10 Roles Played By a Teacher in Shaping Students Future


The greatest service rendered to children by men and women is education. A teacher is a torch bearer or a perfect career counsellor for the younger generation.

The teacher should be mentor, guide, motivator, and a source of inspiration to children. A teacher has a unique way supporting student’s academics and social development throughout their schooling level. The interaction bond between the teacher and student creates a comfortable, safe and secure learning environment.

Students need nurturing care in early stages of childhood through adulthood. Teachers play the following roles in shaping students future.

Teachers play the following roles in shaping students future:

1. Teachers nurture students’ self-esteem. What a student believes about him, or herself is critical. Teachers act as guardians in helping students to be confident in themselves.

By creating a good relationship with students, teachers can motivate their students into self-belief.

2. Teachers promote self-determination. When students have the confidence in themselves, they are more likely to attain their goals in life and succeed.

3. Teachers create positivity in a student. One study concluded, when a teacher is approachable, well focused and is sensitive to student’s needs, students tend to do exceedingly well and can participate freely in interactions.

4. Teachers create active learning relationships. Engaging students in active group discussion and peer interaction builds the students social skills. The mind of the student can be active.

5. Teachers enhance academic abilities. Teachers engage students in academic learning. Teachers give challenging assignments, tests, and evaluation that require student’s reflection.

This helps students reflect on ideas that assist them to build on their academic performance.

6. Teachers create curriculums that foster student’s development. Learning institutions have friendly and educative curriculums for students. The curriculum create a comprehensive and interactive learning environment both in the classroom and outside.

7. Teacher help students understand their strength and weakness. By actively engaging students, teachers can know and learn each student’s strength and weaknesses.

Through evaluation, teachers guide students on the best way to work hard on their weakness as well as build their strength.

8. Teachers teach problem-solving skills. Students at an early age are taught how to apply problem-solving skills. As they solve problems, decision-making skills are developed as well.

Students are given assignments that trigger their critical mind into thinking. Assessing students allow them a sense of ownership.

9. Teachers curb harassment. Students bullying is a constant feature in most learning institutions. Teachers play a crucial role in distracting and discouraging such behaviours among students.

Instead, they impact social responsibility and academics. Bullying and harassment affect a student’s development and interaction. It can lead to depression thus it is discouraged in schools and colleges.

10. Teachers have high expectation. Teacher’s high expectation from students, help them achieve high academic performance and in turn leads to self-development.

Through the support of their teachers, students can advance their academic education up to university level. This help reduces the number of student dropout in schools.

Teachers are great leaders who support students and schools success. Teachers play a major role in students over all development and need to be recognised as positive agents of educational change in every country.

Bottom Line

A positive Student-Teacher relationship has positive, constructive, and long-lasting effects on both social and academic development of students.

Be a good teacher and bring that much awaited positive change in the life of your student. Guide them well, show them the right path, and support them in situations they need a mentor. Maintain a healthy relation with your students, a friendly and understanding teacher can help shape the future of students in the right way.

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