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National Nutrition week

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Proper nutrition in the diet is a must for all to be healthy. To make people aware of the importance of a nutritious diet, India is celebrating National Nutrition Week 2021. Every year in the first week of September, India organizes National Nutrition week. India is a country where people need to be more aware of the nutritious diet. It’s a fact that Indian traditional food has everything that a body needs. Still, the number of diabetic patients, PCOD, and other diet-related diseases is increasing here in India. So, National Nutrition Week is an initiative from the GOI to motivate people to watch what we eat. The Authorities want each person to know what they should eat to be healthy, not just vanish the hunger.

National Nutrition Week 2021 is not only about nutritious food, but it aims to a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle. According to an old saying, “The mind behaves according to the food we eat.” In 2020 the PM also mentioned in his ‘Mann ki Baat‘ the effect of food in our lives by saying ‘Yatha Annam Thatha Mannam.’ In a nutshell, our food has a strong impact on our lifestyle and mind. To be healthy, we have to keep the nutritional value in mind even when eating homemade food. Let us more about National Nutrition Week, its significance, and history.

National Nutrition Week 2021: An Overview

In India, National Nutrition Week is observed from 1st September to 7th September. The Nutrition week 2021 aims to spread awareness about healthy eating habits. The authorities want the people to know the adaptive and healthy eating habits. Eating healthy is the basic and most important condition to be fit and healthy.

Nutrition and nutritious food have been the best remedy against various health issues. However, since the COVID-19 has hit the world, we have to double watch what we eat. A balanced diet is a savior in the present time. A balanced diet is a must for an active life and proper growth for kids to adults and older adults.

In national nutrition week 2021, the government runs various campaigns to spread awareness about the need and importance of nutrition in our diet. The authorities need to enlighten the people from rural areas on a balanced diet. People must know about the source of protein, vitamins, and other nutrition essentials. So they could add them to their daily diet.

National Nutrition Week History

The government of India introduces the National nutrition week in 2018 with the name ‘Poshan Abhiyan.’ National nutrition week history is older than 2018. It was actually started in 1975. The program’s main aim was to educate the country’s people about nutrition and its effect on people’s health. The more people will know about healthy food, the better they will be able to eat. American Dietetic Association, now known as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, was the first body that introduced the Nutrition week in March 1975. The main aim of the week was to promote good nutrition and dietitians.

The nutrition week became popular after it was introduced. In 1980, it was a week celebration but starched for a month. So from here, the authorities started to educate people about the nutrition food, its importance, and its sources. Later on, India adopted the same concept in 2018, and in 2021 we are celebrating national nutrition week again.

 Team of National Nutrition Week 2021

The authorities introduced a different theme every year for national nutrition week. This year also the week come up with a new theme, ‘Feeding Smart Right From the Start. With this theme, the central government wants people to give the right nutrition value to kids from the start. To spread the information and awareness, the GOI is arranging seminars and workshops on the ground level. The aganbadi workers are involved in the program to educate the new mothers and other people about nutrition and its benefits. The well-informed people can eat well and also educate the other about the right meal. During this week-long program, the authorities arrange various programs like Bharat Poshan Quiz, Healthy Khyega India, Food talk show, and a few other sub-programs.

Significance of National Nutrition Week

The aim of national nutrition week is very noble. The more we know about the nutritional value of our meals, the better health we can enjoy. As of now, more than 50% of Indians don’t know what protein, carbs, fiber, and fats are and how they can help us lead a healthy life. With this initiative of nutrition week, people will know about it.

We Indians are very particular about our diet. For example, rice is a staple food in south India, and in the north, roti is a must-have item on food plates. The week tells us what we get from rice and roti made from wheat. At present, when people fall for a no-fat diet, we must know the difference between good and bad fat. The nutrition week gives you a chance to explore the nutritional value of your meal. You can also burst the myth associated with the food this week.

Importance of National Nutrition Week 2021

Malnutrition and poverty both have a link. Generally, they exists together. Unfortunately, poverty is a big issue in India, so cases of malnutrition are also present. Child malnutrition is high in India. So the theme of National Nutrition week is to start nutrition food from an early age. The central and state governments already have a few schemes for the poor to provide them food. If the people know what they should eat, they can be fit and healthy. With this celebration, the people from any economic background and authorities will share the same stage. It’s an ideal celebration to know the sources of nutrition and its importance.

Wrapping Up

The week is not only for the government and its officials to spread awareness about nutrition and its importance for health, but it’s a celebration for people of India to eat healthily. An Indian thali has everything that we need, from protein to carbs and good fat to fiber. But until you know their sources and right eating practice, you will not get its benefit. The nutrition week is to end malnutrition in India and make its people healthy with body and mind.

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