10 Reasons to Practice Yoga Daily

practice yoga daily
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Yoga is an ancient practice that harmonizes the body with mind and breathes through many asanas. Generally, people believe that Yoga’s benefits are limited only up to the physical level but the fact is Yoga not only make your body flexible but also let you have control of your mind too.  It’s a great practice that offers you a peaceful mind which is rare nowadays with a healthy body.

On international Day of Yoga 2019 let’s look at the 10 reasons to embrace yoga in your daily life.

1. All-Round Fitness 

Fitness has become the utmost priority in today’s time and most of us find the gym is the best place to keep us fit. It’s a common belief that huffing and puffing in the gym is the best practice to stay in shape. Here we need to understand that reducing the weight and having the accurate BMI is not the only definition of being fit. A calm mind and a flexible body are also important for a healthy body. A right and regular practice of yoga offers you all the benefits that you can get from a gym and that too at your place.

2. Stress Relief      

Unfortunately ‘stress’ has become a common word today. Not only the grownups but students have also started to use this term to express the pressure of exam and other things. When most of us are busy in meeting the deadline while sitting in a cubical and looking at the screen of the phone in free time then stress becomes obvious. Yoga helps to beat the stress and keep our mind creative and full of ideas.  Yoga practice like Pranayam and Meditation help the mind to be stress-free.

3. Increases Flexibility

Yoga practice makes our body more flexible. The asana named Surya Namaskar helps all our body parts to move and to be more flexible. When it looks difficult to touch your toes without bending the knees then it is the time for you to start practicing yoga. The more flexible your body will be the fewer injuries and pain you will have.

4. Improve Immunity

A healthy body is a combination of a calm mind and body. When our immunity gets affected due to any reason or wrong eating practice then its not the body that suffers but the mind gets affected too.   Yoga has the solution of this as well. We all know that good immunity helps us to stay healthy and in yoga, many postures and breathing exercises helps the mind to stay calm and keep the immunity high.

5. Inner Peace  

Inner peace has become that treasure for which most of us keep looking. Yoga helps us to get the lost inner peace back. Inner peace is that gem which we have with us but we don’t know how to find it. The meditation and berating techniques help the mind to stay calm and vanish the negative thoughts.

6. Increase Energy

If you feel drained and exhaust at the end of the day and you need an energy drink to recharge you for the rest of the day then yoga can help to boost your energy. A daily yoga practice of a few minutes can make you feel full of energy for the rest of the day. The yoga works like physical exercise and its daily practice increases the stamina and energy level though yoga works much deeper than the physical exercise.

7. Weight Loss

There are different types of experimented yoga has been introduced like hot yoga, power yoga, etc. It is also claimed that these yoga practices are the best and most effective in weight loss. But the fact is that traditional yoga is best for weight loss. To lose the excess weight you need to do the yoga practice regularly and under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

8. Better Breathing

In yoga, the body posture and breathing both play important roles. The breathing problem has become normal nowadays due to pollution and hectic schedule and made it a common health issue. The beating technique in yoga as Pranayam helps to slow down the breath. Regular practice of Pranayam increases your lung capacity and makes us enable to hold more air in the lungs for a longer time. This breathing practice also helps to keep the mind calm in a difficult situation.

9. Improve Concentration

Yoga can help us to improve our concentration and focus. The lack of concentration is a huge issue which distracts us from the work we do. In yoga it is taught to keep the focus on breathing, this helps to improve the concentration. The yoga poses make the mind calm so all the focus directs to the breathing. The overall process makes the mind more clear and improves concentration.

10. Be Happier

Happiness is what that makes us feel alive but so many thoughts, unnecessary worries of future or negative thought take that happiness from us. Yoga practice as we stated above makes our mind more calm and free from unwanted thoughts. During yoga when your focus is on right posture and breathing then your mind does get room to store any negative thoughts. It has been proved in a study that yoga increases the brain’s gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels and lower downs the depression and anxiety. 

The Bottom Line

Yoga helps both your body and mind to stay healthy. It makes your body flexible and your mind and soul happy. When you introduce yoga practice in your daily routine then make sure to practice it under the supervision of a trained yoga instructor. Yoga is a part of a healthy routine it is not advised to consider it as the replacement of some treatment in case of any medical condition. 

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