Student Life in 2020 (New Rules)

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The global pandemic, coronavirus Covid-19 that has hit the world, has completely changed the life of students. Not just students, but we all are living in a different world, which has confined us to the four walls. Student life in 2020 is unlike the past years, now the colleges are working differently and students are learning from home.

Here, I will discuss what is changed for students and what are the new rules for student life in 2020 and how to adpat to the online education.

How COVID-19 has Changed Student Life

For students seeking college education, life uncertainly has changed. Now the criteria of choose a college amidst Covid19 have made it even more difficult to decide. Students pursuing college, high school students all are navigated to online classes, but how effective are these is still a mystery. Those seeking jobs have to hear no often, as the companies while working from home will not look for freshers.

New Rules for Students in 2020

The biggest challenge for students in 2020 is a revamped education experience. Let’s see what else has changed and how students adapt to the new rules.

Stay Optimistic

Graduating in global recession might feel like slap on the face, but you need to stay optimistic and never let your confidence go down. Remember that there are many like you who are graduating, they will also face the same situation. We have heard that hard times also last, we all are together in this and we all will pass it together. Thinks will be normal after a period of time. You just don’t have to lose the hope. Meanwhile work on yourself!

Reduced Job Opportunities

College students in their final year, have to prepare themselves for entering a workforce during a global recession. You must make yourself ready for the work from home scenario and get familiar with the tools that most of the companies are using. You need to work on your resume even harder, to get a place.

Get Ready for the New College Experience

Those who are to enter a college in the time of this global pandemic. Must make themselves ready for online learning. This is a complete change in the type of education you expected, so you might feel a little depressed. But, things changed for people 100 years back too and they adapted themselves to the change in time. So, you must also. Who knows, may be the new future of education is online.

You have to make a choice between distant learning and regular college online. Whichever you find more comfortable, go with it.

Equity Issues

The coronavirus disease has change the education system to online, which definitely has hit hard the low-income group, who aren’t that sufficient to get accessories needed for online learning. Those students and parents who are not much into technology will face difficulties. This definitely will cut off students from education, specially those who are without devices or non-reliable internet connection.

The new mode of education depends on the privilege and power of parents. Students are more dependent on their parents for learning as well.

No Physical College

We all seek a college life with friends and desire to get the feel of college. But for those competing 12th class during the pandemic, things are changed. Now a device with an internet connection is your college. It’s hard to make college as you do not get much chances to interact. So, make yourself ready for this new college life, both physically and mentally.

Wrapping Up

All the changes in the education due to coronavirus spread will significantly impact life of student in 2020. They might not change the system for years to come. Many students are ready to gap a year that I would say is a good way to make yourself prepare for this new life.

This year, colleges will unquestionably see a drop in number of admissions.

Make a wise decision! Stay home, stay Safe, stay Healthy!

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