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Yoga to Beat Stress
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Working from home can be stressful as the coronavirus outbreak has confined us to four walls. Even today’s busy life puts a lot stress on us that we struggle to fight. But don’t let the stress take the best from you. To work stress free, and stay productive, practice yoga. It is a natural way to boost immunity and calm mind. It will not only help beat the stress but also keep anxiety and tension at bay. Here we are discussing 5 yoga poses that will help reduce stress.

1. Easy Sitting Pose – Sukhasana

Don’t confuse it with Siddhasana, which is an ancient seating position in hatha yoga. To be in Sukhasana position, sit cross legged on the floor and focus on your breathing. Keep the spine straight and close your eyes, stay in this pose for 30-60 seconds.

This easy yoga pose is very beneficial as it keeps the spine in shape, relaxes the brain and soothes the body. It also helps relieve mental tiredness.

Even siddhasana can be performed to relieve the stress, tension and anxiety. It is an accomplished pose suitable for meditation and other yogic practices.

2. Balasana (Child pose)

Sit on your knees and bend forward with arms straight forward resting on the floor. Let your forehead also rest on the ground, breathe gently and hold this pose for 2 minutes or more. Doing this simple pose will relieve anxiety and stress.

Child pose is a gentle resting pose in yoga that stretches the legs, thighs and hips, while tranquilizing the mind. It relaxes complete body keeping it away from tension and stress.  It rejuvenates the body energy, relieves the pain and tension from shoulder, back and neck. It is a perfect yoga pose for calming the mind.

3. Mountain Pose (Parvatasana)

Parvatasana is also a seated pose that can help relax the mind, but here we are taking about grounded mountain pose. In Parvatasana pose, our body resembles the shape of a mountain: Arms, legs and back build the sides of the mountain and the hips build the top.

To perform it, get your body in a tabletop position, now raise your hips in a manner that your body forms shape of a mountain. Now, with neck and head relaxed, push your inner thighs backwards. After you have attained the mountain shape try touching the crown of your head to the ground. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds and relax.

This pose improves the elasticity of spine, as well as blood flow to the head, thus helping the mental health. It also increases the flexibility in the calves and the hamstrings. Not just this, it also balances the nervous system.

4. Standing Forward bend ( Uttanasana )

Uttanasana is a traditional yoga pose which is also a part of Surya Namaskar asana. The standing forward bend is the best pose to reduce stress.

To perform Uttanasana, stand straight with feet closed, let your arms rest on the side. Take your hands above your head while inhaling, now bend your trunk forward while exhaling. Try to touch the ground with your hands, while keeping your legs straight. Hold this position for as long as you can while gently breathing.

The standing forward yoga pose helps reduce stress, improves blood supply in the entire body, and ensures proper functioning of the nervous system. It also stretches and relaxes the spine. Helps tone the abdominal muscles and aids in weight loss.

5. Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

It is the most important part of yoga practice, the ultimate way to relax your body and release all the stress and anxiety. After performing all the yoga poses lay on your back, close your eyes with arms and legs freely open and spread at about 45 degrees. Your palms should face upward, now hold this position for 2-3 minutes.

relaCorpse pose or shavasana calms down the body and mind, takes away all the anxiety, tension and stress you have, thereby improving your mental health. As during yoga your entire body is twisted, stretched, inverted and contracted, so Shavasana allows it to relax and reset itself.

Yoga is the Best Stress Buster

The above five yoga poses are the easiest way to keep stress at bay. These can be performed by anyone, but take care of your breathing, as it plays an important role in yoga. The steps to perform the asanas are also discussed. Do the poses one after another and repeat, and when you complete all move to shavasana for ultimate relaxation.

From working professionals, school kids to homemakers anyone can relieve their stress and tension with yoga. Just practice yoga daily for optimum results.

Wrapping Up

These yoga poses look simple, but they have very powerful impact on the body. If you have any medical issue or a physical problem, make sure to consult your doctor before starting with any new form of physical exercises or do it under the guidance of a yoga teacher.

There is no harm in self-practicing yoga but its risky for people with medical history. If you have any questions on making life stress free, feel free to write it in the comments below, I will revert.

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