Jobs For Creative Minds


Often, we have heard that students coming from the arts and humanity background do not fall under the category of high paying jobs. In today’s diverse world where technology has deep roots in everything and anything, it is hard to say that we can exist without people of such specialization. Be it the photographers, animators, videographers, interior designers, event managers, web designers, technical writers, advertising specialists, we cannot undermine their professionalism because without them life today would not be what we call today- a modern living.

Photography is a passion for many youngsters. But it is often a dilemma for them to whether choose it as their profession or not. Many times, peers tell them to opt for an alternative to it because it has not much scope. Contrary to that belief, if we analyze we shall find that there are numerous fields where photographers can set a benchmark. Channels like NatGeo, Discovery are looking for young and talented photographers to work with them. Let us not forget, Farhan Qureshi from ‘3 Idiots’ the perfect guy to demonstrate how passion can be your profession.

If you are a curious fellow who wishes to learn what goes behind the scene, if you are fascinated by the Pixar and Dreamworld Movies, an animation is a perfect job for you. Not only in movies but the animation is required for websites, commercials, and games. Those insane graphic video games are a result of creative minds at work.

People who are rehearsed in video editing, shooting, formatting have a great market for their skills online. Watching YouTube videos are very much into everyone daily’s routine. Today’s generation is obsessed with videos. Therefore, being able to visually attract your audience, is a key skill today.

Interior designers
People love to live in beautifully designed houses. Interior designers take care of how your bedrooms, living rooms should be to elevate the sense of modernism and your standard of living. The interiors are designs to best suit the needs and space. This requires a creative frame of mind because each house is unique.

Event managers
Event managers have a lot of workload on them. To cater to everything in a function, be it a family event, marriage, birthday, anniversary. Setting the theme, decorations and lighting is a tough job. Today professional event managers are a very big thing.

Advertising specialist
This is a very innovative field where you need to come up with new and better ideas to advertise a product. Many MNC’s pays hugely on such specialist who can tackle into the minds of the audience to help them create advertisements which are more penetrating and influential among the masses.

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