How to Get Started with Meditation


Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice. In today’s world filled with noise, smoke and tension we need a little getaway which is not always possible due to our hectic life. When someone advices us to do meditation many of us feel that it is time consuming but we couldn’t be more wrong. Meditation is very simple but we overcomplicate it.

To be explained in simple terms, meditation is to focus our mind on our breathing or any single focus thereby blocking the outer world’s noise and calming our mind thereby refreshing it.
Practising meditation has many benefits, it causes great calming effect helping our focus, increases our memory power and much more. We need to practice meditation as much as we can and need to implement it in our daily routine. So here are some pointers for you to make meditation easier.

1. Allot a certain time of the day:
We need to choose a certain time that is to our convenience and when we can focus and meditate peacefully without any distractions. I would advise early mornings during sunrise, as it is the start of the day and after meditating, you can start the day in calm and focused note thereby making your day more productive.

Many people feel more comfortable to meditate during sunset after their hectic day thereby dissipating their tension. It all depends on you and the time that is more suitable for you.

2. Select a certain place:
Meditation is hard for first timers as they get distracted easily due to any noise or bright light. So select an area which is secluded and a bit dark or with natural light (sun light) thereby making your meditation also a time for you to connect with nature.

3. Sound:
Some people are more comfortable with silence and others with a little noise so put on speakers with a calm music or the sounds of nature like the waves or birds chirping which will transport us to there and out of this concrete world we live in.

4. Posture and position:
Meditation is best done on the ground with a mat on it. We need to sit in vajra posture, if you can’t then any position you are comfortable with is fine but always remember to keep your back straight not tense, and with the right hand placed in the left hand, palms upwards, along with the tips of the thumbs marginally raised and gently touching.

5. Timer:
Being busy we need to allot a certain amount of time so the best thing to do is to set a timer. We need to start with 15 minutes then increase it slowly 5 minutes at a time ( a couple of weeks to a month depending on you )

6. Pre meditation:
Always remember to begin meditation on an empty stomach and it is most effective when done after yoga as it stretches your body, relaxing it and making it ideal for metal relaxation. Breathing exercises are the most recommended as it increases our blood flow.

7. Procedure
Sit in your calm place in a comfortable position with your back straight. Close your eyes focus on the music or your breathing, leave out the outer world, relax your mind and body and push out the tension. Do not let any other thoughts enter your mind it may seem difficult at first but you will soon overcome it. Start with a timer of 15 minutes and gradually increase it after some days.

Without any delay start your daily meditation making your life more healthy and relaxed and increase your mind power. It will seem boring and tiring at first but you will soon get a grip of it and the results of meditation will also be in front of you.

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