Most Important Sectors Creating Jobs Amidst COVID19

Jobs Amidst COVID19

The year 2020 has been hit hard by a virus, causing every sector a setback. Mankind has been challenged at both social and economic levels. Global markets have received a severe blow, affecting the job sector severely. There is a wave of disappointment among the people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and also the youth who dreamed of a job after completing their studies. As per the ILO reports, 2020 would face a loss of 25 million jobs worldwide. Though this number is very soul crushing for job aspirers, they should keep their hopes high as ILO has also stated, “If we see an internationally coordinated policy response, as happened in the financial crisis in 2008/09, then the impact on the global unemployment could be significantly lower.”

There are some sectors which have been affected negatively like the accommodation services and food services industries. The manufacturing, retail and wholesale sectors have also faced a downturn in work. According to the ILO statistics, the workers of agriculture, health and education are at minimum risk of being laid off. This also indicates that job seekers can focus in these three fields. We have explored and listed below some options which job aspirants can go through.

Public Health Professionals

The Corona outbreak has witnessed the role of Public Health experts and they are very much in need at present. Being health experts they are able to –

  • establish strategies to break the chain of transmission
  • they are preparing study material to make people aware of the pandemic and its prevention measures
  • they are defining guidelines for timely diagnosis of the disease
  • they are conducting laboratory tests, they are tracing and placing effected people in quarantine
  • they are conducting research to find prevention and control measures to fight COVID19.
  • they are providing selfless services to those effected by attending and treating them thereby risking their own lives.

You can also contribute your service by being a part of this sector and exploring job options in the healthcare system. The jobs in the sector are as follows:

  • Laboratorian: Post Corona outbreak, there will be vacancies created for laboratorians who are responsible to conduct experiments to study a disease, find their cure and prevention methods.
  • Epidemiologists: Their role is to investigate the cause of the disease, identifying the risks and suggesting measures to contain the disease. The importance of Epidemiologists has been realized to a greater extent after the spread of the pandemic.
  • Nurses: Those interested in the nursing career can apply as there has been an increase in the vacancies. Those with bachelors and masters in nursing are very much required for treating patients in quarantine.
  • Mental Health Professionals: These are specialists who deal with the emotional and mental aspects of the patients isolated or quarantined. Even people with mental complications who cannot take in stress and anxiety, need the aid of behavioral health experts and psychologists.
  • Environmental Health Experts: The pandemic about which there are so many things unknown, like what environmental factors would lead the transmission of the disease, the effects of the disease on the environment, these experts are very much needed. As per the BLS reports the employment for the environmental Health Experts would grow by 8%.

Education experts

The importance of education never subsides, no matter how adverse the situation is. Amidst the crisis the planet is facing at present, making our generation equipped with knowledge is vital for the sustaining the future. With respect to the creation in jobs this sector has faced the minimum impact from this deadly disease. Though lockdown has been imposed, schools and colleges are close, classes have resumed through virtual means, thanks to the advance technology. The jobs in this sector are as follows:

  • Online Teachers: Online teachers are required to reach maximum students as possible through classes conducted via video conferencing. This would ensure that there is no lag in the process of educating our children and youth. The academic requirement for an online teacher remains the same, that a B.Ed degree or masters in the subject applied for.
  • Online Counselors: The role of a counselor has always been to assess the mental and emotional state of the students and give career advice to them. At this time of adversity, when the students are facing stress and anxiety, the role of a counselor becomes more important. If you have a degree in psychology or counseling you can take up this as an option.

E-Commerce Service Providers

The Corona outbreak has imposed travel restrictions due to which people are now ordering essentials online. E-Commerce companies are hiring in bulk in order to provide services on time. Online retailers, supermarkets and online grocers, restaurant delivery firms are among these companies. Amazon alone has rolled out about 75000 vacancies to meet the staff deficiency during the crisis. Flipkart has also announced various vacancies. BigBasket the biggest online grocery store is also in need of workers to provide undisrupted services among the crisis.

Store Associates: To manage the basic essentials in grocery stores, where footfall has increased multifold stores are recruiting Store Associates to manage the task.

Delivery drivers: Products like essentials, food items which are now ordered online due to travel restrictions need to be delivered at the consumer’s doorstep. Delivery drivers ensure timely delivery for the e-commerce firms.

Warehouse Managers: Products which are now ordered in bulk through online retailers and big  e-commerce firms need to be packaged and parceled. This is done in warehouses. The online surge in essential items has generated the vacancies for warehouse managers.

Other Job Options

There are various other fields where vacancies have been and will be generated. The role of security officers has been very important in maintaining law and order while the pandemic is playing havoc. The job portal linkedin shows various options for job seekers, which are as follows:

System Operators: When everything is going online due to travel restrictions vacancies for system operators has been created, who play the roles in managing data online.

 Certified Public Accountants: They play the role of providing financial information to their clients. Other tasks performed by them are book keeping, consulting and auditing. Since the government is transferring funds in the account of the people in need during the crisis, the role of certified public accountant has become more crucial.

Hopefully the economy revives itself as soon as possible so that more and more jobs are created in every fields and the issue of unemployment is resolved.

Every Problem has an end!

While the world is waiting for this adversity to end, millions of people are working day and night to fight back. Our health care providers, security officers are selflessly serving the people of their countries. It is the responsibility of the youth to join this force and be a part of this battle. Believe me there are several ways to do so. At the end we will come out of this phase and again our hard work will reap the fruits. So keep on working hard and keep your spirits high!

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