Powerful Tips To Stay Immune and Healthy

Health and immunity tips

The spread of coronavirus COVID19 has locked humans in their homes as social distancing is the only weapon to fight this deadly virus. However, while staying home, we must wash our hands regularly and follow hygiene practices.

This is unquestionable that Coronavirus has brought the greatest revolution in the life of humans, now everyone is on a break from junk and is indulged in cooking and eating at home only. This is a wonderful change in eating habits, as people are moving toward healthy food.

At this time, it is crucial for all of us to stay immune and healthy. Here we have powerful tips that help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying immune.

Consider These Food Options

Eat foods that help boost your immunity, some of the best immunity boosters are already available in your kitchen that are turmeric, ginger, garlic and lemon.

Lemon or Lime – Vitamin C is essential for immunity and lemons are a great source of this Vitamin. If raw form is hard to get, use its pickle or juice.

Amla – Indian gooseberry is another great source of Vitamin C, include amla pickle or candy in your diet to give that daily needed boost to your immunity.

Ginger – It has a number of nutrients that help overall health. Take one cup of ginger tea daily for staying immune against infections. Including ginger pickle in your diet will also be beneficial.

Garlic – Garlic is a major part of Indian cooking and is usually available in every kitchen. During this lockdown period, don’t forget to use garlic in cooking. Also, garlic pickle will help boost immunity.

Broccoli – It is an excellent source Vitamin C and Vitamin K. It is also rich in potassium, fiber and folate and low in calories. This is a great food for boosting immunity.

Green Vegetables – Most of the green vegetables are rich in Vitamin C and E, Flavonoids and carotenoids, one of the most used is Spinach.

Herbal Tea – They are good for immunity, also can be a replacement to your caffeine drinks.

Almonds – Almonds are known for brain health, they are rich in Vitamin E and contain manganese, magnesium and fiber that help improve your immune response.

Pulses – Pulses are rich in protein which contributes to healthy bones. Some of the protein rich pulses are black beans, soybean, kidney beans, and cowpea.

The list is long, we have listed just a few for you, feel free to add to it via comments!

Think About Your Health and Fitness

Your physical and mental health is vital during this hour of stress. Only eating for immunity is not enough, you got to move your body too. Before we begin ask yourself, what level of fitness would you love? Do you have an exercise regime?

I hope you have an answer now, let’s start with what you can do keep improve your body’s immune response.

Yoga is Your Health Mantra

Yoga is a combination of breathing exercise, physical strength (poses) and meditation. It is an age old method use for maintaining mind and body fitness. If you are a beginner I would suggest you to start with practicing yoga 2 times a week, and gradually increase with the understanding of breathing and poses. You can practice meditation daily, a 10 minutes of sitting with yourself has magic effects on your mind and thoughts.

Do Exercise That You Love

Any form of exercise is good for health. Do strength training at home, do 20-30 minutes of aerobics, or follow a zumba class. No matter what your choice is, it will keep you healthy during lockdown. It is said that exercise connects to the brain, so to keep your brain refresh, make a choice.

Dance it Your Way

Dance is no less than exercise, if you love to dance, just exercise it your way. Pay music and catch the beats. Sweat it out through dance.

Just Say No To These

Now when we know what to do, what to eat, we must also know we should avoid for health and immunity.

Less or Oversleeping

Sleep has an impact on your health, do not sleep for less than 5 hours or more than 9 hours. This can impair the ability of your body to fight off illness. Also, they have a negative impact on your heart health. Several research has shown the relationship between sleep and immunity, that can’t be neglected. So take proper sleep, else you are the reason for weakening the immune system.

Too Much Exercise

Someone has said it right that being a couch potato weakens the immunity, but too much isn’t good either. To stay less susceptible to viruses go for regular, moderate exercise.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for life, it is one of the most common reason for premature death. Too much of sitting weakens your body’s ability to fight infections. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, don’t sit for long hours, take breaks and stretch your body for a while. Take short walks or a breathing break.


Stress is an enemy of your body, long period of stress can weaken the body immunity. Stress also develops the hormone cortisol in the body that impair body’s infection fighting ability.

Feeling of Loneliness

Several studies have proved that loneliness is linked to anxiety. The more you feel lonely, the more is your anxiety which leads to immune suppression. So, if you feel lonely during this lockdown period connect to your friends or family over a video call or talk to them to remain happy against all the odds.

Wrapping Up

What a different world we all are living in now, but the nature is enjoying the humans stay at home. No surprises that washing your hands frequently, getting indulged in exercise and taking a healthy diet help you stay safe at home. Every action of ours has an impact on our body and its ability to fight illness. Even the air we breathe plays a role here.

I have shared the complete guide on what to do, what not, to help strengthen your immunity and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am making the most of this lockdown period, let me know how you all are utilizing your days?

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