Best Online Management Courses in India in 2021: Which One Should You Choose?

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Over the last decade, technology has transformed many things around us. The businesses and jobs in both the private and government sectors are much different than a few years ago. The modern workplaces and work stations are more advanced. When we talk about new work culture in businesses and other working places, we cannot ignore MBA graduates’ role. In career counselling For graduates, many students want to enrol in an MBA course, but most of them are confused about the best MBA courses.

To include modern working tactics in offices, more companies want to hire MBA pass outs. The companies are keen to take MBA pass outs on board to ensure the leadership in the top and middle management roles, t. Many professionals who are already working but haven’t done an MBA, feel the requirement on online MBA courses.

Online MBA program gives liberty to the students to continue their jobs while enrolling in MBA. In recent years the demand for online MBA courses has increased. The value of regular MBA courses is high, but companies have also started to give equal importance to MBA online courses.

The professionals that want to get an MBA degree without joining regular college can go for the online MBA program. The business management degree will help you grow in your work, and online MBA courses allow you to learn at your own pace without sacrificing your earning sources. At first glance, the online MBA course looks non-traditional, so it’s obvious for students to be hesitated before enrolling in them. But as the talent hiring management of most companies consider them a skill so students can go for it. Another reason that students prefer online MBA is, it has various specializations.

Globally recognized renowned universities have released their online MBA programs for graduates and professionals. The authorities assure the content and curriculum of the program meet the professional and academic standard of MBA. After pandemic, the years 2021 will be different, and this year, more professionals and students will enrol in online MBA. Let’s check pout about India’s best online MBA courses for 2021 and which one should you choose.

The Best Online MBA Courses

Students are the novice after graduation and based on their interest and career counselling; they want to get admission in MBA. Many students go for a regular MBA, and the rest get a job and start working. These professionals get the experience, but they could not get the skill that the MBA could teach them. So an online MBA is the solution for them. There are many options available for the graduated in the form of an online MBA. Availability of online MBA course options makes it more confusing to choose one online MBA course. So here we are to help in decision making. Scroll down to check the best online MBA courses and chose one according to your feasibility.

·         MBA (Global) from Deakin Business School (DBS)

DBS from Australia and IMT Ghaziabad from India has emerged and introduced two years of online MBA programs to graduates. If you are looking for the online MBA, then your search can end on this program. IMT and Deakin’s Business school are pioneer names in their categories, and when both of them joined hand, the result comes out as MBA from DBS.

You will get the various option in MBA Global including HR, Marketing, International Business, Supply chain management. Some non-traditional streams also wait for your enrolment in this program like Integrated Business Strategies formulation, Business Growth Strategies, Financing strategies, and many more. The topics in these courses are designed based on the present business needs. This MBA program is for experienced professionals who have a minimum of 3 years of working experience.

·         MBA -BA, NMIMS Global Access School

NMIMS is among the first few universities that introduced distance management leaning in India. It offers a Post Graduation Diploma Program in Business administration. For experienced graduates, it has an Executive MBA program. The duration of this program is 15 months. Students get specialization in Business Analytics in Executive MBA course. If you want to add an MBA degree or Postgraduate Diploma, this course is best for you. MBA-BA NMIMS is one of the best online MBA courses.

From the online MBA course from NMIMS, you will get core management skills in all the sectors related to business administration. The course also offers the specialization is some non-traditional fields like Supply chain. the online course allows the technical professionals that want to move to management. They can enrol in the NIMIA MBA and chose a specialized field like Machine learning technologies or Big Data. On completion of the course, the working professionals can get the promotion on the higher designation. The students who opt for POGDBM from NMIMS can apply for executive-level jobs in their specialized areas like HR, Marketing and others.

·         MBA, Jindal Global University

Jindal global business school offers a two year MBA course in Digital Finance & Banking. O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) is a prestigious university that offers future-oriented course content to the students. It is one of the best online MBA courses available for the students in India. It offers specialization in various fields such as Artificial intelligence in Business, Digital Fraud & Risk Analytics, Fintech Ecosystems Management, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Financial Management & Valuation, Data Visualization in Finance, and Design Thinking & Leadership for Business. 

The uncommon specialization in JDU online MBA course makes it more demanding. The university offers a one-week on-campus immigration program. The MBA course has live assignments and case studies so that students can understand its subjects well.   

·         MBA, Liverpool Business School

The Liverpool Business school, UK, offers an online MBA program to the graduate students. The program comes with a one-week immersion program at the university campus. The online MBA course comes with several specialization in MBA like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, and Operation. Students can also choose some latest topics to study on MBA like Digital Business Innovation, Marketing Strategies, Enterprise and Risk Management, Business Growth Strategies, Strategic Thinking & Planning, Engagement and a few other. The duration of this online MBA program is 20 months. On completion of the course successfully, the students will get a PGP in Management from IMT Ghaziabad. The course is recognized by World Education Services (WES) to help you get a job overseas.

Why Online MBA courses in India?

MBA is a popular course from many years and most of the graduates interested in joining the management team in any company, choose this course. Most of the companies also prefer to hire MBAs on many of their essential roles. A few departments, like marketing and HR, have the vacancies only for MBA pass outs. The reason behind the popularity of this professional course is its syllabus. The topics and syllabus of MBA id modern and universities keep adding new MBA topics for specialization according to the change in technology and business. Overall, the MBA is the right choice of professional course, and it makes it easy for the students to get a job or start their start-up.

The popularity of the MBA has forced the experienced professionals to enrol in this course which affects their course. A break in career for education can take you two years back, so the online MBA option entered in Indian education system. This option helps the graduate students to keep working while studying in MBA. It enables professionals to learn about business administration methods and implement them in their office life.

In today’s time when the cut-throat competition is the only reality of the corporate world, MBA with experience is the only saviour. Employers want someone with a good education and experience, so an online MBA is the best. The popularity and acceptance of online MBA have received in a short span of time commendable. The rising demand for MBA professionals in the US and the Asia Pacific has played an essential role in making online MBA more popular.

India is emerging as a hub for various businesses. The craze of start-ups are still in India, and foreign investments have created more job here. The country has already become an IT hub, and now tier-three cities are also showing potential to offer the best IT, Non-It and manufacturing services. All kind of companies needs professionals to maintain and run the operations. So India has scope for the educated youth in IT and managerial post. Those who are interested in getting the manager post must enrol in an online MBA.

Hiring Trends for MBA Candidates

Earlier it was believed that MBA pass outs are only for international and profit public companies. Buts as the numbers of MBA pass outs have increased, more companies have started to take MBA graduates in their team. No one can ignore the benefit of having an employee with a professional degree like an MBA. In the MBA, the students learn about the leadership, problem solving and other skills in depth. They get to know the complexity of business and finance and also learn how to solve them.

According to a report from GMAC, the fortune global 100 companies prefer to hire MBA pass outs. In India, the MBAs are in demand in middle and top-level in-house and multinational companies. Job for MBA graduates are not limited to the banks and big companies in India. The start-ups and its companies love to have them on board. In recent years the hiring criteria for MBA graduates have increased. The online MBA and MBA from Business schools have played an essential role in this.

If we look at India’s MBA requirements, then the health care sector, FMCG, IT, Non-Profit organization, and start-ups are among the top recruiters. Online MBA degree offers everything that a company needs in an MBA.

Salaries, Scopes of MBAs in Different Sectors

MBAs are considered as one of the highest paying professionals, but now the facts have changed. An experienced employee with an MBA degree gets a handsome salary. The salaries offered to a fresher MBA graduate can be from 3 to 5 lakhs per annum. The specialization of the candidates and his college choice both are important when a hiring manager decide his salary.

Online MBA course in India allows the professionals to enter different fields like marketing, finance or business consulting. The salary for MBA graduates will vary from one domain to another. According to the PayScale, the average salary of an HR manager in India is approx. 7 lakhs per annum. A marketing manager gets approx. 8.8 lakhs per annum and for BDMs the average salary is 6 LPA.

Scope for the MBA pass outs in India is enormous. The Indian industry and market are growing, so more companies will open shortly, and the country will get more foreign investment. The chances of business and many other sectors to increase in India is vast. We have already elaborate than why companies prefer to hire MBA degree holders. MBA graduates always get the advantages of their degree and knowledge. When the business expands in India, the banks, pharma and other sectors will need more professionals, and MBA graduates will be the first once to be picked by the hiring managers.

Syllabus of MBA Online Courses

The online MBA course syllabus in India will be different for each university and each specialization. The syllabus’s core objective will be the same, but the topics can differ from one university to others. All the courses have only one motto to train graduate students in different skills and make them professionals. Here have a look at the Syllabus of MBA online courses in the context of MBA as a degree;

·         Corporate communications

 An MBA pass-out is good in all cooperate communications because their syllabus taught them so. An MBA HR knows how to introduce a new employee to the company and make a positive impression. To inform the stakeholders about the business’s health, an MBA professional is the best choice because they know how to deliver a compelling message.

·         Financial Modeling

A finance executive with an MBA degree knows how to do Financial statement analysis. MBA syllabus has quantitative models that help in making financial decisions. It makes them pro in making quick and accurate decisions at the workplace. The cash flow, value for money and risk analysis is a part of MBA finance syllabus.

·         Marketing

MBA marketing syllabus has the details of trends and marketing strategies that help the marketing executive start their office after the MBA. They are considered the best choice for making promotional plans and market strategies.

How to Choose an Online MBA Course in India 

Now you know about the best online BA courses in India, its scope and benefits. You must want to choose the best online MBA course to enrol in it. The decision making process to get enrolled in an MBA course is not that easy. You will find several options so you will get endless thoughts about online MBA. As a result, you will become confused about what to chose and what to the left. Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind while choosing an MBA course in India;

Duration: Check the time of the online MBA program. Ideally, it can be 12 to 24 months. If you go for executive MBA, then 12 to 18 months duration will be sufficient for you to understand the program and if you want to do online MBA after graduation, pick a 20 to 24 months online MBA. 

Cost: You cannot ignore the cost part when getting admission in an online MBA. Many B schools have introduced an online BA program on the lower fee; you can pick it. Many online MBA programs offer EMI in fee payment. Discuss it before enrolling in any program of online MBA. 


The article has covered all the questions you may have for an online MBA. In recent years people have picked an online MBA as a further education option. Now you know about the salaries and scope after an online MBA. With this article, you also understand the benefits of an online MBA. We hope you will use the information given here wisely and make the right decision about your career. Keep your career goals in mind and reach us if still, you have something to ask.

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