Book Reading: Why it is Necessary and How to Develop it

book reading

A lot has been said about the benefits of reading habits. Most of us connect the reading habit with educational books but the real meaning of developing a reading habit is different.

Books are considered as a best friend and they really are. One line which you have read in some book long time back, strike in your mind when you actually need it.  In the era of Kindle and smartphones, it’s hard to get some time to keep reading habits alive but its must for us.

When you fall in love with reading, you actually explore a new and totally different world. There is a huge difference between a vivid reader and a normal person. Motivation is something which we all need at some point in time in our lives and the biggest source of motivation is a book. If you don’t agree with me then lets’ read further to know more.

Books: Source of Inspiration

Have you ever been in a frustrating situation, when you could not believe in yourself and not sure of what to do? It’s a kind of time and situation which most of us have experienced once in our life. At this difficult time we want someone to motivate us and for me, this motivation comes from my collection of books.

You pick any quote from Shakespeare or any religious or spiritual book or some fictional or non-fictional book the power that quote will give you, will be unendurable. Quotes like “This too, shall pass”, “Change is the only constant” are just a few words but they have the power to heal your biggest pain and to motivate you in the worst of situation.

Reading is not actually a habit, its a therapy. In a deep engagement with a book, your mind immersed in its story and take you far from your world. Books give you a difficult situation and challenge your mind to think about “what’s next”.  

But in today’s technological era, smartphones have snatched the books from our hands.  Its a must for all of us to know how to develop habit of reading books. Let us help you with this.

Reading Habit: How to Develop

They say reading is a habit and I believe that reading is essential for a peaceful life. If you are not fond of books but want to cultivate the habit of reading books then first let me congratulate you as what you are going to do is really wonderful. 

To cultivate reading habit you don’t have to force hours of reading on your brain. This will take you nowhere and an enjoyable activity will become a punishment for you. Following suggestions will help you to enter in the inspiring world of books;

  • Start with small steps. Take a book and read it for 5-10 minutes or until you feel bored.
  • Select a book of your choice. Initially, you may not understand what type of books you will like more. You can take help from any of your friend who loves reading. Or you can pick from a non-fictional or fictional category.
  • The non-fictional category has books based on real event and fictional books are based on the imagination of the author. Now it depends on you, what would you like first.
  • My suggestion for the new readers is to start with short stories. Interpreter of Maladies from Jhumpa Lahiri is a good book to start with.
  • It’s not mandatory that you pick an English language book only. Pick a book of any language and be proud of your reading habit.
  • If you are a parent then read for your kid. Childhood is the best time to cultivate the habit of reading.

Reading Habits of Successful People

The most-successful people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and much other love reading. Bill Gates reads approx 50 books in a year. The names mentioned here are just a few examples; almost every successful person loves reading. Do you know why?  Because reading habit develops many other good habits in them.

  • Reading habits make you a better communicator and all the famous and successful readers are good communicators.
  • Book readers spend their time wisely. In a hectic schedule, they get some time to read books so they plan their day accordingly and don’t spend their time in useless activities.
  •  A good reader is a good writer too. Book reading makes you creative. 
  • Books educate us, books tell us what we might not have known without reading.
  • Books introduce us with the challenge and struggle of other’s life which motivate us.


As a student, the best habit you can adopt is reading and as a parent, the best habit you can cultivate in your kids is reading. All the books you will read will help you at some point in time. You can start reading some motivational books to develop a reading habit. Books like Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, and You are a Badass by Jen Sincero are two new and motivational books, with them you can start your reading journey.

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