7 Smart Ways to Sharpen Your Memory

ways to sharpen memory

You train your body everyday to achieve your fitness goals, you work on your official skills everyday to improve on it, but how much time do your give to train your brain? Despite knowing that brain is central organ of the human nervous system, we humans underestimate the need of exercising our brain. Well, to bring it to your knowledge, brain exercise is not a new concept, it is being practiced by people through various means since ages.

Even 10 minutes of brain-focused exercise can help your brain grow and keep your memory sharp. Today we will discuss the 7 smart ways in which you can train your brain to focus and sharpen the memory.

Importance of Brain Exercise

Even if you work daily, you must devote little time to exercising your brain. Add brain workout to your daily routine. Along with that there are foods that help keep brain healthy which you can include in your diet. A few to name are almonds, blueberries, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, broccoli etc.

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7 Simple Habits to Sharpen Your Memory

1. Take Time to Meditate

Meditation is being practiced since ages and is also scientifically proven method to sharpen memory and increase focus. Practice any form of meditation to sharpen your intelligence. Sit for 10 minutes in silence and focus on your breathing, move away from the daily problems and let your brain to relax. You can practice mindfulness meditation, which teaches you to focus your mind.

If you practice meditation, this is a complete exercise for your brain, it sharpens and soothes the brain.

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2. Engage in Healthy Conversations

Take a break from your social media or phone life and get engaged in a real-world conversation. The art of communication and conversation is a perfect exercise for your brain, it can make you smarter and give you new dimensions of thinking. Real-time healthy conversation help you learn something new as well as force your brain to think and grow smarter. However, keep this conversations small for optimum results.

3. Reading is the Best Brain Workout

The habit of reading daily helps improve your brain power. Read anything, a novel, a motivational/ inspirational book, a blog of your interest or newspaper, but read. Reading continuously engages the mind and help memory become sharp. Even studies have proved the benefits of reading, if you still missing on these benefits, start it from today.

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4. Your Creative Hobbies Will Boost Your Brain Power

Your hobbies are a great way to improve your brain power. Learn a new language, draw your thoughts out on paper, write a poem, play your favorite instrument or practice singing. No matter what your hobby is it give your brain a chance to go creative. Like we have weekends to relax, your hobbies are weekend for your brain. Let your brain explore ideas and have some fun, you just give little time to your hobby.

5. Make Use of Your All Senses

Making use of your senses is a perfect exercise for your brain. If you have love for food, smell the ingredients and try to remember it. Try to remember a dish by its taste or smell, this will keep your brain at work. Other ways of using sense for brain power are try to differentiate items by touching them. This a proven method to help power memory at any age. If your grandma can remember thinks and you can’t, ask her the secret! We have already disclosed it for you.

6. Repeat the Things For Your Memory

If you want to memorize something for longer duration, repeat it often, if you don’t do so the memory becomes a short-term memory and vanishes after a small period of time. Keep recalling things, like the date you started working, birthdays of your family members and friends, dates of the moment you will cherish for life.

Let your ear hear what you want to remember, speak it loud or write it down to save it permanently in the memory. But read it often and you will see the change.

7. Believe in Yourself

Everything you do to sharpen your brain fails, if you do not believe in your efforts, or you have a doubt on the things you are practicing. Break the negative stereotypes and start thinking positive, believe yourself and your skills, and the results will follow. Harness the power of belief to keep your brain sharp. What we believe, is what we practice and what we achieve. So believe that you can improve your brain at any age and the magic will happen.

The Bottom Line

After saying all above, I would suggest you to look for the changes, listen to your brain and soul, learn the ways to make it happy and practice them out. Simply following these 4 things in order with the 7 smart ways will boost your brain power. Try these and share your experience of change with us in the comments below, your questions are welcome!

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