The Happiness Mantras of Life You Don’t Know


Our brain is evolving by nature, so there are times when we enter the zone of negativity and find it difficult to move out of it. How to fight that negative pain killing the happiness in life? How to be happy? What are the things that can make life positive? These are some of the questions that our mind revolves around when under the negative shadow. So here, you will get to know the normal things that you can do to stay happy and positive.

The negative cycle that spirals crazy, leaves you no way to move out of it. Pain, regardless of what its cause, draws you into the zone of negatives. To break this, you have to make efforts, happiness is something which cannot be cultivated in a day.

How do we find Happiness in life?

Like getting promoted in a job, it takes time and practice to cultivate ongoing joy in life. In a nutshell, we have to train our brain. And this process takes time, it won’t happen overnight. There are things you can do you have a happier life.

Focus on Positive

As a normal human we think more negative than positive without realizing that the universe listens to what we think. So, the first step is to move from a negative mindset to a positive. Think of positives in your life, do not find negatives. The more you think of positive, universe will take you close to the positivism. Find happiness in what you have, show gratitude. A simple exercise is to praise the positive things you have in life.

Find Balance in Your Life

Balance in life is the soul of happiness. If you have a hobby, take out time for it, spend time with loved ones and stay productive. To maintain a balance in life you need to stay away from stress. To keep everyday stress at bay, include any form of exercise in your life. What type of exercise do you love?

Read Books

Books are a greatest source of learning, there are 100s of good books that can motivate you to live a happy life. The experience of others becomes a great inspiration when you read books. What was the last inspirational book that you read?

Practice Meditation (Mindfulness)

Meditation makes you more aware about your life and your inner self. It brings your attention on what is happening in your life in the moment. Practicing mindfulness means living in now, more curious and aware. Do you want to know how to get started with Meditation?

Celebrate Every Victory, Small or Big

Victories are not always big, they are also small that we usually overlook. So to have a happy life, you must celebrate every little wins. It could be anything learning a new language, making a new dish etc.

What was your last little win that you want to celebrate now?

Embrace the Imperfection

We look for perfection in life and this one little desire of ours pushes us to the negative zone. Perfection is a myth, you have to start accepting your imperfection and feel proud of what you are and what you can be. Fine the beauty of life in your imperfection.

Do What You Love

Happiness is on the other side of compromise. If you are into a job you do not love, happiness is hard to find. So, either you start loving the work you do or find a work that you love to do. You perform better in the career that drives you to explore more and stay motivated. So, how much do you love your job?

Wrapping Up

There is definitely no running away from past, as it shapes our life, but it is more important to live in the moment to cultivate the real joy of life. Surround yourself with happy people, put a stop on unnecessary worries and never compare yourself to others. Finding happiness is this easy. So, how happy are you?

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