How a woman can prepare for government exams after marriage?

how to prepare for government exams

Gone are the days when getting married was considered as end of work life for women in India. Now women are moving parallel to men in all fields of life. Women know how to maintain a good work-life balance. A lot of women in India are working in private and public sectors and hold high positions.

I think after marriage, women have greater chances to live their dreams, if they have an understanding and supporting partner. If you have always desired for a government job or study after marriage, now is the right time to start working towards your dream.

If you are a working lady, time management is the key to success. You can study early morning and after returning home from your daily work. You may consider joining an online coaching to cover the exam syllabus and to keep yourself updated with the exam pattern and difficulty level. It looks difficult at first, but it is not impossible. Once you start following such schedule, it will become a part of your daily life. Your weekdays are busy, so you can make the most of your weekend. A phone with net pack can help a lot in your exam preparation. YouTube videos on exam topics will be beneficial.

If you are not a homemaker by choice, and want to work in the government sector. You can make the most of your time. Plan out your day, give time to exam preparation. It will be easy for you to study if you stay at home. Self-study could be a choice for you. You need to make a schedule which lets you do all household work and leaves ample time for study. Career planning is a good thing, but don’t lose your personal moments. So take time to enjoy your personal life as well.

Not always you need long study hours to get succeed in government exams. You simply need dedication and determination to do something outstanding. Being a wife, daughter-in-law, or a mother you get only a few hours to study for government exams, so study smart with full concentration. You may join a coaching institute for guidance, or can use the internet to learn short tricks and smart strategies.

Things to do before you kick start your exam preparation?

1. Decide the position you want to apply for
2. Check the eligibility criteria; age limit, educational qualification.
3. Understand exam syllabus and pattern.
4. Make a list of your daily work and free time.
5. Divide your free time to cover exam syllabus.
6. Move from easy to hard topics.
7. Use previous exam papers for preparation, because you have less time and more syllabus to cover.

You may not succeed in your first attempt, because the competition is getting intense every year, but don’t lose heart. Failure is the first step towards the success. Work on your mistakes and try again. Your hard work will payback.

Go get up and live your dreams!

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