Need A Sharp Brain? Add these To Your Diet!

brain food

We all pay a lot of attention to our physical fitness. Hitting the gym, morning walks and following a healthy diet plan helps you be in good shape. But have you ever given a thought to your mental fitness? It is as necessary as the physical fitness because it is your brain that controls your entire body functions. It is very crucial at times to concentrate on a particular task. It can only be done if you have a proper concentration power. Likewise, you require your brain for many other purposes as well. Here are a few food items you should involve in your diet to improve your brain power.


Fishes are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. They help a lot in the promotion of healthy brain activity. In fishes, this fatty acid occurs in the form of EPA and DHA. Some examples of such fishes include salmon, sardines, trout, herring etc. DHA deficiency can even lead to Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.


They can help you boost up your short-term memory. It was first tested on rats and it was found that old rats consuming blueberries had delayed their short-term memory loss.


Eggs are a good source of vitamin B especially, B6, B12, and folic acid. These compounds are said to delay the shrinking of the brain and prevent cognitive impairment. Non-veg foods like eggs, chicken, beef are said to be rich in the vitamin B.


Nuts are no doubt a healthy brain food. Almonds and walnuts are known for their reputation for sharpening memory. They are a good source of vitamin E. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Pumpkin seeds

It can increase your thinking ability and lighten your mood. They have a lot of magnesium, tryptophan and vitamin B which help in reducing stress in an individual.


It is said to improve concentration power and focus in an individual. Opting for brown wholegrain cereals, rice, granary bread etc. can help you be mentally alert all the time.


It is a known fact that sage helps in boosting memory. Though generally, we use it as an oil, it can also be added to one’s diet.


Judicious consumption of tea can help one improve memory and concentration. It has a good amount of caffeine and antioxidants such as catechins which are essential for a healthy flow of blood. it only helps when you brew fresh tea and do not use bottled or packed.

Dark chocolate

Like tea, it has also got many antioxidants and caffeine which helps you concentrate better. It also produces endorphins which are responsible for improving the mood of an individual. Though this too needs to be consumed in moderation and in small quantities every day.


Beans are a cheap food and very economical for everyone to afford. They regulate glucose levels in the blood which is required by the brain to function. It acts as an energy source for the brain. Black beans and lentils are said to be the top choice if one needs to pick among the beans available.

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