How to Make College Choices during COVID-19?

college choices during covid19

Are you thinking of taking a gap year? Do you think making college choice this year is something you should not do? It is understood that many might want to put their college decision on hold for a year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has not just impacted students life but the life of every individual on the planet Earth. But I would suggest you read this article before making any decision.

The global outbreak of coronavirus has already changed the education sector. It has put locks on college and in coming time it will force some colleges to put locks permanently. As now the physical classrooms are virtual, but the things are still running at slow pace. But it would not be easy for every institution to implement technology.

If you fear taking admission this year, it is completely understandable. But yes there are some colleges that you can apply for. Educational institutes are getting better at including technology till the time things get back to normal. Yes, but every coin has two sides, so some might get benefited by the gap, while some might not.

So, here I will share how to make college choices during Covid-19, what are the factors that you must consider. Let’s get started…

Consider These Factors

Academic Success

The first important thing is the college name and its academic success. The mission and vision of the college and how they handled things amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Explore more about the success record of students and the academic excellence of the college. Know the history of the college and different courses that they offer.

Technology in Teaching

As the mode of education is changing, you must ensure how comfortable the college faculties are in using remote channels for imparting knowledge. What are their ways of conducting remote classes and how the faculty ensure no compromise on student-faculty relationship.

Teaching Experience

Now how to judge that? It is a good idea to take an online as well as socially distant face to face class before you land up at a decision. Most of the colleges will be willing to do so during COVID-19, as well as they might stay to online learning for some more time pose coronavirus outbreak. Remember to look for excellence in teaching, not for the best course content. However, both the important but the teaching matters more.

College Cost

The pandemic has put the financial burden on every family and individual, so the cost of tuition and other charges will be a factor that will determine the college choices of the students. Make sure you ask about all the hidden charges and related cost that isn’t visible with the naked eye. This is no question that students will not choose a college that will drain their parents pocket.

Should I Consider Taking Gap a Year ?

I would say taking gap a year totally depends on you, after analyzing all the above factors. However, I would suggest you to make a choice as we are growing in the era of technology, and why would it be an obstacle for us when colleges are embracing it.

Moreover, if you have something more fruitful planned for the gap year, you are good to go.

Ask Yourself These Questions

I understand that making a college choice is the most difficult thing right now amidst the coronavirus outbreak. But not everyone is ready for taking break for an year. So here are some questions that you must ask yourself, they will surely help you make a decision.

  • What is the meaning of college/ higher education for you?
  • What expectations do you have with a college?
  • Do have a college preference?
  • What is your short-term goal?
  • What college experience are you looking for?
  • Do you love technology?

Wrapping Up

During Covid-19, the fears and challenges of students and colleges cannot be neglected. As well as the pandemic has changed the priorities in our life. Colleges should be ready to meet the changing expectations of the parents and students. They should be willing to embrace technology for better tomorrow. Today’s students are technology-savvy, concerned about future and smarter at making decisions.

We all will see a new era of education and must be ready to adjust with the changing time. All the best!

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