10 Ways for Boosting Your Creative Thinking


Creative thinking is a sense of analysing your thoughts and a way to present evidence for your ideas. You simply look at a problem in a different perspective.

Unstructured Process like Brainstorming and structured process like lateral thinking Stimulate Creative Thinking.

Benefits of Creative Thinking.

  • You can combine two different ideas and make them better
  • Helps in bringing new knowledge
  • You solve problems faster
  • You see an upturn in your self-confidence
  • You achieve more with less efforts
  • It enhances language
  • It promotes creativity.

How do you boost your creative thinking?

#1. Practice Meditation. Meditation helps your mind relax from stressful thoughts that play in your mind. Meditation gives room for fresh thoughts which come with different ideas.

#2. Relax. When you relax your body rejuvenates, and your mind recharges. You can take relaxing exercises like walking, listen to soothing music, watch a sport of your choice, and take a swim or a hike. When relaxing keep your mind calm, don’t let your mind wonder to stressful thoughts.

#3. Write it on Paper. When you write down your thoughts, you don’t forget. Write down thought as they pop up in your mind. As soon as you write down your thoughts, you create room for new ideas.

#4. Challenges improve your creativity. Challenges you face helps your mind to be creative. By brainstorming on how to handle challenges, creative ideas come into your mind on how to tackle problems. How to overcome problems without any harm.

#5. Leave your comfort zone. To boost your mind do something different than the usual routine. Learn something new for instance learn a new language or a hobby. Do that one thing that you have put on hold for long. Take assignments you have never done before.

#6. Have a reading culture. Read as many books as you can. Reading boosts your way of thinking. You become more informed on different niches. Write ups give you different ideas and knowledge. The more you read the more creative you think.

#7. Be curious. When you learn new things, you spark new imagination and creativity. For instance kids, curiosity nature makes them imaginative. Build your interest by asking questions or by having a group discussion.

#8. Develop your talents. We were all born with skills and abilities. Develop your talents by focusing on sharpening your skills. If it means doing a course to improve your skills, do it. When you identify your talent, it will be easy to excel in what you are good. You are the only person to develop your skills others can’t help much in that.

#9. Network with creative people. They say you can tell your character “by the friends you hangs out with”. Surround yourself with creative minds, positive thinkers, and hard workers. Interacting with friends whom you share a common goal will boost your creativity.

#10. Look at situations differently. Always look at a glass half empty rather than empty during challenging times. Avoid focusing on the problem but the solution. Focusing on solution brings in new reasonable ideas and get out of your comfort zone.

Creativity is part of our human mind. It covers creativity and learning spheres that increase your imagination that creates possibilities. To enrich your mind to creativity, meditate, listen to music, talk to some creative minds, be curious to learn more, develop your talents, read a lot of relevant materials, and learn something new.

Explore your creative end and life will become easy!

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