you too after completing B.Com. M.Com is a two year program which focuses on systematic study of Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Economics, Business, Statistics, Marketing and Management. Don’t want to go for M.Com? MBA in Finance could be your way to success. It is also a two year program which will help you land a job in financial service sector.

Not always people like to go for Masters, there are many who seek a job after completing graduation in Commerce. And yes, there are many career options available in the field of finance and others. But, do you think accountant is the only career after B.Com? No, there are many more career options after B.Com. This article might clear all your doubts about a career in commerce stream after completing B.Com. Some of the popular and well-known careers after B.Com are-

Here’s A List Of Best Careers for You

Accountant-  The first and most cliched career after B.Com is as an accountant. The job of an accountant is all prevailing, every industry, business, firm needs an accountant to manage their books and keep track of all the profits and loss.

Tax consultant- Taxation is an entirely separate subject during B.Com. Tax consultants or tax advisors, they are experts in taxation law, planning and compliance. They work for law offices, public accounting firms, corporates, financial consulting firms or can run their independent tax consultation business.

Financial consultant- The job of a financial consultant includes advising on various factors like savings, retirement plans, financial plans for the future, etc. You can get a job of financial advisor/consultant in any firm or an outsourcing company. As a financial consultant, you get to control the monetary functions of a company and save them from future crisis.

Insurance consultant- After completing B.Com you can work in insurance industry as an insurance consultant or advisor.

Stock Broker- To be a stock broker you need to pursue a small course in stock trading after completing your graduation in B.com. If you have strong skills at Finance, Mathematics and Economics this career is made for you.

Auditor – As an auditor, you will have to check the financial statement created by an accountant. You can either get a job in an auditing firm or start your own. As an auditor, you might have to work with various clients and you might also get to travel a lot.

Sales Analyst- They collect and analyse sales data in order to increase an organization’s sales productivity and level up the customer satisfaction while reducing the low revenue levels and sales barriers.

Banker- Several banks put out vacancy for B.Com graduates. You can go to a banks website to get details about recruitment process. After B.Com you can apply for the post of clerk, accountant and probationary officer (PO). Most of the banks conduct entrance examination in order to employ qualified candidates. A job in banking is very popular and has many perks to it.

BPO’s and KPO’s- Various business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing firms hire freshly graduated Commerce students. You can get a job as a client serving executive, customer care executive or team leader.

Gone are the days when only specific fields were open to commerce streams or any other stream in that case. Today, there are innumerable options, which a child could follow considering his or her passion and dream. Definitely if one has a definite approach towards studies they can always choose the traditional path and come out with flying colors.

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