How Important is Extracurricular Development For Students?

Extracurricular Development For Students

Are you thinking of exploring the importance of extracurricular development? It’s great that you make your mind think about these not so popular yet important activities for students. Now the students keep burying their necks in books. Hence, they lose their interest in hobbies. 

Today the parents run after only the academic excellence of their kids. The mounting pressure to score 90+ in all subjects and good knowledge of technology has forced our students to put extracurricular development in the back seat. The pressure to score more marks makes the students’ minds fragile, so it’s the time when we should talk about the importance of extracurricular development. 

It’s an irony that the parents and teachers that used to have hobbies in their school time don’t encourage the next generation for same. All we want is high grades, a good percentage, and a well-established career. But in this rush, we forget how hobbies can help us to handle stress. A younger mind picks thing more quickly, so it is when you discuss the importance of extracurricular developments for students. The frequently parents think about whether their kid should be a CA or Engineer, they should also ask if their kid is interested to learn singing or cricket. 

If still confused about how a small kid will get time from studies to develop extracurricular activities? Scroll down to understand the importance of the activities in kids’ life and then decide. 

Importance of Extracurricular Development For Students 

The increased number of educational institutes, commercialization of education, TV advertisements and promotion, the hype of learning about coding, and the latest technology have fully occupied the students’ minds. These things didn’t leave any space there for any hobby or extracurricular activities. Moreover, most parents feel so proud of this lack of time and consider that the kid is doing phenomenal work. 

But the latest educational tactics have more focus on extra curriculum activities. All the international schools have activities like music, dance, cooking, art & craft, and many others in their curriculum, and they even highlight it. These activities help the students to develop many soft skills. Let’s check out how important is extracurricular activities for students; 

  • Offer Break from Studies 

The extracurricular activities help to reduce or remove the boredom in the kids. All work no play makes the students dull, and they start to lose their concentration in studies. The extracurricular activities like dance, painting, playing a musical instrument, or any other is like fresh air for the kids. After spending some time in these activities, they get recharged. But here, you need to keep in mind that the kid must be engaged with the activity he prefers. The break for extracurricular activities will make their mind relax and more adaptive to understand concepts of different subjects. 

  • Extracurricular Development Develops the Social Skills

Most parents have the same problem with their kids that they spend quality time with the phone. The smartphone has become an addition to the kids and adults both. These extracurricular activities help the kids come out from the small screen of smartphones and engage with other kids. In extracurricular activities, the kids learn how to interact with others and how to break the ice. The skills to be a conversation starter will help them in the future also. So if you push your kid to study more to get a stable career, ask him to enroll in the extracurricular development sessions as well. 

  • To Develop Soft Skills 

The nuclear family set-up has become more normal now. In many families, both parents are working. In this set-up, the kid becomes stubborn sometimes. They don’t want to share their things, and they don’t know how to ask for help. The nuclear family set-up could not teach the team spirit to the kids. All these flaws of our modern lifestyle get treated in extracurricular activities. In the session of these activities, the students learn how to work in a team. From here, the team spirit started to get shaped in the students. They develop leadership skills and effective communication with the team. These skills help them in their professional life as well.  

  • To Bring out the hidden talent of the child. 

We all have a hidden talent, but it gets buried under the pressure of performing best in studies. When we start to identify our hidden talent, it becomes too late. The extracurricular development brings out that talent from the child. the academics run only on the marks or the things the students have in mind, but the extracurricular activities is all about the talent that kids possess. Under the right guidance, the hidden talent of the kid can give him wings to fly high. For this, all you need to do is encourage your kid to participate in extracurricular development activities. 

  • Extracurricular Development for Students to Enhance Creativity

Learning through books are only one-way communication. The students have to learn whatever is written in a book or understand the predefined and described concepts. But in extracurricular development, they have freedom in their hand. The students can paint a new painting or have a freestyle dance. It enhances creativity in them. The young minds are full of ideas, and when you offer them the right platform, they try to make their ideas real. 

  • To Develop Thinking Skills 

The book reading doesn’t leave any space for kids to ask questions. Everything is written in the book, and not all the ‘Whys’ are answered. The only study can make the students a high scorer, but they could not develop thinking skills at the right time. We can blame our education policy for giving so much hype to the high marks, but we all are the culprit in this. When we ask the kid to go out and do something they like, we prepare them for upcoming challenges. Most of us have faced situations where we need to make the right analysis and take a quick decision. The kids who are good at mugging-up, get failed in this kind of situation. When students participate in extracurricular development activities, they have to face a few situations where they need to decide quickly. For example, hitting the ball in last over or color the painting with different colors. The habit they develop at an early age with the help of extracurricular activities becomes their weapon in their professional life. 

  • To Develop self-confidence

The appreciation gained at the platform other than study boost the self-confidence in them. Praise works like magic on all. It lifts self-esteem and mood. When your kid is not good in studies, and you want him to improve, enroll him in a hobby class. When he will do better there, he can do good in his studies as well. The kids need confidence as much as they need vigor. 

The Last Word

By now, you must have understood that how important is extracurricular development for students. Now, most education boards and schools suggest to parents to encourage their kids to participate in hobbies development. It is essential for the kids and the adults to have some hobby. It works as a stress buster. If a small break from studies for extracurricular development activities can make your kid confident, a team player, and relaxed, then why should you not allow him to live the moment? Do let them enjoy as its as important as studies.

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