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With the advancement of technology, the on- going global market is also drastically changing. There is need for professionals who can easily tackle problems and find effective solutions. Marketing is a wonderful sector which paves the way for a successful career. There are many management courses in India that prepare the individual for various aspects of business administration.

Besides these different management courses at various levels, you need to have deeper understanding of the business management environment. Students often get confused about which management course to choose and why.

 So, firstly one needs to choose the area they want to specialize in.

Well you don’t need to worry about that.

We can help you out with this.

Let us enlist the top 10 management courses in India as well as other need to know things to maximize the horizons of opportunities for you.

Top 10 Management courses in India

Management is such a wonderful stream which involves organizing, leading and taking control of the organization. There are many management courses in India but only a few are aware of all the courses except for knowing the most popular ones. Before you choose any course it is mandatory to know about the course and career opportunities.

Read on to find out about them and do justice to your career efficiently and effectively.

Undergraduate Management Courses

  1. BBA: Bachelor of business administration (BBA) is a undergraduate 3 year course program. Students willing to succeed in their professional careers can pursue this course. The program empowers them for management decisions and leadership skills in different sectors like marketing, finance, sales and many other sectors. The BBA course can be pursued in full-time as well as correspondence mode. 
  • BMS: Bachelor of management studies (BMS) is a 3 year undergraduate course program. Students who have completed their class 12th from any stream can opt this course. The bachelor’s degree program provides a foundation in skills and knowledge related to business management.  BMS focuses on real world business practice, supply and risk analysis, trading finance, administration and much more.
  • BBS: Bachelor of business studies (BBS) is a 3 year undergraduate program. The entire course is divided into 6 semesters. This course suits students from all streams (science, commerce, arts). The BBS course focuses on theoretical studies along with practical work experience. Though this course has several elements but it is often related to subjects like marketing, finance, accountancy, economics etc. Job roles after completing BBS include business analyst, content writer, product manager, accountant, finance manager, business consultant and so on.
  • BBE: Bachelor of business economics (BBE) is a 3 year undergraduate course for 12th passed students. This course suits students of arts and commerce stream the most as few of the subjects were already a part of their curriculum. It includes a deep understanding of different topics included in the study of economics. The course also focuses on legal aspects of trade, business analysis, financial system and much more.
  • BIBF: Bachelor of International Business and Finance (BIBF) is 3 year undergraduate program. Students who have completed their class 12th from any stream (commerce, arts, science) with English can pursue this course. The course main focus area is international business, latest trends and practices in business and Finance Management. BIBF also provides several job opportunities in top MNCs.

Postgraduate Management Courses

  • MBA: Master of business administration (MBA) is a popular 2 year post graduate course that provides numerous opportunities in the corporate world.  The minimum eligibility requirement for admission in MBA is 50%. The value of MBA is not only limited to business and marketing world. It opens the door for government sector too. Most MBA programs includes subjects such as marketing management, customer relationship management, human resource management, strategic management etc.
  • MMS: Master in management studies (MMS) is a 2 year post graduate course, divided into 4 semesters. As the name implies, the MMS course focuses on the domain of management studies. Students who want to strengthen their career in corporate world can pursue this course. MMS is open to student of all streams (science, commerce, arts). This course is aimed at providing skills and knowledge of business management subjects through practical project  and internships,
  • MBS: Master in business studies (MBS) is a 2 year post graduate course, divided into 4 semesters. The aim of the program is to develop an understanding about the marketing, management and business strategies in a comprehensive manner. MBS course is suitable for those students who want to enhance their knowledge in academic discipline. It’s a full time course but you can go for correspondence education program also.
  • MBE: Master in business economics (MBE) is a post graduate course for 2 years. Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in any stream are eligible for this course. The program offers its students knowledge about macroeconomics, microeconomics and quantitative perception of the markets. The course is the right choice for aspirants who want to take their career to the next level in global financial market. After completing MBE , a candidate can get job in banking sector , research and development , as well as teaching too.
  • PGDHRM: Post graduate diploma in human resource management (PGDHRM) is a post graduate course 0f 1 year. The program aims to equip the students with skills and knowledge required for management of an organization, thereby contributing to the organization development.  PGDHRM course opens the door for many career options. After completing the course candidates can start their own consultancy. Also, they  can serve as HR in different companies.

Best Management colleges

Management is a stream which offers plethora of courses at various levels .once you are done, you need to choose the best management college based on the courses.

Here we are providing the list of 10 top management colleges in India that provide quality education with better career opportunities.

  1. Indian Institute of management , Ahmedabad
  2. Indian Institute of management, Bangalore
  3. Indian Institute of management, Calcutta
  4. Indian Institute of management , Lucknow
  5. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  6. Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
  7. Indian Institute of management, Indore
  8. Indian Institute of technology, Delhi
  9. Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI)
  10. Management Development Institute, Gurugram

Doorway to the bright management career

Management is nothing but the art of planning, organizing, directing, staffing, controlling and coordinating thing in the most appropriate manner. Basically, you need to decide what’s next and why.

So what are you waiting for?

Get enrolled at one of the best management college and pursue your dream career. In order to get admission in PG management courses, an individual need to attend entrance examination such as CAT, MAT.  Also, after that you can work abroad in any field such as public as well as private organizations.

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