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We choose yoga for several reasons from spirituality to stress relief, but how often do we use yoga for immunity? Yoga is the best way to strengthen our body from inside and out. Yoga is being used since ancient times to fight against several ailments naturally. But with time and changing lifestyle, people moved away from this age-old practice that originated from India.

Yoga is an immunity booster when practiced daily, also there are certain poses that help boost the immune system. Here in this article, we will discuss yoga poses that help strengthen immune system. These yoga poses are easy to do and are to be practiced daily for immunity boosting.


Pranayam is a practice that bring the body, mind and soul in sync. It is the best way to calm your mind. It has proved beneficial for people suffering from depression, anxiety and mental-health issues.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

This half spinal twist yoga pose keeps the vertebrae aligned and improves the side-to-side mobility. It also helps get relief from back and hip muscular pain.

Salamba Bhujangasana

It is a gentle backbend yoga pose, it benefits the nervous systems and helps overcome depression and anxiety issues. It an easy yoga pose that keeps the body keeps the mind calm and body energized.


This is considered as warm up yoga pose, as it is quite easy to do and energizes the complete body. It helps strengthening the body.


This yoga pose not just help strengthen legs and core, but also releases the tension in the shoulders. This single yoga asana helps stretch several muscles and improve many body functions.

Ananda balasana

To give a relaxing nourishment to your body, practice Ananda Balasana. It is an easy pose that help relax the hip tensions, relax mind and nourish the body.

Wrapping Up

Take time for yoga during flu season to keep your body ready to fight against any damage. We have discussed a few yoga poses that even beginners can do, but breathing plays an important role in practicing Yoga. Notice how your body responds to yoga and if you body give green signal, you can gradually move to tough asanas.

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