Career After ITI

career after ITI

If you are an ITI student or planning to pursue in this course then the question of what to do after ITI will come in your mind either sooner or later. ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute and students can pursue it after clearing the exam of 10th or 12th class. After 2016, class 8th pass students can also appear in ITI.  No entrance test is conducted for offering admission in ITI and the time span for ITI courses is 1 -3 years (as per the courses).

 ITI offers the certificate courses to impart technical skills and training to the students. The courses offered by ITI give career oriented and academically both type of knowledge to its students.  This is the reason that ITI is becoming famous among the students every year. In ITI basically two types of courses are offered to the students;

  1. Engineering Based Course: In Engineering based courses, the courses like Machinist Engineer, Pump Operator, Carpentry Engineer, Mechanic Radio & T.V. Engineer, Refrigeration Engineer, Welding Engineer, Electrician, Plumber, Mechanic Motor Vehicle Engineer, Pattern Maker, and Sheet Metal Working Engineer are counted.
  • Non-Engineering based: Following courses come under the category of non-engineering  ITI courses;Secretary, Book Binder, Commercial Artist, Computer Operator & Programming Assistant, Foot Wear Manufacturer, Hair & Skin Care specialist, Stenographer (English), Cutting & Sewing specialist, Dress Maker, Fruit & Vegetable Processing specialist, Confectioner and baker and Surveyor.

Now, let’s move to a nagging but important question of career options after ITI. As we mentioned above that ITI is a career-oriented certificate course so after the completion of the ITI course, the students get many options to have their career in them.  Let’s know about them.

Career after ITI

Students can have two options after ITI, either they can go for further studies or they can pick a job. Here we have mentioned both of them.

Further Studies

Those students who have completed ITI in both engineering and non-engineering domain have many options for further studies. They can choose one of the following options to take their studies to an advanced level.

·  All India Trade Test

AITT is the most preferred test which ITI students pick after completion of their ITI courses.NCVT (National Council for Vocational Training) conducts the All India Trade Test. Once the students clear this exam then he will be awarded National Trade Certificate (NTC). NTC is equivalent to a diploma degree in many engineering trades.

·  Diploma Courses

Those students who have completed ITI certification courses in the engineering domain can apply for diploma course. These diploma courses are the advanced level study courses of ITI.

·  ATI Courses

Once the student completes the ITI Certificate courses then he gets the option to join an advanced training institute (ATI). In ATI students get the specialization course in certain specific trades.  These are the short term courses.

Job Opportunities after ITI

If you are not interested to go for further studies and you want to start your professional life after the completion of ITI courses then also you will get plenty of choices. Here we have listed the career choice that you can pick after the completion of ITI.

·  Job Opportunities in the Private Sector

The private sector offers lots of jobs to a fresher and experienced candidate every year. Every year many jobs generated in the private sector for the ITI certificate holders. In private sector electronics, welders, and air-conditioner mechanic are always in demand.

·  Job Opportunities in Public Sector

The ITI certificate holders are in demand in the public sector as well. The Indian Railways is one of the biggest public sectors that offer the job to ITI certificate holders.  Apart from Railways, MTNL, BSNL, IOCL, ONCG, and PWDs of different offices also take the ITI certificate holders on board.

·  Opportunities in Self-Employment

If you want to have your own business related to the courses you have done in ITI then no job can be better than this. ITI offers professional courses and all you can set up your business based on blue-collar services. Your ITI certificate will help you to get the loan to start your business.

The Bottom Line

ITI courses job oriented professional courses. These courses can help you to earn well as the focus of these courses is to extend professional knowledge to trainees in their specific trade domain so that they could lead a comfortable life.

In this article, we have tried your answer to your question related to a career after ITI. If after reading the post still, you have some question then drop it here in the comment box below. We will answer it to you soon

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