Different Types of Meditation


Meditation is the best way to train one’s mental focus or awareness. This helps to bring thinking under voluntary control. It is believed that the meditation is the basis for all real knowledge. Meditation has its roots in an old French terminology – which means thought, study, knowledge, reflection, or study. It originated from the Latin word meditationem – ‘which means thinking over’.

There are several meditation techniques that have influenced from a variety of traditions including Buddhist, Hindu, Chinese, Christian Meditation as well as Guide Meditation. This makes clear that meditation has several forms including Concentration Meditation, Creative Meditation, Reflective Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation and Heart-Centered Meditation.

Concentration Meditation Techniques
Concentration meditation is believed to be the foundation of all other kinds of meditation. The basic principle of meditations is no matter which type of meditation you are performing, you must have the ability to keep your focus at one place and hold it there without any distraction. A scattered mind is less powerful, has less knowledge, and less creative. This meditation technique helps develop concentration power, using which we construct our capability to overcome disturbances and to maintain mental focus.

Reflective Meditation Techniques
Reflective meditation practice is a practice in which a topic of meditation is selected and then, analysis is made on it. Reflective meditation makes us aware about the true meaning of life and death. Practicing this meditation, we develop a strong sense of focus and faith. It also helps us to reach better solutions to our day-to-day personal or professional problems.

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques
This meditation technique is the best way to cultivate an amenable, fixed quality of a mindful attention. We naturally experience this type of meditation. This meditation strengthens our power to control mind, sense of appreciation. Vipassana meditation, self-remembering, zazen, Mahamudra, Dzogchen, and choiceless awareness are linked to mindfulness meditation.

Creative Meditation Techniques
Creative meditation consciously cultivate and strengthens our mind’s specific qualities. Through this meditation technique we cultivate qualities like joy, appreciation, love, patience, compassion, fearlessness, and tenderness. All these strengths are developed by day-today activities like speaking, thinking, and acting.

Heart-Centered Meditation Techniques
Heart-centered meditation makes our heart more kind. It helps us in developing love, kindness, fellow feeling and empathy. This meditation technique teaches us how to accept others and upsurges the feeling of understanding in us. This meditation method like other meditation techniques draw inspiration from other types of meditations discussed above.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, all the types of meditation discussed are interrelated and mutually enhancing. Meditation is a way to life, which helps us to know who we are. Meditation takes us beyond words and mental concepts, making us aware about the true nature and reality of ourselves.


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