Homeschooling: How Pandemic Has Proven It A Good Option


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Imagine a world where pandemics no longer exist and the only way to get ill is when you’ve eaten the wrong food or caught a bug while travelling. Imagine also, that homeschool parents have been teaching their kids at home every step of their education since these ideas first came about. This article goes over some of the benefits that come with homeschooling or home education, as well as why pandemic has proven homeschooling can be a smart decision.

The Benefits of Homeschooling

  • Studies have shown that students from homeschooling tend to excel in education, development, and all other sections of life. They can solve their problems on their own, learn how to get along better with others, and accomplish more in life.
  • Homeschooling promotes the formation of independence. In a world of extracurricular activities and busy schedules, people are increasingly homeschooling to make time for things that matter most.
  • Parents homeschool because they want something better for their children – structured daily education, a sense of satisfaction from learning and personal development success, learning at home with friends or parents, intellectual stimulation, academic freedom and flexibility, cyber-learning.
  • Homeschooling is becoming the new norm in education; according to MSNBC’s Adrienne Lee – “We’re living in an age where kids are expected to be the smartest one in the smartest school”

How pandemic proved homeschooling is Good option?

When the pandemic started, there was a lot of panic. Everyone was worried about the worst appearing like it always does-we can’t witness our children taking risk of going to school. As many parents chose to skip work or stay home with their kids due to fear of contracting an illness themselves, especially in school settings where some children are threatened with being quarantined, homeschooling has seemed like the best option-it’s true they’ll miss out on a lot, but they’re also getting exposed to natural learning.

Homeschooling is a powerful option for parents who have decided that keeping their children away from traditional schools would better suit the development of their children. Pandemic have shown that this strategy can be an even better idea, as there are many ways that homeschoolers can prepare. One of those is through establishing contingency plans.

What people consider before homeschooling?

Priorities for an individual considering homeschooling during a catastrophe may include whether to transfer their children to attend public or private schools, and whether they believe the region is safe enough to remain in or evacuate. Through pandemic, people have a chance to gain the sense of trust that their parents or other educators passed down to them. The indisputable truth is that homeschooling is the new normal.

Some more pros of homeschooling

  • One of the biggest pros for homeschooling is that most household budgets are not involved in sending their children to a public or private institution.
  • Another huge positive that many parents love about home schooling is that they can help teach their kids things like social skills, life skills, and more in an environment that they might enjoy more and comprehend better than if they were at school.
  • Homeschooling also lets parents to take control of their kids learning.
  • With homeschooling, parents have a wide variety of possible opportunities for their children. For instance, children could study subjects like painting and poetry that don’t require formal schooling for certain age groups.
  • Homeschooling introduces students to topics at their pace and lets them decide how far they want to go before the school finds them too slow or too fast.

Wrap Up

Pandemic has proven homeschooling to be a significantly safer option than traditional school. The beauty of home education is that you can teach your children at your own pace, adjust curriculum and learning methods, and minimize situations that cause stress such as showing up late or missing school unexpectedly.

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