How to Make Lesson Plans Interesting for Students (Powerful Tips)

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Fun lesson plans are crucial elements in learning and teaching. Teachers who know the lesson like the back of their hand can make the learning experience enjoyable for their students. This means coming up with activities and other lesson ideas that will allow the students to develop a deeper appreciation for the subject.

A good lesson plan idea could come in handy if you want to motivate your students to study. Once they get bored, it’s hard to drag them back to join the discussion that’s why teachers must do everything they can to keep that away from happening. This is where fun activities for students come into play!

So here are some set of interesting ideas and tips that can help you implement good lesson plan for students.

  • Cite real-life examples
  • Play games with your students
  • Give your students the power to come up with a solution
  • Maximize the use of technology
  • Give your students the freedom to choose
  • Make homework interesting
  • Think beyond the old methods of learning
  • Create a fun learning environment

Let’s get started…..

Cite Real-life Examples

Students find it hard to appreciate concepts and theories they can’t relate to. We can’t blame them for that since we struggled with those concepts and theories ourselves back when we were in school.

  • One way to make things easier for them is by breaking things down into bite-size pieces that are easier to digest.
  • Explain everything to them and cite real-life examples that they can relate to. This also makes it easier for them to recall these concepts and theories when the need arises in the future.
  • While you develop your lesson plan, make sure you also have planned to add real life scenarios in your study concept.
  • Citing something that actually happened or could happen with your learners allows them to have a deeper impact. This will also help them to stay engaged with the learning process.
  • In such a case, they will apply their own mind skills and innovative ideas on how to solve a problem. Because at the end what we want is the improvement of skills, right?

Play Games with Your Students

Study and Games – if these can get along together, must be great! It is often noticed that brilliant elementary lesson plan ideas consist of lots of games and other fun activities. The logic behind this being, if you engage all five senses, it’s easier for the students to remember what they’re supposed to remember.

  • Case in point, students who get to play with games that require them to apply Mathematical concepts have a deeper appreciation for the subject.
  • They don’t need to rack their brains to remember these things; the subject lives in them and that’s because their teacher added games in their lesson plan activities.
  • Well, as your main focus is study even while you are implementing games in your plan you need to make sure that these games bring in some great benefits in the learning process. So for that, we suggest adding memory games, quiz about what is happening in the world or some quick math solutions.
  • Moreover, you can also think about some common hobbies of your learners and implement a group plan for them to execute such fun hobbies in form of games. These fun things would be interesting!

Give your students the power to come up with a solution

Everyone has an idea about their aim of learning things. Like if a student is in school the idea of learning is to get good grades and knowledge so that they get a good learning institution in the future. Similarly someone in collage is learning to get a good job.

  • If in your lesson plan, you add and give your students the power to handle a situation; they will have an actual taste of reality. That situation of handling things would be helpful while they move in to the collage or to a job later.
  • When you give them power to find a solution, the outcome will definitely boost their decision making skills.
  • They will understand if they were good, better or may be worst at the situation.

Maximize the Use of Technology

With all the innovations in technology, teachers shouldn’t have to struggle when it comes to looking for fun and engaging lesson plans ideas.

  • First thing first, teachers themselves should link more to the technology.
  • Even when they are designing a lesson strategy, what if they use a lesson plan design tool and create a custom plan? We think starting with this could be a good beginning.
  • Since we’re all living and breathing technology, teachers might as well incorporate this in helping students understand the lesson better.

A perfect example is the explain everything app that’s been helping teachers create an interactive and engaging atmosphere for their students. The app is easy to use, and it has an interactive whiteboard that allows teachers to export, import, narrate, animate, and annotate anything that will help the students understand the lesson. It’s the perfect addition when designing lesson plans for high school, elementary, and college students. There’s also an explain everything tutorial for those who want to explore the ins and outs of the app.  

Give Your Students the Freedom to Choose

Effective high school lesson plans give students room to choose for themselves. What do we mean by this?

  • Allow your students to choose how they want to learn the lesson. Now, you may be wondering how this factor can help in making easy lesson plans. Well, the answer is simple: when you allow students to make their own choice, they end up feeling independent and motivated.
  • The best part is, they have their own opinion and ideas on what teaching methods work for them and which ones don’t.
  • Students learn at a different pace, and this has a lot to do with the different kinds of intelligence that a person could have.
  • That said, if you let them make their choices, you make them feel understood. This gives them the extra nudge they need to be more proactive and to give their best in school.

Make Homework Interesting

Homework is mostly taken as the most hated thing by students. So as a teacher it is your responsibility to make these home works fun and interesting. The question is – how you can make a homework plan exciting for your learners?

  • To do that, just keep your homework natural. Like you may not give them assignments in writing rather make their homework more practical. After a few days of assignment just question them about what they did practically.
  • One such homework example could be – encourage your students to play some math challenges with their siblings and give them points to their answers.
  • Asking questions would be fun for them and checking for correct answers will be their learning process.
  • As a teacher it is your duty that your students are learning and enjoying together.
  • While preparing your lesson plans, keep everything in notice that is helpful for your students. 

Think beyond the Old Methods of Learning

Gone are the days when all your teaching sessions involved worksheets and notes that student must write or copy. These days when eLearning has come into play, teachers also need to upgrade their ways of teaching.

  • You should not stick to those traditional methods and think about the new ways of teaching.
  • You yourself need to advance along with your other fellow teachers. So it would be better if teachers also learn, plan out their sessions, conduct group discussions and get ready for an update.
  • A good quote about teaching is – ‘Teaching is the highest form of understanding’. So in these times of technological growth, it is essential that students and teachers understand and learn new things all together.
  • This is why teachers need to upgrade their methods of teaching so that their students will encourage and respond in the best manner.

Create a Fun Learning Environment

The way children receive the lesson has a lot to do with your attitude towards teaching.

  • If you enter the room with scrunched eyebrows and a frown, your students will put their defenses up in a jiffy.
  • However, if you enter the room with a smile on your face, then the students will let their guards down.
  • It’s important that you find the perfect balance between being the authority figure in the classroom, and being someone that your students would love to listen to.
  • Students learn more when their teachers are relaxed, so loosen up, learn to laugh at your mistakes, and be open to what they have to say.  

Final Words

It would mean the world to your students if you pick their brains on how to make your lesson plan more interesting. When they feel that they’re involved in creating the lesson plan, there’s a huge chance they will participate more in class. You’re not giving in to their wishes, you’re simply listening to their insights on how to make it easier for them to understand and appreciate the lesson. You want these lessons to stay with them for the rest of their lives. They need to go beyond mere words and images printed on the books they carry in their backpacks.


  1. Thank you for these tips! I love how you included playing with the students and allowing them to choose class activities. This is really important because it also gives them a sense of reliability and strengthens class bonds.

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